Apple Mac App Store Releases Via Software Update

Keeping up with their earlier announcement to launch the Apple Mac Store on January 6, Apple has announced that this new App Store for the Mac platform is now available for use on any computer running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The App Store currently holds close to a 1000 different applications – free and paid. With the new Mac App Store, users can surf and buy new applications using their iTunes account.

The apps currently available on the Mac App Store platform include those from third parties like Ancestry and Boinx as well as in-house apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand – from the iLife ’11 suite. Productivity tools like Pages, Keynote and Numbers will also be available at a price of $19.99 each. Unlike earlier speculations, Apple has not announced anything on the iWork ’11 front. You can check out the Mac App Store via the software update or by clicking here.

iWork ’11 Releasing With Mac App Store Launch?

Is Apple prepping for an iWork ’11 release when the Mac App Store launches next month. This speculation comes after a number of Apple customer have reported that Apple Stores appear to be short on inventory of ¬†iWork ’09 of late. It is quite likely that Apple would have pulled the plug on sale of iWork ’09 over its stores ahead of the launch of the new version software.

This speculation is further supported by the fact that Apple’s online store now returns iWork 11 as one of the query suggestions while keying in ‘iWork’. It is possible that this is merely a result of a number of users searching for the software on the Apple website in anticipation of the launch.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting development given that Apple would like to have a few high-profile products available on the Mac App Store during launch in order to enhance the utility of the service.

What do you think?

Apple Mac App Store Launch Date Announced

Apple has announced that the new Mac App Store will open on January 6. This is much behind what we had earlier speculated. You may recall our article from earlier this month where it was reported that the Mac App Store – that was originally planned for a Christmas release should be up and running by December 13th.

Now announcing the date on their website, Apple has revealed that the App Store will operate pretty similar to the way the iOS App Store works. Developers can make free or paid applications that will be hosted on the Apple servers for free. In return, Apple will take a 30% cut on any sale of paid apps made from the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store will open up in 90 countries at launch.

Cydia Mac App Store Launching “In Weeks”

Now this is something you may not have seen it coming. Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, the founder of the Cydia App Store – the application marketplace that several million iDevice owners use to install customizable apps, extensions and themes on their jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – has announced that a Cydia app store for Mac is launching in weeks.

This is unexpected considering that unlike the iOS platform, Mac is so much more customizable and open. So, it really may not need a third party app store. While Freeman has not elaborated on what users could expect from a Cydia store for Macs, the new marketplace is speculated to contain an easy way to install themes, system mods and tweaks.

Anyway, we will keep following news on this front and let you know when we hear an update.

No Game Center For Mac App Store – Many Features Missing Too

Apple’s new application market for Macs, the Mac App Store could be missing a number of features when it launches next month, according to the updated version of the iTunes Connect Developer Guide published yesterday.

According to reports, the Mac App Store may not let users to demo or trial applications before purchase. Also, unlike its iOS cousin, developers may not be able to generate promo codes for select users to try applications from the App Store without purchase. It is worth noting that iOS app developers may generate up to 50 promo codes that can be distributed to reviewers and friends across the world.

This is not all. The upcoming Mac App Store may also lack other anticipated features like an in-app purchase functionality and support for Game Center, the recently launched social network for gamers.

Apple has always been known to offer minimalistic first version of devices and so it is likely that these features may be offered as software upgrades sometime down the line. But if you were eager to challenge your friends over Game Center, then you may have to wait for some more time.

Apple Mac App Store Launching On December 13?

The Mac App Store – the desktop equivalent of Apple’s successful iOS App Store could be launched as early as next week according to recent reports.

According to sources, Steve Jobs has been keen on rolling out the new application store well ahead of the Christmas holidays and developers were in fact asked to be ready for a December 6 launch. However, that day having passed now, Apple is learned to be working closely with developers to make a December 13 launch a reality.

A December 13 roll-out would be significant since that would bring significant business to Apple via the sale of software products ahead of the Christmas gifting season. It will be interesting to see if and whether the launch actually happens though.