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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 For Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian & MeeGo Announced

Apple may hate it and make it sound like this is the worst thing to have happened to the smartphone platform. But that hasn’t stopped Adobe Flash Player from becoming one of the most popular applications on the Android platform with close to 50,000 users having rated it 4.5 out of 5.

Following this success, Adobe Flash Player seems to be headed to the rest of the smartphone platforms. At the Adobe MAX developer conference, the company has announced that the popular multimedia player will be available for Blackberry OS, WebOS 2.0, LiMo, MeeGo, Symbian OS and future versions of Windows Phone moving forward. There is simply no word on when this support will be made available. But at least, this is one battle that Apple has to fight alone. Adobe Flash, it appears, is not making way for HTML5 anytime soon.

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Samsung H2 I8330 Technical Specifications

A new Samsung phone has been caught in the wilds and it is purported to be the Samsung I8330. This is also believed to be the phone that Vodafone shall market as Samsung H2. While there is still not enough clarity on the rumors, we have however managed to get a little information on the technical specifications of the device.

Samsung I8330 H2

Samsung I8330 H2

Here is what we expect

Platform : LiMo R3
Resolution : 800×480
Processor : 1 GHz Cortex-A8 MSM6290
Camera : 8 megapixel with HD video recording
Networking : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA

The device is expected to be put up on sale in time for the FIFA World Cup – which is another two weeks from now.

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