Get Free iPad In Japan With Softbank “iPad For Everybody” Plan

Japanese carrier Softbank has launched a new plan called “iPad for everybody” that will let users sign up for a free 16GB iPad provided they also subscribe to a 25 month contract. This offer will mean users will have to shell out ¥4725 ($56; £36) a month in return for getting the device for free.

We do not have more info on the details of the contract. But from first sight, it looks like a deal to make up for a possible lackluster performance of the device in the market. However, according to Moconews, the attractive offer is targeted at people who may not be able to afford the marked price of $629 in order to expand the iPad base ahead of the launch of iAd in Japan next year. Apple has partnered with local company Dentsu for the new advertising venture.

Eitherway, this is one of the more attractive iPad promotion offers and if you are in Japan, go ahead and make your iPad purchase rightaway.

iPad 3G In Japan To Be SIM-Locked

Pre-orders for the iPad began earlier today in Japan. What began as a bout of excitement turned sour as purchasers realized that unlike the rest of the world, iPads in Japan shall be SIM-locked. That is, iPad users may not be able to move away from Apple’s carrier partner, Softbank Mobile to another carrier.

No explanation has been offered by Apple as yet on why the company had chosen to SIM-lock the Japanese iPads. Softbank is notorious for its slow network in a country that is used to high speed internet infrastructure. Also, like AT&T in the US, Softbank Mobile does not offer tethering for iPhone users and these are possibly reasons why Apple’s decision to SIM-lock the Japanese iPad 3G units has been followed by dissent in Japan.

[via PC World]