Push Email Problem On iPad

Users have been noticing several issues with the iPad. Some of the prominent issues are with Wi-Fi connectivity and over-heating. However the iPad seems to be having problems in a few other areas too.

Users have been noticing on the Apple support forum that the iPad Wi-Fi model does not seem to be supporting push email for clients like Yahoo. A new iPad user writes,

“With iPad, there appears to be no way to set up push email for Yahoo. My iPhone does it no prob, but there is not even an option for Yahoo push, only fetch and manual.”

It is not clear if the issue is just with the Yahoo IMAP or with other third party email servers as well. Also, we wonder if this issue will persist with the 3G version of iPad as well. There has been no response from Apple so far on the issue.

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iPad Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems Reported

Ok, all’s not well with the iPad. Yesterday, quite a few blogs had reported about the way the iPad refused to charge from USB ports of Windows powered computers. As if that was not enough, today, we are also getting to hear about the iPad’s problems in connecting via Wi-Fi.

Several early-bird iPad buyers have been complaining on the Apple support website that their tablet reports a ‘low signal‘ even from places where other devices including the iPhone work without any issue. A user writes on the Apple website,

“I have also noticed very weak wifi signal in my 16GB iPad. Even when standing in front of the wlan router the signal fluctuates from strong to very weak. The router has very strong signals as every other computer here has full signal strength, even 20-30 meters from the router. So there is definitely a wifi signal issue here with the iPad. “

That does not abode too well for a device that is being touted as THE device for casual web surfers. In the absence of proper internet connectivity, the iPad is just a brick.

Are you noticing issues on your iPad (if you have one, that is)? Let us know.

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Apple’s A4 Chip Made From Intrinsity, Not PA Semi?

Has Apple acquired chip manufacturer Intrinsity? Was talent from Intrinsity used to develop the A4 processor for the iPad and not PA Semi’s? Has Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi for $278 million yielded nothing?

These are some questions that have been doing the rounds since we have been hearing that the original human resources from PA Semi have defected to various companies since the time Apple acquired the promising processor manufacturer.

In an article today, Computer World notes,

“It is unlikely that we’ll ever know exactly what happened but perhaps PA Semi’s talent wasn’t working out for Apple’s needs and needed to go elsewhere to get their iPAd product out the door.. “

So there goes the claims that Apple’s A4 was complely native. It’s just happened that Apple chose to acquire a company to whom they had outsourced all the processor chip works.

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HP To Quit 10 Inch NetBook Segment?

The iPad is launching tomorrow and a series of new tablet PCs are coming to the market this summer. Will the growing number of tablet PCs lead to the demise of netbook computers?

While it is not clear what effect the launch of tablet devices has has on this, it is now being reported that HP might be quitting the 10″ netbooks segment  owing to reducing profits from these netbooks.

Taiwanases publication Digitimes has reported that HP may quit the 10 inch netbooks segment due to lower profits from Intel Pine Trail-based netbooks. The company is expected to ramp up its focus on AMD-based 11.6-inch notebooks instead.

Quoting a source, DigiTimes writes,

“Most of the second-tier and white-box netbook vendors have already quit the market after first-tier players started cutting their netbook prices in the second half of 2009 to compete for market share.”

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iPhone 4G Features Leaked?

Did the tech specs of the next generation iPhone just get leaked? I am not sure, but I hope these are true. Here are some tech specs that is speculated to come with the iPhone 4G aka iPhone HD

Resolution : 960 x 640 pixels
CPU : In-house A4 (like the iPad)
A second front facing camera
iPhone OS 4.0
End of exclusivity and a new Verizon based model

While the specs are definitely interesting, it is worth a note that a better display on iPhone could actually cannibalize the sale of iPad. That is however, only if the iPad fails to carve out a niche for itself in this period. This is one gamble, Apple could be taking.

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Apple iPad Touch Panel Supplier Changed

Apple has faced a lot of trouble of late in sourcing the components for its iPad so much so that the launch of the device itself is said to have been delayed from late March to early April. It now appears that the scapegoat for this delay has been identified and duly replaced.

Folks at DigiTimes have reported that TPK Touch Solutions – the Taiwanese firm that had bagged the contract for the supply of capacitive touch panels for the iPad has lost its contract to Wintek.

Wintek is currently only in the business of producing small to medium sized LCD panels and is expected to bring in a touch module production line shortly. Foreseeing a spike in iPad demand over the next few months, the company is expected to bring in this additional capacity. Wishful thinking.

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WePad Tech Specs And Features

The WePad has come a long way from being ridiculed as the plural form for iPad. Folks at Ubergizmo have dug out some pretty interesting information on the WePad’s technical specifications. One striking observation is that the WePad appears to be much better than the iPad, but for its battery life.

Display : 11.6″ diagonally
Resolution : 1366 x 768
Processor : 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 Pineview-M
Memory : 16GB NAND Flash (optional 32GB NAND internal)
WebCam : 1.3 MP

Here is a comparitive chart of WePad and iPad. Note that the chart is in German

WePad vs. iPad tech specs features

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Samsung Tablet On Android OS With 4G Connectivity

Late last week, Philip Newton, the director of Samsung Australia’s IT division had hinted at the possibility of a Samsung Tablet PC launch later this year. While no specs were offered then, we are now hearing fresh rumors that the slate could be truly revolutionary with several interesting features on offer.

First thing : The Samsung tablet could run on Android OS powered by an ARM architecture. Also, there are possibilities that the new Samsung tablet device may come with a headset that supports calling via VoIP, 3G or even 4G technology.

Other details are sketchy though with whatever information is available, we think the game is on to out-do the iPad in every possible way.

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Protective Screen Covers For iPhone No Longer For Sale?

Apple is contemplating a move to stop the sale of protective films and covers for the iPhone from the Apple Stores. The move, it is said, is to allay concerns that the iPhone screen is vulnerable and not rugged enough.

According to reports on the iLounge, “the ban will impact all forms of screen film, including completely clear film, anti-glare film, and mirrored film, regardless of whether the purpose of the film is protective, decorative, or both.

To be fair, the latest generation of Apple devices do include an oil-resistant coating. However, Apple’s decision to ban the sale of all kinds of accessory coverings appears to be more of a marketing gimmick to sell the ruggedness of the iDevice than anything else.

I wonder what it would be like if Steve Jobs had dropped his iPad and got the screen cracked wide open while demoing it.

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Apple Suppliers Hit By Component Shortage? Once Again?

There were a lot of speculations prior to the announcement of iPad’s launch date that the device could see some delay owing to shortage of component supplies for OEMs. While that rumor was soon scoffed at thanks to Apple’s announcement of an April 3 launch date, it now appears that the rumors were not totally unfounded.

Folks at 9to5Mac note that the launch date of several iPad accessories have been silently deferred possibly due to the reported shortage in component among the OEMs. 9to5Mac writes,

“Over the past few days, Apple has altered some of the shipping times on their branded iPad accessories. First we noticed the iPad case making a slight shift from April 3rd to Mid-April. Today we notice Apple has delayed the iPad Keyboard Dock. The product was originally set to ship to customers in late-April but now the Apple store has placed the shipping time for sometime in May.”

So if you were eagerly looking to replace your desktop with an iPad, well you have to wait longer than you could have anticipated.

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