LG XNote R590 3D Notebook Tech Specs And Launch Date Review

This is yet another 3D-capable notebook that will get a lot of gamers interested. LG has introduced its first 3D notebook that will come with a 3D Gaming monitor and 3D projector. The LG XNote R590 notebook will carry the following specifications.

The first thing to note is the large 15.6-inches display on the 3D notebook. The device is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor that is supported by NVIDIA’s GeForce GT335M graphics card for some high quality gaming action. Another peripheral that gamers would love is the high-definition Tru-Surround sound provided by SRS. Users may also pick up the optional Blu-ray drive.

The LG XNote R590 3D notebook is installed with the TriDef software. This application is responsible for converting 2D videos to 3D in a real-time environment. The computer shall also come with polarized 3D glasses. This is unlike the active shutter glasses used on many other models that could cause eye fatigue and also increase the device weight.

The new LG R590 notebook is already out on sale in the Korean market and is expected to become available worldwide very shortly. Hold on for an announcement on price.

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