Samsung YP-MB2 – Samsung Galaxy S Without The Phone

There are smartphones to take on the iPhone (that’s the way to put it even though the iPhone is not a market leader), tablet PCs to take on the iPad. Now, if rumors are true, there will also be new gadgets that will take on Apple’s iPod Touch.

According to reports on the Samsung Hub, the Korean company is in the process of launching a Samsung YP-MB2 – a device that is pretty similar to Samsung Galaxy S except that it cannot make calls and does not work on 3G. The device is said to be equipped with a 4-inches Super AMOLED display, 1GHz processor, a 3-Megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and will run on Android 2.1. The device will however not require users to pay a monthly fee to the carrier and could be priced at $250 in Korea.

There is no official announcement and so this is of course a speculation. But I wonder how much of a hit this could be. Your thoughts?

Magellan ToughCase GPS Case For iPhone And iPod Touch Released

Magellan ToughCase GPS for iPhone iPod Touch Magellan GPS has announced the launch of a new waterproof GPS casing for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new Magellan ToughCase GPS case will come with a high sensitive SiRFstar III GPS chipset built into the casing that will provide location accuracy of up to 3 meters. Also, the device is completely waterproof and can be submerged at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Magellan has said that the 1840 mAh battery on the device can virtually double the battery life of the iPhone.

The Magellan ToughCase is expected to offer improved location based service systems to iPhone and iPod touch users. The device is launching worldwide via and through Apple Stores at a price of $199.99.

The GPS casing is compatible with iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS though its compatibility with iOS 4 or iPhone 4 is not known at the moment. Stay tuned.

How To Play DVD On iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Everyone understands that DRM and copyrights are to be protected and adhered to. But every now and then, there arises a case when you already have purchased a movie in a particular format that wouldn’t play in another format. Converting them to another format may be illegal in some countries and I wouldn’t advocate users in these countries to follow these steps. Others may check the steps below.

Apple’s iPod Touch (or iPhone and iPad for that matter) obviously do not contain a DVD drive nor do they support the format. So, the basic job involves converting the media to an iPad compatible format and transferring them to your iDevice via iTunes to start playing the video files.

Step 1 : You will first need the appropriate software. HandBrake is an open source platform that works across multiple platforms. Perian is another that works on Mac.  Alternately, you may just search for DVD Ripper software on Google and may come across other alternatives for your platform

Step 2 : Once you have installed the software on your system, insert the DVD into the drive

Step 3 : Launch HandBrake (or any of the alternatives). Click on ‘Source’ to select the source file from your hard drive. You may also be asked for the destination folder and format depending on the software you are using.

Play DVD On iPad iPod touch iPhone

Step 4 : Once done, click on ‘Start‘ (or ‘Rip‘). There are other options to choose from, but you may not bother. This process may take a few minutes and will consume a lot of system resources. If need be, close other open applications for the process to continue.

Step 5 : Once converted, close the application and launch iTunes

Step 6 : Connect iPad or iPod Touch to your computer and transfer the converted file via iTunes.

You are done. You may now watch the movie from your favorite iDevice.

Is iPad A Disappointment, Joke And Flop!?

I have not been a great fan of the iPad. And so it was delightful that when I went searching for “iPad apps” on Google Search, I was prompted for “iPad a Disappointment“. Dig further into Google’s search suggestions and you see a lot many more searches from disappointed users.

ipad user sentiments

As it should be obvious this is not some conspiracy Google would play to make us see Apple’s products this way. While these suggestions are made algorithmically and hence have little manual intervention, the search suggestions do not however play similar sentiments on the iPhone and iPod touch.

iphone sentiments

ipod touch sentiments

It will be interesting to hear your views on this. Is Google playing a trick on the newly launched product or do you think the Apple iPad has more haters than fans?

iPhone OS To Be Renamed iOS?

The iPhone OS is Apple’s Operating system that drives not just the iPhone, but also iPod touch. Now with Apple Tablet on the verge of being unveiled, yet another device running the iPhone OS is on the cards.

Apparently, among the several announcements scheduled for the media event that is to happen in a few hours from now is one that the iPhone OS could be renamed as iOS to better reflect the diversity of devices running the software.

We have absolutely no info on the veracity of these claims. Folks at MacDailyNews are pointing to a video grab that points towards this, but then, with so many rumors and speculations surrounding the event, it is pretty possible that this one too is fake. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

[via MacDailyNews]