iPhone 4G Launch Postponed To June 2011?

This is kind of a shocker – that the device everyone expects to see unveiled on June 7 2010 may not make it for one more year at least. According to reports on the IBTimes, Apple may have put off the launch of iPhone 4G until June 2011. The reason, it is said, is to maintain the sales momentum that Apple has achieved with iPad.

Now at the outset, it does make business sense – the iPad brings a far higher margin to Apple than iPhone does. Also, Steve Jobs is often noted to have said that the iPad is the future of computing.

However, it is pretty unlikely that Apple would stave off the sales of one of its cash cows for a year. Competition from the likes of Android is already heating up and there is no denying the fact that the newly launched Android handsets are much better in performance compared to the iPhone 3GS that was launched a year back. A year further, the iPhone 3GS will be no good.

Finally, with several rumors pointing out the finalized specs, it is very unlikely for Apple to have called off its production at the last minute. It is also unlikely that the production was never set in place since the success of the iPad was anybody’s guess even until last month.

What do you think? Does this rumor hold any merit? Voice off in the comments.

[via IBTimes]

Apple Signs Endorsement Deal With Lady Gaga For iPhone 4G

Consider this in the plain rumors category for the moment, but the word is in that Apple may have signed Lady Gaga, who is considered to be the new-age Madonna by many to be the spokesperson for the upcoming generation of iPhone.

The iPhone is already a popular handset of choice in the 25+ age category. The new move is expected to specifically target the teenagers and young adults who share a huge fan following with Lady Gaga. The pop star has sold over 10 million albums and 35 million singles so far worldwide and it could be a great  strategy to expand the market. If this doesn’t hurt the existing target market, that is.

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Verizon iPhone Could Be A Simple CDMA-Only Device

The iPhone could actually be heading towards Verizon this summer. Though rumors of a Verizon iPhone and hybrid-version launch of iPhone 4G are not exactly new, folks at Engadget write that the streak of ‘heads up‘ received by them over the past few weeks from several Verizon employees and others who work for enterprises under NDA agreements with Verizon all point in the same direction.

However, unlike popular speculation, this may not be a dual CDMA-plus-LTE. Engadget writes that following Apple’s original philosophy to only provide incremental improvements to their handset could mean that a CDMA-only version of the iPhone could be on the cards for this year with a dual-version launch possible for next year when Verizon would have not only increased its 4G coverage area, but also may have figured out on how to integrate it with voice implementations.

Rumors all the way, but who knows.

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iPhone 4G Launch Date : June 22

Sometimes all that it takes to know the launch date for the next big thing from Apple is to check out the booking sheet on the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco. Or at least that is what is assumed in this case.

ModMyi forums member Messany has noted that Apple has booked the conference center at YBCA for June 22 which is possibly an indication that the next generation iPhone could be launched on that particular day. You may recall that Apple had used the same conference hall to unveil all of their earlier iPhone models. And most recently, the iPad.

Jobs, it is time to move away from YBCA if you actually want to keep these dates a secret. Not that you may want to..

[via MacDaily News]

iPhone OS 4.0 To Be Unveiled On April 8

This was something totally unexpected. Apple has been sending invitations to selected folks for a media event to offer a sneak peek into the next generation iPhone operating system. The invitation reads, “Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS” with a ‘4’ in the background.

We are not sure if a launch date for the same would be announced. That is unlikely considering that would also mean the launch date of iPhone 4G will then be out. However, this could possibly be the shortest time between the launch of one version of the iPhone OS and a sneak peek into the next. The latest version of the iPhone OS, the iPhone OS 3.2 was just launched with the iPad last Saturday.

What do you think is going to be special on the new iPhone OS? There are indications that the next gen iPhone could be called iPhone HD. If that is so, do expect a lot of “revolutionary” and “magical” in Steve Jobs‘ speech this week.

[via BGR]

iPhone 4G Features Leaked?

Did the tech specs of the next generation iPhone just get leaked? I am not sure, but I hope these are true. Here are some tech specs that is speculated to come with the iPhone 4G aka iPhone HD

Resolution : 960 x 640 pixels
CPU : In-house A4 (like the iPad)
A second front facing camera
iPhone OS 4.0
End of exclusivity and a new Verizon based model

While the specs are definitely interesting, it is worth a note that a better display on iPhone could actually cannibalize the sale of iPad. That is however, only if the iPad fails to carve out a niche for itself in this period. This is one gamble, Apple could be taking.

[via Daring Fireball]

Video Calling On iPhone Coming Soon

Video chat and calling facilities may become possible with the next generation of iPhone. Speculations about this have been flying thick and fast since Apple’s UK carrier partner O2 accidentally revealed the price plans for the iPhone on their website which includes prices for “UK video calls“.

We have not heard from O2 so far about this, but considering the consistent slip-ups from Apple’s partners in the past few months, O2 is sure to hear a mouthful from Steve Jobs. You might recall that T-Mobile Germany had revealed prices of the iPad much earlier than the device was unveiled embarassing Cupertino.

Having said that,  this could as well be a genuine typo. But what do you think? Is this for real?

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