Jailbreak Your iPhone/iPad Permanently With New SHAtter Exploit

Getting tired of having to jailbreak your iDevice everytime a new iOS update comes about? A new bootrom exploit has been discovered that will help you keep your device jailbroken for life and will work on the iPhone, iPod Touch as well as the iPad – including the most recent versions. The reason is because this exploit is related to the hardware and hence Apple cannot fix the issue with their software updates.

The jailbreaking application is still not publicly available and the iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team are learned to be still working on using the exploit to develop a jailbreak tool. While this is definitely something to be excited about, do note that this jailbreak is tethered. This would imply, users will have to tether their iPhone or iPad to a computer while rebooting in order to keep the device jailbroken. Otherwise, it’s only the risks with warranty and performance that you have to be aware of, which I am sure, you may have already mulled over.

Jailbreak Sony Playstation 3 Using A Tethered Palm Pre/Nokia N900

The jailbreaking solution for Sony Playstation 3 is going through a lot of sophistication. Last month, there were reports about a USB dongle that will provide you with a jailbreak for the PS3. This was soon contested by Sony and resulted in a ban. Nevertheless, at $170, I really don’t think too many people would have been interested. This was followed by another solution named PSGroove. This brought the jailbreak software to a modchip that costs something around $25-$30.

Now, here is the third iteration. DeviceMag is reporting that the mods and hacks to enabled the jailbreak are now available as mobile applications that can be ported to Nokia N900 or Palm Pre and consequently, you only need to tether your PS3 with one of these handsets to get the process done.

Of course, the procedure is neither simple nor safe. Jailbreaking is the number one way to lose your warranty and so you need to proceed at your own risk. Besides, the procedure also requires some knowledge about kernels and so you may proceed only if you understand all that you are doing. Check out the tutorials here.

Connect External Hard Drive To iPad With Camera Connection Kit

The Camera connection kit for iPad does more than its fair share of work, if you have a jailbroken iPad. You can now use it to support external hard drive on your iPad. To do this, you will need a split USB cable and an external terminal (a Mac if you choose) besides the external hard drive and camera connection kit.

Once you have them all, go ahead and watch the demo video below where Max Shay offers a good demo on how to go about connecting a portable HDD to your jailbroken iPad.

Step 3, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

[via Engadget]

How To Jailbreak A Blackberry Phone?

Ok, the title of the post may be misleading but I posted it so because there seem to be a lot of Blackberry newbies who think of all the “cool stuffs” iPhone users get to do after jailbreak and so want a similar experience for their Blackberry phones like Curve, Pearl, Storm, etc.

Reality is, unlike the iPhone which is closed to third party app downloads (unless they are from the App Store and Apple stands to make a commission out of a purchase), Blackberry is already open to third party downloads. So, jailbreaking a Blackberry really does not achieve anything. So go ahead and enjoy your Blackberry without jailbreaking.

How To Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 [Developers Beta]

If you are a developer with a beta version of iPhone OS 4.0, here is a step by step guide to jailbreak your operating system. Please note that you will need

1) iPhone 3G (not 3GS),
2) Mac OS X running the latest iTunes version
3) Apple UDID

Step 1 : Visit Apple.com to download the new iPhone OS 4.0 to your iPhone 3G. You can also download the leaked OS from the web.

Step 2 : Install iPhone OS 4.0 on your iPhone 3G

Step 3 : The jailbreaking can be done with the help of the new RedSn0w 0.9.5 software. Download it from here (ZIP file)

Step 4 : Launch RedSn0w 0.9.5 on your iPhone. You shall be prompted to point to the firmware. Choose iPhone1,2_4.0_8A230m_Restore.ipsw

Step 5 : Follow the instructions and select ‘Install Cydia‘ and tap ‘Next‘. If you are prompted for the mode of installation, choose ‘DFU mode‘.

Step 6 : You will now need to point to a repo to install Cydia. Go to the Sources panel and enter http://apt.saurik.com/cydia-3.7

Step 7 : Follow through the installation. Cydia will now reboot your iPhone.

Step 8 : You’re done. If you see the Cydia icon on your Home Screen, you have successfully jailbroken iPhone OS 4.0 on your iPhone 3G