iPhone 5 Launch In July 2012?

It was originally pencilled in for the second half of 2012, but could we see the next incarnation of the iPhone as early as July?

The iPhone 5, or the “new iPhone” as it might be known, could be announced during the summer and the latest rumour surrounding the Apple device is that it could have a new kind of casing known as ultrasonic bonding. Apple has made a patent application that is dated 15 March. It makes a refinement to an older patent that dates from 2008 of the use of Ultrasonic bonding that can be seen on iPods and the metal back of the iPhone. The bonding allows designers to work with both metal and plastic. It makes devices lighter which also staying strong. The alternative is a metallic weld. Apple devotees will say ultrasonic bonding makes the device more attractive.

News of bonding is not the only report to fire up the rumour mill around the iPhone 5. More important for US users rather than UK ones but with the introduction of LTE connectivity on the new iPad, the same could well extend to the iPhone 5. Much like the reports for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 which is also expected to be unveiled later this year, the iPhone 5 could also have an edge to edge display. One of the strongest features of the iPhone 4S is that touchscreen and the resolution. The iPhone 5 would need to outstrip that and the rumour is it will have a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution with a 367ppi. Under the bonnet reports suggest the iPhone 5 could have an A6 processor and potentially a quad–core processor.

A major focus of the iPhone 4S was to improve the camera on the device. As more and more Android devices come with an 8 megapixel offer the iPhone will certainly have that or even more. Some reports have suggested a 3D camera is in the works. Another Apple patent has featured a self-timer meaning iPhone users could set a timer, set-up the camera and then snap the picture with the photographer themselves in the photo, which would be a massive draw. It’s likely the device will have NFC as contactless connection and payment is the next big thing on the cards for the mobile industry. Although Apple have no confirmed when they will launch the new iPhone deals, the recent reports suggest that we might not have that long to wait.

Whatever is on the cards for the iPhone 5 one thing is certain, it’s going to generate huge amounts of enthusiasm and excitement. If past Apple paths are to be followed then the device will have a fresh iPhone design and a new style of bonding perhaps making it look more like the iPod in terms of finish could be heading our way. The device will almost certainly be quicker with even faster processing speeds as Apple focusses on its iPad and iPhone and their increasing ability to work in tandem.

iPhone 5 Latest Rumours

The iPhone 5 is the subject to more internet rumours than 9/11 or the Kennedy Assassination. It seems if it can be dreamed up about the new Apple it has been. So what are the more likely rumours we have heard about the iPhone 5?

It will have an autumn release date

After all the rumours about summer releases, winter releases, 2012 releases – it seems the iPhone 5 will come about during the autumn/fall. Now this speculation that has seen guesses from a number of highly reputable sources like Bloomberg. They all suggest September to November release times which would also be the one we are going for.

iOS 5

The iPhone 5 will use the new Apple operating system – this is more than likely a given and probably the main reason for the later release date. The new iPhone will have all the new Apple abilities that the operating system, which was released last month, has introduced. This all comes together to form a new and more well rounded product, taking some of Android’s best abilities and combining them with Apple’s current ones as well as some new innovations to make an altogether fuller OS.

iPhone 4S

It may just be an iPhone 4S. It may be that the new iPhone 5 will not be an all new device, and just an update on the current one. This would bear a similar likeness to the leap from iPhone 3G to 3GS and in a way would make sense. This would mean no new body and not new major leaps in technology. Although with fairly reliable rumours of larger screens being ordered by Apple, perhaps it will not completely remain faithful to the design of the iPhone 4.

Dual Core

The new device is almost certainly going to be a dual core phone, keeping with the current trend of devices on the market. This would make the device even speedier and perhaps herald the call of super phone games that will utilise the devices near computer speed graphics. This dual core would be the same as the one in the current iPad 2 and this would certainly make a lot of sense.

New Camera

It looks likely that the new device will have a larger camera. Rumours suggest that it may have an 8mp snapper for use and this would certainly make sense considering the current market trends towards dual core phones with large 8mp cameras. There are rumours of 3D although this may not be the case as it could be considered a bit gimmicky for Apple’s tastes.

iPhone 5 Features And Rumors.

Rumored to be having an exact look like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 has already reached the mass production stage and is expected to have an exact look like the iPhone 4. With many controversial rumors cropping up regarding the phone as it nears its release date, lets have a look at the possible inclusions and rumors related to this upcoming device.

A Better Camera :

iPhone 5 could include an 8 megapixel camera as its predecessor was equipped with a 4 megapixel digital camera.

No Home Button :

The Home button could well disappear with the introduction of touch sensitive controls or getting the buttons transferred on one of the edges.

Screen Size and Enhanced Resolution:

A bigger screen measuring between 4 to 5 inches diagonally supported by a higher resolution.

Design :

Rumored to have the look and feel of the iPad 2, the glass could well be replaced with brushed metal on the back side with reduced thickness and rounded edges.

White and 64GB Models :

High possibilities of the device being available in white as well as a 64GB model could also be available.

A Physical Keyboard :

A long lost rumor of having a sliding keyboard for the iPhone one day may come true now.

Record videos in FULL HD.

The camera may be able to record videos in 1080p FULL HD.

Low-Cost Counterpart :

Apple could well be considering development of less efficient models thus making them less expensive to increase its brand awareness and market share.

No Storage :

The iPhone 5 and future models of the device will not be having any internal storage from now on.

3D display :

iPhone 5 could well be handling 3D display with or without glasses.

Battery :

The device could have a battery with better autonomy, but the length will be the same as that of the iPhone 4.


Already associated with the iPhone 4, possibilities of having an iPhone 5 with a CDMA chip is highly expected.

R-UIM MicroCards Compatibility :

A CDMA model with microSIM UICC R-UIM is highly possible.

2 Sim Card Slots :

The device could be equipped with 2 sim card slots allowing simultaneous operations of both the cards.

NFC Technology :

iPhone could be including the NFC technology to manage your Apple accounts from any MAC.

A5 Processor :

Revealed at the launch of iPad 2, the iPhone 5 could well be next in line for having an A5 processor.

Double the RAM :

iPhone 4`s 512mb RAM could now become 1GB in the iPhone 5.

HDMI Output :

iPhone 5`s dock connector could be used for HDMI video output with 1080p HD video support.

Support for 4G / LTE :

Chances of a 4G / LTE based network standards are very unlikely.

Better Voice Controls :

With the new iOS 5, the voice controls can be enhanced further with possible additions of new ones.

iTunes Cloud :

A cloud version of iTunes is highly anticipated because of Apple`s ever increasing network infrastructure.

The iOS 5 :

Apple may unveil the iOS 5 while presenting their iPhone 5 which will be finally available on iPhone 5`s release date.

iPhone 5 Availability :

Possible rumors suggest that the device may be available to the general public somewhere between June to September.

More Details About New iPhone & iPad Hardware

Apple could be bringing some sophisticated display technology to the next generation iPhone and iPad. We had recently pointed out that the price of iPad 2 display screens on third party vendor sites were significantly higher than older versions that hint at a possible enhancement of technology.

Now, artwork included with the new version 1.1 of Apple’s iBooks application gives us more evidence of this upcoming display enhancement. The list of artwork includes icons named iPadx2 and iPhonex2 that have icons sized double that of icons named ‘iPad‘ and ‘iPhone‘. While it may be a tad too premature to comment on this rightaway, indications are that these larger sized icons may be to accommodate the screen resolutions of the upcoming devices that, at 2048×1536 pixels may be double that of the current generation devices.

Not just this, we have also heard about the GPU specifications on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. According to some quarters, the new iPad and iPhone variants will be equipped with a dual core SGX543 GPU and a new A5 multi-core chip as CPU.

While all of this indicates a device much more powerful than the current variants, the only concern now is that of the battery performance. Will Apple be able to accommodate all of these performance enhancements without significantly affecting the battery life of the device? This will be worth the wait.

No Home Button On Next Generation iPhone & iPad?

As you must have heard by now, Apple has seeded a beta version of iOS 4.3 with developers. Among the several enhancements this new iOS update offers, one interesting inclusion is that of several new multitouch gestures that let users to “pinch to home screen“, “swipe up to reveal multitasking tray“, “swipe left/right to switch apps“, etc.

Now according to a new rumor, Apple could be working on such gestures in order to eventually build an iPhone without any physical buttons. The new design in fact is expected to be made available on the iPad first and then make its way to the iPhone at a later stage.

In that case, we wonder if this would mean that the next generation iPad, that is speculated to launch in just a few weeks from now could be the first iDevice to launch without a home button. Do you think it’s a good idea?

Rumored iPhone 5 Features – Micro-SIM Slot And Tweaked Antenna Design

An iPhone accessory manufacturing company, Global Direct, has published a video that compares an iPhone 4 casing with what they claim is a next generation CDMA iPhone that makes a number of interesting revelations. The video has since then been pulled which is possibly an indication that what is shown on the video is legitimate. However, more interestingly, although the video speaks about this device as a CDMA iPhone, chances are that this is what iPhone 5 could look like.

There are a couple of main take-aways from the pictures revealed. Firstly, the device comes with a micro-SIM card slot that is evident of this being a next generation GSM device and not a CDMA iPhone. Secondly, the design reveals a modified antenna frame that Apple could be working on to prevent an AntennaGate-like issue with the new device.

Check out the image below

iPhone 5 casing

iPhone 5 Photos And Videos ‘Revealed’

Nobody, not even Gizmodo, know what the next generation iPhone will look like. Apple is yet to confirm the existence of a next generation iPhone (although unofficially we do know one new iPhone launches every year). But someone out there has just managed to catch hold of the specs – presumably through the Chinese suppliers – and have created what they call is a clone of the next generation iPhone.

If these pictures and video are true, then it would mean that Apple could be going in for yet another change in the form factor of the new iPhone. You may recall that the iPhone 3G and 3GS models did not look too different although iPhone 4 was significantly different.

Now if you are wondering what iPhone 5 would look like, this could probably be it. But don’t hold your breath just yet. This is just a rumor.

iPhone 5 picture
iphone 5 clone

Next Generation iPhone To Feature Enhanced Image Processing Features?

Apple is learned to have filed a number of patent applications that are targeted at enhancing the functionalities available on the iPhone camera. The United States Patent office makes filed patents public on a weekly basis and this week alone, we have seven camera related patent applications being made available in the public database.

The patent applications primarily focus on enhanced image processing capabilities of the iPhone camera. These enhancements include the ability to correct blurry photos, masking skin tones and a patent to reduce radially-based chroma noise.

Check out : Slideshow of iPhone Camera Patents

This development is significant considering the enhancements that Apple has incorporated in its latest version of iPhone as well. You would remember that iPhone 4 comes with a 5-Megapixel camera and supports the capture of High Dynamic Range photos. With new features as those mentioned in the patent, Apple could be looking at not only taking on rivals in the smartphone segment, but also digital camera manufacturers.

Apple White iPhone 4 Launch In Spring 2011

The white iPhone 4 drama has dragged on for a long time. Steve Jobs unveiled it like it was the next big thing and only weeks later customers waiting for the white variant were disappointed to hear that the model was being delayed. So much delayed that reports started going around that Apple had decided to kill the project. The delay was being attributed to light leaks, rough and bent frames resulting from flawed manufacturing practice, etc.

Whatever the delay was due to, it is now becoming clear that the white iPhone 4 may not launch anytime soon. Signages that are being put up by Apple on their Stores across the United States have pointed out that the white variant will be made available in “Spring 2011“. If our speculation is true, then this could mean a month or two before iPhone 5 launches in June next year.

White iPhone 4 launch rumor

That will give Apple an opportunity to boost its sale numbers for the quarter; one that is normally low ahead of the next gen iPhone launch.