Price Of Mac Mini In UK Lowered By £50 – Mainland Europe Sees Drop Too

Apple devices always make news when they are launched because of the crowds that they draw. However, there are products in the Apple line up that do not draw the crowds and also do not stay hot all the world over. Mac mini is one of them. This desktop computer with a small form factor was first launched in 2005 with the latest model launching in January 2010 at a price of $699 in the United States, €799 in Europe and £649 in the United Kingdom.

Now, it looks like the demand for the device has waned off; at least in Europe. Apple has quite silently announced a significant price cut for the device in the European market. Starting now, Apple customers in the UK can get hold of a Mac mini at a price of £599 while those in the rest of Europe can buy the entry level model at €699. That’s a drop of £50 and €100 respectively in these markets. Prices in USA stay the same.

Mac Mini With HDMI Port To Be Launched Next

Has Apple given the boot to DVI port in favor of HDMI? If rumors are to be believed that could in fact be true. Apple Insider has apparently learned that Apple shall be launching the next generation of Mac Mini desktop computer with HDMI ports instead of the usual DVI port.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a technology built on top of the DVI (Digital Video Interface) that also supports home theater systems unlike the latter which is best suited for personal computer systems.

It is not clear if the introduction is intended to merely move to an updated technology or to extend the user base of Mac Mini to include a larger target audience.

[via Apple Insider]