iPhone OS 4.1 To Unify iPhone With iPad

Despite running on the same OS, the iPhone and iPad are caught up in different versions, each incapable of being compatible with the other. While iPad runs on iPhone OS 3.2, it is being speculated that the next generation iPhone shall run on iPhone OS 4.0; which is expected to be launched in the summer of this year.

According to a recent report on the Loop, the period between the launch of the iPad and iPhone 4G is not sufficient enough to expect an iPad compatible iPhone to launch. This could mean that an OS compatible with both iPhone and iPad could launch not earlier than the iPhone OS 4.1 version – expected by the end of this year or early next year.

While this is purely speculation on part of Loop, we are quite skeptical. For one, the iPad has been in the making for quite sometime and it is likely that the iPhone OS for the next generation iPhone has derived a lot of technology from work done for the iPad. This leads to a possible unification as early as June of this year.

What are your thoughts?

[via The Loop]

iPad Camera Will Come With Flash And Zoom?

Officially, the iPad does not come with a camera. But as we have already heard, the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK indicates support for a forward facing camera that will allow video conferencing.

Now, here is more information – The iPad camera could also come with flash and zooming ability. Indications of this have been dug out from the latest beta version of the iPhone SDK. According to a report on MacRumors, the the code snippets confirm the presence of camera flash and zoom besides a forward facing camera. No details have yet been dug out on autofocus, though that could be another likely feature.

We are getting curiouser by the day over why Apple has chosen to do away with a camera for the first generation of iPad when so much of the back-end work has anyway been completed.

What do you think is the reason?

[via MacRumors]

Apple Tablet To Run iPhone OS 3.2?

In the past two months, we must have heard a gazillion rumors and speculations about the upcoming Apple Tablet. One of the more ‘confirmed’ among these was that the Tablet could be running on the iPhone OS 4.0 which was also expected to be part of the announcement scheduled for Wednesday.

It now appears that the Tablet might not come with the 4.0 operating system after all. Flurry, the mobile analytics company has recently revealed that their system was able to track app usage from around 50 devices that had all the characteristics of the upcoming Apple Tablet. All this usage which was tracked from Apple’s Cupertino office pointed to the use of iPhone OS 3.2 and not 4.0 as earlier thought.

What could this mean? Well, for starters, this means that there could possibly mean that the Tablet’s operating system would not be too different from the iPhone’s; which also means that the Tablet will not be a direct substitute for the Mac since unlike Mac OS X, the iPhone’s current operating system does not let you use any application of your choice.

However, the OS being a 3.2 version, it could possibly mean that all the 130K+ applications available for download on the App Store will be seamlessly accessible from the Tablet, which is still a great news.

What do you make of this?

[Flurry via VentureBeat]