Apple LED Cinema Display Features Much Larger Screen Real Estate

If you have been a fan of Apple’s 24″ LED cinema display, here is something that will get you all the more excited. The new 27″ LED Cinema display from Apple brings some really stunning technical specifications although it does come at a more-than-affordable price tag of $999.

At this price, the new 27″ Cinema display comes with a screen that packs an impressive 2560×1440 pixels. That is along with a nearly 60% increase in the screen real estate that without doubt is going to offer an extremely improved viewing experience. Other features on the new Apple LED Cinema display will include an in-built iSight video camera, microphone, speakers, a USB 2.0 hub and a universal Magsafe connector.

The LED display features an 16:9 display built end-to-end with glass that is supported on an aluminium stand with adjustable metal hinges. The display also comes with an IPS (In-Plane-Switching) technology similar to what you may have seen on the new iPhone 4 that renders high quality images over a 178 degree viewing angle.

There is a caveat to note though. The LED Cinema Display only works with the new Macs with mini DisplayPorts. So if you have an older one, either give this one a skip or purchase a new Mac as well.