Sound Amplifier For iPhone Fixes Poor Sound Quality

If you are a frequent visitor to the Apple Support Forums, you will not be surprised with the number of new threads from users who are dissatisfied with the sound quality on their iPhones. While I am fortunately not one of those, it certainly does help if you can play music and videos at a volume higher than your iPhone’s maximum capacity. The new Sound Amplifier for iPhone from WirelessGround is something you should then check out.

iPhone Sound Amplifier

While it is marketed as an accessory for the iPhone 4, this Sound Amplifier also works with the older models like the iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as the latest iPhone 4S model. According to the company website, this rubber accessory can add up to 12 decibels of sound to your iPhone speakers. In addition to this, the way the accessory is designed also makes it possible for the users to deploy it as a stand for your iPhone while listening to music.

I tried the Sound Amplifier with my old iPhone 3G and could readily notice the significantly improved volume from the iPhone speakers. Here is a video demo of the product although I must say that the video does not do justice to the actual improvement in sound quality that I experienced.

The Sound Amplifier for the iPhone is now available at WirelessGround for $9.95. You can check out more details about the product from their website by clicking here.

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Verizon iPhone 4 Accessories Launch From Case Mate

Case Mate is among the most popular third party accessory manufacturer for the iPhone. Following the announcements yesterday from Verizon, Case Mate has announced a new line of iPhone cases that will be sold to Verizon iPhone 4 customers when the device goes on sale next month. The accessory manufacturer has come with a number of unique and bizarre designs – named Monsta, Waddler, Egg, Gelli and Vroom.

Case mate

On the product page, Case Mate points out that AT&T iPhone customers may not find these covers suitable for their phones since they have been “specially created for this device“. The cases are not out on pre-order yet. However, if you are one of those looking to purchase a Case Mate accessory, be sure to sign up on the product page to get notified when the case becomes available for order.

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Rumored iPhone 5 Features – Micro-SIM Slot And Tweaked Antenna Design

An iPhone accessory manufacturing company, Global Direct, has published a video that compares an iPhone 4 casing with what they claim is a next generation CDMA iPhone that makes a number of interesting revelations. The video has since then been pulled which is possibly an indication that what is shown on the video is legitimate. However, more interestingly, although the video speaks about this device as a CDMA iPhone, chances are that this is what iPhone 5 could look like.

There are a couple of main take-aways from the pictures revealed. Firstly, the device comes with a micro-SIM card slot that is evident of this being a next generation GSM device and not a CDMA iPhone. Secondly, the design reveals a modified antenna frame that Apple could be working on to prevent an AntennaGate-like issue with the new device.

Check out the image below

iPhone 5 casing

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Verizon iPhone Accessories Put On Sale Briefly

A number of industry observers have speculated that Verizon could be announcing their new iPhone on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show starting this week. That seems more likely with claims that popular third party accessory manufacturers have already been prepping up for the launch of accessories aimed at the new Verizon iPhone.

CaseMate – the developer of the popular Tough and Pop cases are learned to have recently launched a new website that shows up this homepage

Verizon iPhone 4Not only this, Offwire – an online retailer too had, until recently, posted references to accessories pertaining specifically to a Verizon iPhone. With word about these references getting out, the two websites seem to have purged these details completely.

An interesting revelation though is CaseMate’s post that reads, “The Verizon iPhone 4 is on its way“. This is indicative of sufficient lead time between the announcement and launch of this new CDMA iPhone. With rumors suggesting that the new iPhone could be released “by Valentine’s Day“, we hope an announcement is made shortly – during CES.

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Beautiful iPhone 4 Metal Back Covers For Jailbreak Fans

Are you a jailbreak fan who wants to proudly display that pineapple logo of PwnageTool on your iPhone? Folks at GadgetSkin have come up with this extremely beautiful aluminium back cases for your iPhone 4. The cases come in two finishes – bright silver and titanium silver – and can be fit as a replacement for the original casing quite easily.

The two cases are now on sale at MICGadget store at a price of $24. There is also a video of how you can do the replacement task yourself. But while this should be extremely easy, I do have my doubts on the metal casing affecting cellular receptions. But in case that doesn’t deter you from unloading $24 on this cool casing, go ahead and make your purchase here.

PwnageTool iPhone metal cover

Do you like what you see here? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.

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New Apple iPhone Headphones Contract Awarded To Taiwan OEMs

The headphones that came with your iPhone box were made in Japan by a company named FOSTER. Those that come with the next generation iPhone may however come manufactured in Taiwan. Apple is learned to have ended its contract with FOSTER and has instead offered fresh contracts to two Taiwanese companies for the manufacture of these accessories. The total value of the contract is expected to be valued at over $300 million.

Cheng Uei, one of the companies who have been awarded the contract, will be manufacturing cords, speakers and control switches whereas Hon Hai, the other company will be inserting the wires and be assembling the ear buds. Apple has already engaged in business with both these companies. While Hon Hai aka Foxconn has bagged several high profile Apple contracts in the past, Cheng Uei is a company that Apple works with in the manufacture of chargers for the iPad.

Both companies are learned to be expanding their facilities to increase output.


Super Juice iPhone 4 Power Case Gives 6 Hours Backup

Dexim, a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories has announced Super Juice, a power casing for iPhone 4 that will not only serve as a protective covering for the iPhone 4, but will also come with additional power backup that can increase the battery life for voice calls on the phone by six hours.

All this might sound pretty familiar if you have already read about or used the Mophie Juice Pack Air power case. But where the new Super Juice power case wins is with the availability of a kickstand. This will give the iPhone a convenient stand to rest upon when you are looking to have a little movie session over your iPhone or are looking to talk over FaceTime with your friend.

Dexim Super Juice iPhone 4

The Dexim Super Juice power case offers 2000mAh capacity and is compatible with both the 16GB and 32GB variants of iPhone 4. There is no word as yet on the price or launch date.


Need Cheap Controllers For iPhone Games? Try This

Every discussion on the iPhone as a portable gaming console alternative to the likes of PSP Go inevitably moves to a debate on the cons of having a touchscreen for navigation controls. And the arguments put forward are valid. There are not simple enough workarounds that will satisfy hardcore gamers. But if you do not mind some low cost workarounds to improve the gaming experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch, here is something that will interest you.

Tactile+Plus are basically stickers that are shaped in the firm of regular navigation buttons that you can stick on your iPhone touchscreen that will come with those bumps that will give you a better idea of where the controls are while playing a game. The stickers are made of conducting material that will relay your touches to the capacitive touchscreen below.


This is not the ultimate solution given that you are going to have stickers showing up randomly on your screen while not playing a particular game. But if you think shelling out $7.80 for such a sticker is not a bid deal, you must go for it.


Apple Approved Credit Card Swiper For iPhone Launches

App Ninjas, the app developer who is responsible for the development and distribution of the iPhone app named Swipe has now launched a new Apple-approved hardware case that can be used by merchants for carrying out credit card transactions on the move. Called Swiper, this hardware case comes with a slot that contains the magnetic card reader and is a casing that the iPhone can slip into. The hardware casing interacts with the Swipe application on the iPhone to carry out a transaction.

According to the developers, the casing is a better solution than the stand-alone Swipe application since swiping credit cards over the Swiper carries a lower fee to the merchant than using the Swipe application to punch in the numbers directly.

Credit card swiper for iPhone

However, the Swiper does not come cheap. The casing is available for purchase from the App Ninjas website at a price of $79.


New Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad, iPhone, Dell Streak & Other Devices

There are quite a few bluetooth keyboards available in the market that you can hook up with your iPhone or iPad to get the typing work done faster. However, the problem is that these keyboards are not completely portable making it difficult for the iPad or Dell Streak to be considered as proper gadgets for content creation.

Cervantes has launched a new foldable Bluetooth keyboard that will make portability a non-issue. The new Jorno keyboard measures just 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches when folded that can be flipped out to act as a regular keyboard measuring 8.5 x 3.5 x 0.3 inches. The device supports a long list of devices – iPhone, iPad and Dell Streak just being some of the more popular. Other devices include HTC Touch, Nokia N8, N97, Samsung Omnia, Motorola Droid X, etc. Check out the complete list here.

Jorno Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Sadly though, don’t expect the keyword to be available anytime soon. The Jorno is priced at $79 and is now open for pre-order. Actual shipping though will happen only in 2011.