New iPad 2 Case Design Features SD Card Slot & DisplayPort Jack

Around the time the Consumer Electronics Show was underway, we got to hear a lot of details about the features on the upcoming second generation model of the iPad. This new launch from Apple is expected to come with wide-range speakers at the bottom of the device besides slightly modified edges and back.

Now there are more details about the features on the next gen iPad. A new set of cases that have been made public by a Chinese accessory manufacturer shows a couple of new features – an SD card slot and a mini DisplayPort jack. The iPad 2 case contains a slot on the rear upper left corner that is possibly to house the SD card. Also, another slot at the center of the top edge is shaped in such a way that it indicates the possible provision for a mini DisplayPort jack.

iPad caseiPad 2 case

No word on the authenticity of these pictures. So, we will have to wait for more official word.

iPad 2 Features Closer To Confirmation With New Case Design

We have received a lot of information about the next generation iPad over the past couple of weeks. As we have already noted, iPad 2 is expected to be significantly thinner and could come with tapered sides, front and rear facing cameras, a wide-range speaker and possibly a USB port.

Now Dexim, a case design manufacturer has been exhibiting one of their new cases that has been designed for iPad 2. The case has been pretty smartly designed that allows a Bluetooth keyboard to connect to a sleeve that will contain the iPad 2 that will enable users to get their iPad working like a laptop.

With a number of accessory manufacturers producing iPad 2 cases that seem to be built with the rumored new features in place, the credibility of the speculations regarding the iPad 2 design is just getting stronger. What do you think? Check out a snapshot of the exhibited iPad 2 case from Dexim embedded below.

Dexim iPad case

iPad 2 Cases Feature Slots For Speakers

The past couple of weeks has seen a deluge of rumors and speculations with respect to the next generation iPad. Yesterday, there were reports from Japan that suggested that the wide slots noticed in iPad case designs earlier were for a “wide range speaker” and not an SD card slot as reported. While that remains a speculation so far, we just have more information that supports this claim.

A new iPad case posted on Chinese eCommerce website,, has a rendering of the rear side that shows the slot being used to reveal the metal mesh of an iPad speaker. It must be noted that this is an image mockup that may not give the complete picture. Also, these accessories are designed by manufacturers based on design inputs they receive and may not always conform to the final design.

iPad case

Nevertheless, the latest speculation has raised the curiosity levels among observers and has renewed a debate on the merits of having an SD card slot vis-a-vis a speaker. What do you want on iPad 2?

USB, MicroSD & SD Card Reader For iPad – New Accessory Unveiled

Apple’s camera connection kit is a $29.99 accessory that not only  lets users to transfer pictures from their digital camera to their iPad but can also double up as a USB drive. The release of iOS 4.2 has however restricted the power consumption of dongles that makes it impossible for users to employ the camera connection kit as a USB drive.

3-IN-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit is a new third party accessory that seeks to bring this functionality back to the iPad. The accessory is quite cleanly designed and allows the iPad to be connected with a USB, SD card or MicroSD card – all with one accessory. The unit costs $29 and is available in both black and white colors. Pre-orders are already open and delivery is expected to happen “after Christmas“.

iPad dongle

What is not clear though is whether this accessory will work seamlessly despite the new power restrictions. We will post an update if we hear from the manufacturers. Meanwhile, check out the accessory (and pre-order, if you want to) at the MicGadget store here.

New iPad 2 Features – To Include Rear Camera & SD Card Slot?

The next generation iPad 2 is rumored to launch anytime between January and April of next year. While there is little doubt about a front facing camera making an appearance (so you could FaceTime), we still reserve our judgement about the availability of a rear facing camera.

But word is now out that iPad 2 will feature not just a rear facing camera, but an additional slot for SD cards as well. These rumors are courtesy a number of iPad 2 casing pictures that have been sourced from Chinese eCommerce websites like Alibaba.

iPad case rear camera

It is not unusual for accessory manufacturers in China to source designs of future electronic products to design and market their accessories. Also considering the number of sources that these pictures have come from, the rumors sound all the more credible.

Anyway, with the latest rumors pointing to a February release, it is just a matter of weeks before we get to see an official revelation of specs.

No More Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit Support For Alternate USB Devices

Apple introduced a dongle named the Camera connection kit along with the iPad back in April this year. This is a nifty accessory that lets users to connect their digital camera to the iPad in order to quickly import or browse images from a digital camera on the iPad.

As users who purchased the dongle have noted since then, the camera connection kit was also capable to connecting to other USB devices like the keyboards, microphones, etc. No longer. Users who have updated their iPad to the latest iOS 4.2 platform are reporting that the dongle is no longer capable of connecting the iPads to devices that consume more than 20mAh.

This limitation does not restrict the accessory’s original function that is to help users connect the iPad to a digital camera. But for those who were thinking of alternate use-cases, the dongle no longer seems to be a useful device.

Rotating iPad Speaker Docks From SMK Reviewed

The iPad is a great way to watch movies and television shows. But the absence of powerful speakers on the iPad has meant that you may miss out on the TV-experience while watching these videos on the iPad. There are a good number of iPad speaker docks available in the market. But the recently unveiled SMK PadDock is one that shows a lot of promise.

The SMK PadDock iPad speaker dock comes with all the usual aesthetics that Apple products are known for and mimics the look and feel of an iMac. The dock comes with a cradle grip that can rotate 360 degrees to accomodate all possible orientations of the screen – All this while keeping the iPad speakers in place. Additionally, the PadDock also includes a USB support and supports computer syncing.

iPad Speaker Dock

The PadDock is definitely an impressive piece of hardware and will be available at a price of $100 when it goes on sale on November 1. If you want to be one of the firsts to get hold of this speaker dock, you can pre-order one right away.

New Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad, iPhone, Dell Streak & Other Devices

There are quite a few bluetooth keyboards available in the market that you can hook up with your iPhone or iPad to get the typing work done faster. However, the problem is that these keyboards are not completely portable making it difficult for the iPad or Dell Streak to be considered as proper gadgets for content creation.

Cervantes has launched a new foldable Bluetooth keyboard that will make portability a non-issue. The new Jorno keyboard measures just 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches when folded that can be flipped out to act as a regular keyboard measuring 8.5 x 3.5 x 0.3 inches. The device supports a long list of devices – iPhone, iPad and Dell Streak just being some of the more popular. Other devices include HTC Touch, Nokia N8, N97, Samsung Omnia, Motorola Droid X, etc. Check out the complete list here.

Jorno Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Sadly though, don’t expect the keyword to be available anytime soon. The Jorno is priced at $79 and is now open for pre-order. Actual shipping though will happen only in 2011.

Like This Cedar Wooden Docking Station For iPhone And iPad?

Just came across these interesting pieces of accessories for your iPhone and iPad. An independent manufacturer has come up with homemade docking stations made of Cedar wood that can house your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The docking station comes in two sizes. Both these sizes are compatible with iPhones and all models of iPods […]

Just came across these interesting pieces of accessories for your iPhone and iPad. An independent manufacturer has come up with homemade docking stations made of Cedar wood that can house your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The docking station comes in two sizes. Both these sizes are compatible with iPhones and all models of iPods except the Shuffle. In addition to this, the larger docking station will also support the iPad. The accessories will let you charge your iDevice while connected to a wall charger or help you sync the contents with iTunes on your computer. Of course, the iPhone and iPods can also be charged while connected to the computer.

Wooden Docking Station for iPhone and iPad

While the pictures above do make these units look interesting, there are not too many units on sale currently though. Also, these accessories do not come for cheap. The smaller docking station is priced at $88 while the larger dock that supports the iPad comes at a price of $125. Both the units are up on sale at Etsy here.

Of course these are not exactly “pretty“. But if you are looking for some straight-from-the-woods looking accessories, you should definitely check them out. What do you think?

Bluetooth Keyboard Case For iPad Gets You A Netbook

Want to turn your iPad into some sort of a netbook? Who would have thought this could be possible when they ditched their netbook to go for an iPad? Anyway, if you miss your netbook and its physical keyboard so much, here’s something you will want.

A Chinese company has submitted its new Bluetooth Keyboard case to the FCC for selling it to the American market. The case comes with a slot to fit your iPad alongside the physical keyboard that may be connected to the iPad via Bluetooth. What’s more, the device also offers additional battery back up to supplement the 10 hours that the iPad battery gives. The keyboard case apparently gives 90 hours of battery life or 100 days of standby time.

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard case

There is no word on the pricing still.