Stealth LPC-100 Nettop Features Reviewed

Stealth has come up with its new LPC-100 nettop which the company claims is “Small Enough to Fit in Your Hand Yet Outperforms Most Desktop and Mobile Computers Available Today”. Well, the second part of the claim has to be tested, but from what we see, the size part is definitely not false. The new nettop device is just marginally larger than your smartphone and is one of the smallest products in its category.

So what does the new LPC-100 got to offer? Well, the base model features a 1.9GHz dual-core Celeron T3100 that is upgradeable to a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo T8400 or the 2.53GHz T9100. Besides this, you also have a couple of DDR3 SODIMM slots that offer a maximum internal memory of 4GB. Storage capacity on the nettop can go as high as 160GB-500GB. Other features on the Stealth LPC-100 include USB ports, serial ports, DVI/VGA output and a microphone and headset connections.

The power consumption of LPC-100 is pretty low and at 12 volts, you can actually fit it onto your car. The roadblock is however the price. The base model of Stealth LPC-100 costs a good $995. But if you are still interested, hop over to website to check out more.