Next Generation iPad Launch Date Rumors

There is still no official word from Apple with respect to the possible release date for the next generation iPad. However, various sources have begun to speculate on the launch date as well as possible features on what could be the next big release.

Quite expectedly, the new iPad is expected to carry on Apple’s yearly cycle for its products. June is a month Apple reserves for new iPhone releases and September is the month for iPod releases. On similar lines, April could be the month for iPads. Bloggers and tech journalists have increasingly started to believe that the new model of iPad could be released in April 2011 – a year after the original iPad launched. Of course, Steve Jobs could make his presentation earlier than that.

As with regards to the features, some major speculations that are doing the rounds are with respect to the availability of a camera. Besides this, the new iPad is expected to be CDMA compatible and shall contain a faster CPU and be enhanced with improved aesthetics – could be thinner and lighter.

Check out this Computerworld article to see what the blogosphere is talking.

iPad Launch Date : March 26?

The much awaited Apple iPad might finally hit the stores on March 26. According to sources quoted on MacRumors, the sale of Apple’s tablet device will begin at 6 PM on Friday, March 26th. If true, this could be pretty similar to the way the iPhone was first launched.

Wait, there is more. Daryl Deino from Examiner notes that Apple’s store employees would begin their training on the iPad starting March 10, the iPad commercials shall launch starting March 15 and customers who camp out for the iPad could be receiving a special gift.

If all this is true, expect some exciting month ahead for Apple aficionados.

[via MacRumors, Examiner]

Price of iPad : $600 With Contract, $999 Unsubsidized? [Updated]

Update: The prices have been announced. First of all, there is NO contract. You may cancel your AT&T plans anytime.

16GB iPad with Wi-Fi is priced at $499. The 32Gb and 64Gb come priced at $599 and $699. On top of this is $130 for 3G. So, the most expensive iPad will be the 64GB device with 3G : $829

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The Apple Tablet is most likely to be priced at around $500-$600 with contract and $999 without one. This comes from Media Markt which is among the biggest electronics store in Germany; much like the Best Buy is to US.

An inadvertent posting on the company’s twitter account which has since then been deleted reads

Apple iPad – Ab 01. Marz bei Ihrem Media Markt fur nur 499,- Euro im T-Mobile Complete L Vertrag (sonst 899,- Euro)

An interesting confirmation is that the device will in fact be called the iPad. Another is an indication that the device will go on sale from March 1; something that was speculated to be impossible because of component supply shortage.

The speculation appears to be strongly likely considering the credibility of the source. What do you make of this? Is $600 with contract what you had hoped for? Tell us in the comments.

[via MacRumors]