Apple Signs Endorsement Deal With Lady Gaga For iPhone 4G

Consider this in the plain rumors category for the moment, but the word is in that Apple may have signed Lady Gaga, who is considered to be the new-age Madonna by many to be the spokesperson for the upcoming generation of iPhone.

The iPhone is already a popular handset of choice in the 25+ age category. The new move is expected to specifically target the teenagers and young adults who share a huge fan following with Lady Gaga. The pop star has sold over 10 million albums and 35 million singles so far worldwide and it could be a great ¬†strategy to expand the market. If this doesn’t hurt the existing target market, that is.

[via Examiner]

LG GB280 – LG May Now Stand For Lady Gaga

What does LG stand for? Ok, if you came here looking for the actual expansion, then it is probably “Life’s Good“. However, LG may well stand for Lady Gaga if the current developments are any indication. According to the folks at UnwiredView, LG is reported to have entered into a partnership with Lady Gaga to sell her branded handsets in the Brazil market. The website notes,

“Going back to the phone which LG calls the LG GB280, it comes in the slider form factor and is pre-loaded with Lady GaGa wallpapers as well as several hit songs like Paparazzi, Dance in the Dark and Bad Romance.”

The phone comes with a 2 megapixel camera, slider form factor, 176 x 220 display, Dolby mobile sound, Bluetooth, GSM/Edge connectivity and FM radio. LG GB280 is expected to be priced at an attractive $282 USD in Brazil.

LG partners with Lady Gaga

[via UnwiredView]