Why Increasing The Memory Of Macbook Pro Is Necessary

Have you recently installed a resource demanding application on your Macbook that caused frequent lags? Are you interested to improve the performance of your Macbook and simply can’t afford to purchase the newest and faster model? You don’t need to suffer the financial burdens of buying a new Macbook since boosting the memory of your old one should be good enough to solve this issue.

Despite its obvious benefits, others are still hesitant about adding more RAM on their Macbook. The fact that their unit was running smoothly when they first tried it discourages them to consider this investment. In addition, majority of Macbook users believe that RAM upgrade is very costly and hard to come by. What they fail to consider is that adding more memory on a Macbook is the most cost effective way to get rid of a sluggish unit and turn it into an incredible computing device that offers both speed and reliability. Here are four reasons to convince you even more.

Improves your work pace

Only core programs were installed on your Macbook when you first tried it. After using it for a couple of years, it’s inevitable that you saved countless files and installed a wide array of applications and games into it. With your Macbook’s hardware specifications unchanged, don’t be surprised that it performs worse now. There is no better way to bring back your work efficiency and speed other than installing a new RAM on your Macbook. You will instantly feel the difference after adding more memory on your unit allowing you to open more applications at once and browse through all of them without experiencing any glitch or delay.

Allows you to install and use the latest applications

New applications and games for Macbook nowadays are more demanding in terms of computing speed and RAM. Although an old Macbook might still have enough computing power to support majority of them, this is not the case if we regard to RAM since previous Macbook models have very low innate memory compared to new ones. By boosting your Macbook’s RAM, you’ll be given the chance to install the latest applications and games which opens more opportunities to be productive or be entertained with your unit.

Cheaper than other upgrades

A RAM upgrade is the most cost effective way to boost your Macbook’s performance. All you need to do is visit the nearest Apple store and purchase a new RAM. You can let them install the RAM for a charge or personally carry out the task. To save more, make your purchase during holidays and other special occasions where Apple products including Macbook RAMs are heavily discounted. You can also save more by purchasing a secondhand Macbook memory online but be sure to only make a deal with a reliable source.

Increases the life of your Macbook

A faulty Macbook RAM can affect the overall performance of your unit and threaten the efficiency of the entire system. Replacing your old RAM with a much powerful one will not only boost your Macbook’s speed but guarantee that it will be up and running especially at times when you need it the most. By purchasing and installing a Ram for Macbook pro, you don’t have to deal with the financial burdens associated with buying a new computer. This option obviously can help you save thousands of dollars. Your Macbook has served you for several years now and most likely is a great influence of your current success. Why not reward your Macbook’s loyalty and reliable service by improving its RAM and using it for a couple of years more?

Article written by Kerry Blake – I am a MS Office expert and lecturer who writes articles in his free time. I’m currently writing tips about RAM for Macbook pro and printers.

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Magsafe Adapter Not Charging Older Macbook Pro? Firmware Update Fixes Issue

An issue that had been affecting several users of older Macbook and Macbook Pro computers has apparently been fixed. Apple has released a new Macbook SMC firmware update 1.4 for select 2007-2008 models of Macbook and Macbook Pro models that reportedly failed to get charged from the new line of MagSafe adapters. These new adapter lines were launched in April this year along with the launch of the new Macbook and Macbook Pro computer series and has seen widespread reports of malfunction from users of older Macbook computers.

This is not the first time MagSafe power adapters are being blamed for quality issues. Back in 2007, Apple was forced to halt the shipments of MagSafe power adapters under strong accusations that these adapters failed to adhere to quality standards. Apple may have avoided the same this time, and the release of this new firmware update shall help Apple to fix the issue for the affected users.


Get Free Repair For Distorted Videos On MacBook Pro, Dell, Compaq & HP Notebooks

Seeing those distorted videos and blank screens on your MacBook Pro? It’s not your fault. Rather, it appears to be because of a problem with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M graphics chip that is embedded on the notebook. Following a class action lawsuit filed against NVIDIA, the company has agreed to offer free repair to any user that has an 8600M embedded notebook and is facing these issues. The litigation website is here and you may check if your notebook model is covered on this website. Basically, the list includes the MacBook Pro, Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, XPS, Vostro, Presario and Pavilion notebooks.

Do note that the replacement does not start immediately. The website notes,

“The Court will hold a hearing on December 20, 2010 at 9:00 a.m., to decide whether to approve the settlement. If Judge Ware approves the settlement, the processing of replacements is expected to begin shortly afterwards. Reimbursements will be paid after all claims are filed.

Please be patient.”

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New MacBook Pro Tech Specs Revealed

AppleInsider has unearthed some interesting piece of information from sources close to Apple about the technical specifications of the upcoming MacBook Pro notebooks. (Update : Apple has released information on the specs. Article updated accordingly)

Here is what we presently know:

13 inch MacBook Pro

  • Intel Core 2 duo with 4GB RAM
  • Two models : 2.4GHz  and 2.66GHz processors
  • 250GB and 320GB internal storage
  • NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor
  • Priced $1,199 and $1,499

15 inch MacBook Pro

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M and Intel HD Graphics graphic processors
  • Three models : 2.4GHz Intel Core i5, 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 and 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 processors
  • 320GB, 500GB and 500GB hard drives respectively
  • Priced $1.799, $1,999, $2,199 respectively

17 inch MacBook Pro

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
  • 2.53GHz  Intel Core i5 processor
  • 500GB Hard drive
  • Priced $2,299

Other specs:

  • Screen options : Glossy, High resolution glossy and High resolution glossy with anti-glare
  • Support for 512GB SSD Flash storage in some models
  • 10 hours battery life

A report published back in February of this year had speculated that new MacBook Pro 2010 could run on Core 1.7 M 620 processor running at 2.66 GHz.

[via Apple Insider, Apple]

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New MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Features And Launch Date

There are sketchy reports on a prominent Taiwanese publication that suggests that the new version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air shall enter their production run this month with a launch date that could possibly be scheduled for the WWDC event in June of this year.

According to the Taiwan Apple Daily, the new version of MacBooks that were originally scheduled for release in March had been delayed due to shortage of supplies of Intel’s Core iX processors.

Here are some rudimentary features that we expect in the new MacBook Pro

  • 640GB Hard Drive
  • 248GB SSD
  • 8 Hours battery life

MacBook Air is expected to come with Intel Core i3 processor chip.

[via 9to5Mac]

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Updated MacBook Pricing Leaked

Folks at CrunchGear are reporting possible leak of prices of Macs in the future. The prices that CrunchGear reports from an Australian website : A$2,399 for a MacBook Air, A$4,499 for Mac Pro and A$1,899 for MacBook Pro Family are on the higher side indicating possible upgrades to these products in the near future.

That being said, we are not able to verify the veracity of these reports and hence would suggest to take these rumors with a grain of salt. CrunchGear writes

“But as far as this pricing rumor goes, apparently it lists prices above the current ones. It comes from an Australian source, which apparently inflates the pricing over the US-set MSRP, though. But maybe it’s just because instead of being competitive with PCs for once, Apple tacked on the customary tax on new hardware.”

[via CrunchGear]

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MacBook Pro 2010 Memory Modules Spotted?

Rumors are doing the rounds that the RAM modules for the upcoming MacBook Pro has been spotted in the wild. This was first reported by Greek website ThesMac.

However, there appear to be some inconsistencies in what we have been expecting and what is apparently available. For instance, the leaked pictures claim to run on a Core 2 Duo processor and a bus speed of 1.33 GHz. However, we have heard that MacBook Pro 2010 will be coming with Core 1.7 M 620 processor  running at 2.66 GHz.

So, we would like to take this with a bit of skepticism, though the rumors should be cleared anytime now since Apple is expected to launch the new MacBook Pro pretty soon.

[via MacRumors]