iTunes On Cloud To Arrive July

Ever since Apple acquired online music streaming service, Lala, there have been speculations over a cloud-based iTunes service in the offing. These developments having occurred concurrently with the launch of the iPad, users had expected the streaming service to be launched along with the iPad.

It now appears that the launch may take some more time. According to a report on CNET, Apple’s streaming music service is not expected to arrive anytime before July. One of the primary reasons behind the delay is rumored to be the delays in securing copyrights and licenses from the studios. You may recall that Lala’s licensing rights ceased its validity ever since it was acquired by Apple.

[CNET via Apple Insider]

Palm Peer-to-Peer Data Synchronization

Palm has clinched an important patent that relates to P2P data synchronization among several devices like desktop computers, laptops, mobile handsets,etc. The patent application that was filed way back in 2007 and awarded just recently can be a terrific shot in the arm for the now-beleaguered company.

In the patent, the inventors say that their method of data synchronization will enabled data sharing “without the need for a centralized system that keeps track of the shared data.”

Palm peer to peer data synchronization patent

The patent awarded to Palm might have just pushed its attractiveness quotient a notch higher among companies looking to buy the company out. What do you think?

Google Could Bring iTunes-Like Application For Android

Is Google preparing to launch a cloud-based iTunes rival for Android users? According to reports, Mountain View is in talks with a Los Angeles based cloud-music service startup called Catch Media over possible acquisition of the service.

Catch Media is a six year old company that focuses on letting users organize their music and media in order to be able to access them from anywhere, including mobile phones. The company claims to be the ATM for media industry and has already signed up licensing agreements with four major record labels.

Both Google and Catch have apparently refused to comment. Nevertheless, it comes as a great strategic move for Google. Late last year, Google introduced a Music OneBox on their search results to let users play music from their search pages itself. An acquisition of Catch Media’s technology can take their competition against Apple one notch further.

What are your thoughts on this?

[via CNET]

iTunes TV Show Download Price To Drop To $0.99

You may soon be able to download TV shows on iTunes for as less as $0.99. The Financial Times has reported that Apple is contemplating a discount on TV shows available on iTunes in order to make them more affordable on the iPad.

TV shows on iTunes are currently available at $1.99 for regular downloads and $2.99 for HD versions. While it is not clear if the move will set both versions of TV shows to under $1, sources say this change will be made effective from April of this year.

This is not all. There also seem to be speculations about a subscription based model for TV show downloads. FT reports

“The computer maker has not given up on earlier discussions with some potential partners about creating a ‘best of TV’ subscription service for $30 a month that media companies fear would destroy traditional distribution relationships”

Apple has been inking a lot of deals on the ebook and media front. Now, it is just a matter of the iPad becoming a hit among consumers for Apple to reap the rewards. That, however seems to be the most dreaded question. Are the customers ready for the iPad?

[via Financial Times]