LG Android Tablet Launch In Q4 2010

Who doesn’t make tablets these days? Everyone does. LG too. The South Korean firm has confirmed its plans to be developing a tablet device that is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year – read the holiday season.

As for specs, we do not have one word about it, though LG has made it clear that the tablet will run on Google’s Android Operating System. The company has also assured that the features will be better than whatever is on offer in the market today. That’s evident given that we are still a few months away from launch and also because every company tells the same thing (Steve Jobs even called the iPhone 4 magical!)

While LG has not confirmed what version of Android, the LG tablet will run, we assume it to be the latest Android 2.2 aka Froyo. Nevertheless, LG will have its task cut out as it is launching months after other big names have already started releasing theirs. Also, will it launch outside the Far East? No word again on that.