“iPhone On Verizon” Domain Name Registered By Verizon Wireless?

We have been seeing rumor upon rumor pertaining to the imminent launch of a Verizon iPhone. While the launch date, price and distribution (whether it shall be only on Verizon or will the CDMA iPhone make it to the rest of the world as well?) all remain a mystery as of now, there is more news today that points out that Verizon may in fact be prepping for the launch of an iPhone.

A couple of domain names – iPhoneOnVerizon.com and iPhoneForVerizon.com seem to have been recently purchased by Verizon Wireless. The information comes courtesy the WhoIs records for these domain names that show Mark Monitor as the registrar with Verizon Trademark Services LLC as the registrant.

It may be noted that WhoIs records for domain names can be faked and hence this revelation is not entirely conclusive. Nevertheless, with rumors on a Verizon iPhone heating up, the latest revelation is quite interesting.

Verizon iPhone Release Date Before Valentine’s Day?

Here is the ‘launch date rumor‘ for the day. According to a new report on Bloomberg Businessweek, the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone could be launching “by Valentine’s day“. The report does not carry a specific launch date and notes that the launch “will come sometime after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January“.

What is interesting is that the report also hints at the possibility of Sprint and T-Mobile losing out on the iPhone at least in the short term. Businessweek notes that with just Verizon and AT&T carrying iPhone in the next year, the subscriber numbers for Sprint and T-Mobile could fall by as much as 650,000 and 950,000 respectively.

Of course, all that we are hearing now is speculation based on anonymous rumors. But with both Verizon and Apple seeming to be prepping up for a new release, the question is now no longer an ‘if’ and is merely a matter of ‘when’.

iPhone Is Most Popular Product On eBay 2010

eBay, the world’s largest online auction website, has published its annual list of the most popular items on their online stores for the year nearly gone by. Like many of the previous years, electronic gadgets continue to be one of the most popularly selling items. According to the latest listing, iPhone related items and accessories were the most searched for and purchased item on eBay in 2010. The etailer has revealed that close to 1,634,674 iPhone 4 related items were sold this year.

Apple also scores on another front – the iPad. The eBay study has shown that over 621,399 iPad related products were sold during this period. It is interesting to note that the iPad was launched only in April while iPhone 4 was launched in June of this year – which means these products did not sell all through the year and still managed the top slots. iPad, for the record, was eBay’s fifth most popular item.

Here are the top ten item categories that found popularity on eBay this year

1. iPhone
2. Barbie
3. Military jackets
4. Hot Wheels
5. iPad
6. World cup
7. The Beatles
8. Silly Bandz
9. Alice in Wonderland
10. New Orleans Saints

Legally Unlock iPhone With $50 Fee On Rogers/Fido In Canada

Rogers Canada has announced a new device unlocking policy that makes it possible for iPhone and several other mobile phone users to legally unlock their device by paying a $50 unlocking fee. To be eligible for such an unlock, customers must have their account in good standing, should have paid the unsubsidized cost of the device at least 30 days prior to request or at least have fulfilled the contractual obligation.

Such customers may contact the Roger customer care at 1-888-Rogers1 and request an unlock. Do note that there is also a tax on top of the $50 and so the actual amount you will need to pay for the unlock will vary between $52.50 (for Alberta) and $57.75 (for Prince Edward Island).

Once the unlocking is done, the customer will have to restore their device by connecting to iTunes and the unlocked handset should be ready for use.

iPhone 5 Photos And Videos ‘Revealed’

Nobody, not even Gizmodo, know what the next generation iPhone will look like. Apple is yet to confirm the existence of a next generation iPhone (although unofficially we do know one new iPhone launches every year). But someone out there has just managed to catch hold of the specs – presumably through the Chinese suppliers – and have created what they call is a clone of the next generation iPhone.

If these pictures and video are true, then it would mean that Apple could be going in for yet another change in the form factor of the new iPhone. You may recall that the iPhone 3G and 3GS models did not look too different although iPhone 4 was significantly different.

Now if you are wondering what iPhone 5 would look like, this could probably be it. But don’t hold your breath just yet. This is just a rumor.

iPhone 5 picture
iphone 5 clone

iPhone Turning Off Randomly? Battery To Blame

A long running thread on the Apple support forums has had a number of iPhone users complain over the months that their iPhone, primarily the 3GS, has been turning off randomly despite the fact that their battery is sufficiently powered. Some users seemed to have experienced this issue even when the battery was loaded by more than 90%.

The initial suspects for the problem was the iOS. Users complained that they started seeing the problem soon after upgrading to one of the several recently released versions. However, as some of them are now beginning to conclude, the issue could be due to a batch of bad batteries that may be causing the problem. Users who have got the batteries on their iPhone replaced have noticed immediate improvement.

If you are one of the affected users, you may approach your nearest Apple Store for a battery replacement. Of course, if you don’t care much about warranties and want to replace the batteries yourself, you can click here and here to purchase replacement batteries for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 respectively.

Verizon iPhone Rumors – Apple Hiring CDMA Engineers

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a CDMA iPhone that is rumored to launch early next year. This purported launch is also possibly one reason why AT&T has slowly moved away from the iPhone to marketing other smartphones. While all of this still remain speculations with no official word, a number of recent hirings from Apple make an imminent CDMA iPhone quite likely.

According to reports, Apple has hired a number of engineers recently who have experience in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, and CDMA technologies. Of course, this in itself does not mean a Verizon iPhone is launching. It is also possible that Apple may be looking at bringing the CDMA technology solely to the iPad. You may recall that Verizon has already opened up its stores to sell Wi-Fi only variants of the iPad. Nevertheless, this news should keep the hopefuls among you interested.

Verizon iPhone Launch In 2011 – Availability Limited To Verizon & AT&T?

It is becoming increasingly clear that a Verizon iPhone could be launching very early into 2011. However, what we had not known until now is the level of desperation that Verizon may have reached following the iPhone success on AT&T. According to Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, Verizon may be wooing Apple with a premium in order to let itself along with AT&T carry the iPhone.

While the availability of the iPhone outside AT&T sounds quite inevitable at the moment, we hear that Verizon is looking to share the exclusivity with AT&T and not let more competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint get in. Shaw Wu writes,

“We are hearing that (Verizon) does not want iPhone, the hottest selling smartphone, available on T-Mobile USA and/or Sprint and may be willing to pay for exclusivity to itself and AT&T. For these reasons, (Verizon) could be more willing to give in to Apple’s terms.”

The iPad is already available on the Verizon network and AT&T has been moving its marketing focus away from iPhone to other phones in the category in recent times. These are pretty signs that a Verizon iPhone is coming soon. Now, it is just a question of whether this is going to happen before Christmas or after it. From the looks of it though, the launch is scheduled for 2011.

Buy iPhone 4/3GS From Radio Shack On $50 Discount

American retailer Radio Shack has announced a limited time promotion for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS units that will bring these units to customers at a discount of $50. The promotion begins on December 4 and shall run through the week till December 11. The deal is only applicable on new units and not on the refurbished phones and in case it wasn’t obvious enough – you need to sign up for a new two year contract to be eligible for the deal.

The offer details are not over yet. There are more attractive offerings to be had if you already own an iPhone 3G or 3GS unit. Radio Shack has launched a new “Trade and Save” offer that will credit you with $75 and $125 respectively when you trade in one of these devices in return for a new purchase. That means, if you trade in an iPhone 3GS, you can buy a new 16GB iPhone 4 for as low as $24.99 while the 32GB variant will cost you $124.99.

Of course, it goes without saying that these devices that are traded in need to be in working condition and cannot act like bricks.

New Apple iPhone Headphones Contract Awarded To Taiwan OEMs

The headphones that came with your iPhone box were made in Japan by a company named FOSTER. Those that come with the next generation iPhone may however come manufactured in Taiwan. Apple is learned to have ended its contract with FOSTER and has instead offered fresh contracts to two Taiwanese companies for the manufacture of these accessories. The total value of the contract is expected to be valued at over $300 million.

Cheng Uei, one of the companies who have been awarded the contract, will be manufacturing cords, speakers and control switches whereas Hon Hai, the other company will be inserting the wires and be assembling the ear buds. Apple has already engaged in business with both these companies. While Hon Hai aka Foxconn has bagged several high profile Apple contracts in the past, Cheng Uei is a company that Apple works with in the manufacture of chargers for the iPad.

Both companies are learned to be expanding their facilities to increase output.