MacBook Air Flickering Display Problem Fixed By New OS X Update

A number of people who had purchased the recently launched MacBook Air had complained earlier this month about an annoying bug that caused their Air display to start flickering under certain circumstances like waking the computer from sleep or while opening certain applications. Soon after, we received information that Apple had internally acknowledged the issue and had been sending out memos to their Apple Store staff educating them on possible resolution measures.

We now hear that the recently released OS X update may have finally brought a patch to the flickering display bug. A new support document that has been released by Apple has noted that the new Mac OS X 10.6.5 released last week would fixed the display issue.

If you are a user who has been suffering from this issue, do update your computer to this latest update and let us know if it resolves the problem.

New Macbook Air Flickering Screen Bug – Apple Working On Solution

Yesterday, I wrote about an issue with the latest model of the Macbook Air that apparently had problem displaying correctly after it was put to sleep. While some users noticed such an issue while working on certain applications, several others also saw other problems like the laptop freezing.

It now looks like Apple may already be working on a fix. In an internal memo circulated to the Apple Store staff, the company has acknowledged that such a problem exists. A temporary resolution noted in the memo reads, –

“Have the customer put the computer to sleep by closing the lid, wait 10 seconds, then open the lid to wake the computer. This should force a display power cycle, and the display should return to normal.”

The memo also notes that a fix to the bug should be available as a software update shortly. So if you are one of those suffering from this flickering screen bug, just hold on. A fix is on the way.

Flickering Screen On Macbook Air Reported

A number of customers who purchased the newly launched Macbook Air have been complaining about recurring flickers on the screen along with occasional freezing of the laptop. These users seem to be having these issues even after installing a software update that Apple released on the day of release. The update was supposed to resolve an issue that causes the laptop to go unresponsive while running a movie trailer on iMovie or while waking from sleep when connected to an external display.

Here are some reactions from users who have been flooding the Apple Support forums.

“I ordered a MacBook Air 11″ with 1.6 GHz, 4GB ram and 128GB SSD. Every so often while using it, the screen has a ton of weird colors in vertical lines (extends the whole display) and the entire laptop has frozen. I have to force it off with the power button and reboot it. It happens at random times.”

“I got this my by BTO 13″ Air too. It’s happen twice to me, and both times it has happened when I was opening a Mail message.”

“These seems to happen for me while streaming online video, a task this device has no excuse to be having, though this problem has been occurring during other tasks such as opening Word docs/email. Every store associate in Manhattan has been giving me a different answer about what’s to be done about this, but it’s a frustrating error and has crashed the computer on multiple occasions, resulting in lost documents.”

Are you facing similar issues with your new Macbook Air?

New MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Features And Launch Date

There are sketchy reports on a prominent Taiwanese publication that suggests that the new version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air shall enter their production run this month with a launch date that could possibly be scheduled for the WWDC event in June of this year.

According to the Taiwan Apple Daily, the new version of MacBooks that were originally scheduled for release in March had been delayed due to shortage of supplies of Intel’s Core iX processors.

Here are some rudimentary features that we expect in the new MacBook Pro

  • 640GB Hard Drive
  • 248GB SSD
  • 8 Hours battery life

MacBook Air is expected to come with Intel Core i3 processor chip.

[via 9to5Mac]

Updated MacBook Pricing Leaked

Folks at CrunchGear are reporting possible leak of prices of Macs in the future. The prices that CrunchGear reports from an Australian website : A$2,399 for a MacBook Air, A$4,499 for Mac Pro and A$1,899 for MacBook Pro Family are on the higher side indicating possible upgrades to these products in the near future.

That being said, we are not able to verify the veracity of these reports and hence would suggest to take these rumors with a grain of salt. CrunchGear writes

“But as far as this pricing rumor goes, apparently it lists prices above the current ones. It comes from an Australian source, which apparently inflates the pricing over the US-set MSRP, though. But maybe it’s just because instead of being competitive with PCs for once, Apple tacked on the customary tax on new hardware.”

[via CrunchGear]