Apple To Integrate Mac OS X 10.7 With App Store

The days of an open environs at Mac OS X could soon be coming to an end if a recent rumor is anything to go by. According to App developer RixStep, Cupertino may start signing up with developers starting early autumn of this year and like with the iPhone and iPad, users will have to reach out to the iTunes/App store to purchase any software for their computer. Rixstep says,

“10.7 will have kernel support for (‘insistence on’) binaries signed with Apple’s root certificate. No software will be able to run on Mac OS X 10.7 without being approved and signed by Apple, Inc.”

Take the news with as much skepticism as you choose to. Few other developers from the Mac Developer Program have however refuted the claim and insist that there has been no announcement regarding this from Apple so far.

Nevertheless, this is a lot likely to happen. Apple has seen terrific success so far in the closed environment race on the iPhone and iPad and the company has taken up most of the decision making process for its users. With a lot of money to be made on the computer software download segment, it is quite likely that Apple will choose to get this ecosystem closed as well.

[via 9to5Mac]

Mac OS X 10.6.3 Public Release Soon?

Mac OS X 10.6.3 may be headed for public release soon. Sources close to Apple have revealed that the company has recently seeded a new version of 10.6.3 to developers.

What can you expect in the new version of Mac OS X? Well, it basically seems to fix a lot of inherent bugs in the earlier version. MacRumors tells us what the major enhancements and bug fixes will be in the following areas

  • QuickTime X
  • 64 bit Logic
  • OpenGL
  • Printing

The article also claims that Apple has not detected any new bugs in the version which means that a public release is expected soon.

[via Mac Rumors]

Apple Working On Second Tablet Device

The iPad is touted as a bigger version of the iPhone. Now it looks like a smaller version of the Mac could also be in the works. TechCrunch reports second hand sources as revealing that Apple could possibly be working on a second tablet device which, unlike the iPad, would tend to serve as a laptop substitute.

While not much information is available regarding this device, it is speculated that this new tablet will have a much bigger screen; around 15.4″ and could run on Mac OS X. TechCrunch further writes in that the device is likely to be demoed during the WWDC event in June of this year and could be launched before the end of the year.

We still have our doubts regarding this – Primarily, Apple is a kind of company that would like to get more things under the company’s control. With a Mac OS X powered tablet, the company could be losing out on vital revenues that the company could otherwise be making from app sales. However, this could also be a contingency device that could be launched if any of Apple’s competitors launch rival tablets that are much more open compared to the iPad and hence rake in market share.

What are your thoughts on this?