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Google Chrome OS Laptop – Features & Availability

Google has unveiled its upcoming CR-48 Chrome OS laptop. Right now, it is simply an unbranded model that is available for public testing – like all their web products. Branded Chrome OS laptops from companies like Acer and Samsung are expected to be available as late as mid of 2011.

So how do you get into public beta? Well, like it has always been for most of Google’s products – you have to apply to join Google’s public Pilot program. A limited number of beta laptops will be made available through the next few months and the company will get feedback from these individuals and businesses who may get the initial beta release.

Google Chrome OS Laptop CR-48

The specs of the upcoming laptop looks impressive. It features a 12.1″ screen along with a full-size keyboard, large clickpad and is equipped with a Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip. Besides this, there is also 802.11 dual band Wi-Fi connectivity, web cam and flash storage. The Chrome OS laptop is expected to last 8+ hours of active use an over 8 days of standby.

If you were wondering, the keyboard is the same as what we wrote about a few days back – a dedicated search button along with individual buttons for moving forward and backward while surfing the web.

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New Acer Laptop To Feature Two Screens

Toshiba announced their Libretto W100 not so long ago and now we have Acer developing a similar dual-screen laptop that has no physical keyboard. There is no word on the name, model number or specifications of this upcoming laptop. But from what the pictures reveal, the new Acer laptop will come with a touchscreen keyboard that will mimic a real physical keyboard. Apart from the fanciness that comes with such a device, I have no clue why such a device could actually be popular. Firstly, touchscreens are bad choices for media creation. Secondly, they are more expensive to manufacture than physical keyboards. Lastly, they are more prone to damage than physical keyboards. So, mark this as innovation for the sake of innovating.

At 15″, this device is no small thing. No word on the pricing or launch dates. Check out an image of the dual screen Acer laptop below.

Acer Dual Screen Laptop


Clevo B5100M Review Of Price And Features

AVADirect is launching the new Clevo B5100M laptop that is aimed solely at gamers. The device pretty much complements the Clevo W860CU laptop that I had written about the other day except that the latest one is a little watered down in order to make gaming laptops more affordable.

So here is a rundown on what you get to see. First and foremost, the Clevo B5100M is a 15.6″ LCD display device with options to go either HD (1366×768) or Full HD (1920×1080). The laptop has some terrific performance boosters in the form of an 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Core i5/i7 mobile processors and graphics card from either Intel (GMA HD) or NVIDIA (1GB GeForce GT 300M). The laptop is also incorporated with NVIDIA Optimus technology and is equipped with features like a 1.3-megapixel camera, built-in fingerprint reader, Bluetooth 2.1 and a super multi DVD burner drive.
Clevo B5100M

The Clevo B5100M gaming laptop will be available at a starting price of $941.66 that’s much less than the $1845 that you may have had to shell out for Clevo W860CU.


Toshiba Satellite T215D Review Of Specs And Features

Toshiba had released its new Satellite T215D ultra-portable laptop sometime back. The laptop, which LaptopMag calls a “too netbook-like” however comes with specs that can quite comprehensively rival the budget model laptops out in the wild. So what are the features on the Toshiba Satellite T215D like?

The device is primarily small – measuring just 11.2 x 8.2 x 1.0 inches. The laptop is powered by an AMD Athlon II Neo K125 processor running at 1.7GHz and an  ATI Radeon HD 4225 graphics chip. Other features include a 2GB RAM; upgradeable to 4GB, a 250GB SATA hard drive storage, Wi-Fi support with 802.11 b/g/n and a video memory of 256MB. The machine runs on the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium and is priced at $469.

Personally, I would love such an ultra-portable and with such decent specifications, there is sure to be a good market for this.

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Asus B53 Price And Features Revealed

Asus is launching a new B-series of notebooks that come powered by the Boston Sonata Long Life Battery that are known for their exceptionally long battery life – no, I’m not talking about the power backup. Instead, their lifespan is said to be nearly three times more than the average notebook batteries. That means, you will never need to replace your notebook battery ever – especially considering that the manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty just on the battery.

But that’s not the only thing about the new Asus B53. The notebook features a 15-inch display and is run on powerful Intel Core i5/i7 processors. This is enhanced by Radeon 5470 graphics processors from ATI Mobility. Customers also have a choice to go with an Intel graphics card instead. Other features on the new Asus B53 notebook include a 2GB/4GB memory, a hard drive with storage capacity of 320GB and ATI Eyefinity to support the use of two additional displays.

The Asus B53 model does not come cheap. The basic model is priced at $1,099. The notebook is already out in the markets.


Eurocom B7110/B5100M FOX Laptop Price & Specs Review

British gaming peripherals developer Eurocom has announced the launch of two new gaming laptops – the B5100M FOX and B7110 FOX laptops that are, not surprisingly, targeted at gamers. The two laptops come with some powerful hardware specs that gamers are likely to demand. The B5100M FOX laptop sports a 15.6-inches display while the B7110 FOX laptop features a 17.3-inches display with a minimum pixel resolution of 1600×900.

Both the laptops come with the Optimus graphics switching technology from NVIDIA that is enhanced by the GeForce GT330M GPU from the same company. The choice of processors too exist and you may pick one of Intel’s Core i3, i5 or i7 range of processors. Other specifications include a 16GB DDR3 RAM, hard drive storage of up to 1.6TB and support for Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, HDMI out, USB 3.0 and 1.3/2 megapixel camera. The base model will come with a 6-cell battery.

The prices of these laptops are of course dependent on the configuration though the base model of Eurocom B5100M FOX and B7110 FOX can be purchased at $999 and $1,199 respectively.

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Keep Notebook Cool With Battle Hero Notebook Cooler

Gamers listen – We know how big a problem overheating notebooks or laptops can be. If you are looking at ways to keep your notebooks cool when a hot gaming session is on, here is something you should seriously look at. Evercool has launched a new gaming notebook cooler accessory aptly named ‘Battle Hero‘ that the manufacturers claim will keep your notebook cool with the help of additional fans.

The Battle Hero notebook cooler is made of Aluminium and measures 324x270x35 millimeters. It contains a couple of fans spinning at 1500rpm, but with a sound output of just 16dBA, don’t expect too much of noise when the cooler is at work. Evercool claims that the device is perfect for notebooks that measure between 9-inches and 15-inches of screen size.

Battlehero laptop cooler

Sounds impressive, but we still do not have a word on the price. How much are you ready to pay?


Dell Inspiron M101z Price And Technical Specification Review

We have not talked a lot about the Dell Inspiron series in the past few weeks. In May this year, there was talk about the new Dell Inspiron M301z laptop which was noted to run on AMD’s Nile line of processors. Now, here is another laptop from the Inspiron series which carries a lot of similar specifications.

The Dell Inspiron M101z has launched on the online stores now at a price of $584 – that’s in the UK market. At that price, customers can expect to get hold of a 11.6-inches TLF WLED display that renders at a 1366×768 pixel resolution. You may choose between two processors – AMD Athlon II Neo Single Core Processors or AMD Athlon II Neo Single Dual processors. Other specifications include a 8GB internal memory, 500GB hard disk storage, 1.3-megapixel camera and graphics powered by ATI integrated RS880M chip. The laptop shall come integrated with Windows 7 OS and will include all the other regular connectivity and networking features.

Does that sound interesting?


MSI GT660R Price, Tech Specs Reviewed

MSI has outed their latest gaming laptop – the MSI GT660R in the United States. The device is pretty intense when it comes to its specs for gamers and though the price may be slightly above your comfort level, I would just believe it is worth the experience on offer.

Talking about the specifications, the device features a 16-inches screen that renders content at a good 1366×768 resolution. The machine is powered by a 1.73GHz Intel Core i7-740QM processor that is enhanced by the GeForce GTX285M 1GB graphics card from NVIDIA. If you are not impressed about the device as yet, you really should be if you think about the 6GB DDR3 RAM and a huge 1TB hard drive space that includes a Blu-Ray combo drive.

Other standard features include support for 802.11n Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, VGA and HDMI outputs. The device is equipped with a webcam that renders 720p video output and a 9-cell battery that – sadly though – offers only 3 hours of power backup.

If you are interested, get ready to shell out $1,699. The device is already launched in the US.

Acer Gadgets

Acer TimelineX 4820T Tech Specs, Price Review

Acer Timelinex 4820TThe new Acer TimelineX laptop is one of the better devices in the Timeline series from Acer. The device comes with some impressive features and technical specifications. Firstly, this is super thin and weighs just about 4.7 pounds. The laptop comes with a 14-inch screen with1366 x 768 resolution at a thickness of 1.1-inches.

Tech specs include a 2.26GHz Core i3-350M processor, a 4GB RAM and storage space of 320GB. The laptop is powered by a 66Wh six-cell battery that can last up to seven hours. Other features on the device include USB jack, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA, and mic and headphone sockets, DVD player and 3xUSB ports.

So how much does this cost? The laptop is tagged at a starting price of $717. Is the laptop worth the cost? According to Engadget, while the device is definitely worth the price and contains some really impressive features, the build quality can be termed average at best. But that’s how Acers have been and if you have used them before and are happy, there is no reason why you should hold back this time around.