Next Generation iPad Display May Not Feature AMOLED

There is no rumor to quash here. We knew all along that the iPad 2 display may not be too different from what we see in the current version. More optimistically, we had people speculating a retina display on the new iPad.

However, if you were one of those hoping for an AMOLED display on the new iPad, there is confirmation that Apple shall not be having them on the next generation tablet. Why? Because the company is learned to have placed orders for back light units that will be used with LCD panels on the iPad 2. AMOLED displays typically work without back lights and the latest news would put to rest all speculations that the displays could be AMOLED.

If you are a fan of AMOLED, or rather Super AMOLED displays, then hold back for the next generation Galaxy Tab from Samsung. It should be coming with a 1200×600 pixel Super AMOLED display.

New iPad 2 Launch By February 2011, Claims New Report

Apple’s next generation iPad was initially thought to launch in January next year. That speculation was soon quashed by yet another report that claimed that the launch will happen on an annual cycle ending in April 2011. Now, here is yet another report that claims February 2011 as the month when customers, at least those in the US, will see the new iPad launching.

According to a note gathered from Apple suppliers by Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, the new iPad shall launch within the next 100 days – which is by the end of February 2011. The initial shipment is reported to be for 400,000 to 600,000 units though Apple is expected to place an additional order for 1.6-1.8 million by the end of January to cater to demands.

If these reports are true, then the first quarter of 2011 could be quite eventful for Apple. The company is expected to come up with a CDMA iPhone in early 2011, followed by a white iPhone launch by April or May next year. With iPad 2 launching between these, at least we won’t be needing to go through a slow news week for the next few months!

Front and Rear Camera On Next Generation iPad Confirmed?

We have been seeing a steady inflow of  rumors relating to the next generation iPad over the past one week. Check here for a slideshow of iPad 2 rumors.

We had already learned from a few sources that the next generation iPad could come with five new features that include retina display and USB support. Now a fresh report claims that the new iPad – rumored to launch in January 2011 – could come with cameras on the front and rear sides of the device. According to the sources, Apple has been working with Largan Precision; a Taiwan based manufacturer, in the production of cameras for their upcoming tablet device. Incidentally, Largan is also the manufacturer of the 5-Megapixel camera sensors for iPhone 4.

We are hearing that Cupertino could bring a VGA front side camera for FaceTime video calling as well as a 5-Megapixel rear camera on the iPad to effectively take on competition from the likes of the Galaxy Tab and possibly Playbook.

Apple continues to lead the market in the tablet space. However, the incorporation of these features will ensure that they will hold on to the lead for some more time. What do you think?

New iPad 2 Release Date In January 2011?

A lot of rumors surrounding the next generation iPad have been doing the rounds over the past couple of weeks. The first rumor pegged the launch date for April 2011. A more recent speculation was on the features – a total of five new features including USB support and retina display is on the cards.

Now according to yet another unsubstantiated rumor, the new iPad 2 could be coming in January 2011. Now there is not too much juice behind this rumor; as was with the earlier rounds. But from what I see, if true, this could be a repeat of the launch plans with the original model where the device was unveiled in January and was launched in April this year.

But that sounds unlikely this time considering that Apple may not want to slow down the sale of the current model by announcing a new product so early. Nevertheless this is an interesting rumor that we would like to keep track of.

iPad On Three UK Launching In “Coming Months”

Apple and its Android rivals have been treading a slightly different strategy when it comes to its distribution strategies. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been made available on most of the carriers of note, Apple has made the iPad available quite selectively.

Now with competition heating up and the launch of iPad 2 a few months away, it looks like Apple would be expanding its distribution reach. UK carrier 3 has just revealed that the carrier would be stocking the original iPad on its stores in the “coming months“. The company has indicated that both the Wi-Fi only model as well as the 3G-enabled model shall be put on sale though the exact launch date has not been revealed.

This should be interesting given that iPad 2 is speculated to launch in April this year. That would mean news about the launch could be announced at least a month before – in March perhaps. Any launch of the original iPad on 3 after this would bring little to no sale since the customers would rather want to wait and buy the newer model. Makes you think an early February launch is possible.

Next Generation iPad To Feature USB Support & Retina Display

If rumors about the launch date of the next generation iPad are to be believed, then we are at least a quarter away from seeing this new iPad 2 on the shelves of retail stores. However, we are already starting to hear about the features that this new iPad could come with. According to reports published on a Chinese daily, the second generation of iPad could come with as many as five new features.

The newspaper claims that iPad 2 will offer video calling, a retina display, a 3-axis gyroscope and USB support. The publication also backs earlier claims that the new tablet device could be thinner than the current model.

While of course these are rumors and do not need substantiation, I am a little doubtful about the retina display at least. The addition of this new display technology on iPhone 4 was not smooth to say the least with several customers complaining about issues with discoloration.

Introduction of a similar feature on the iPad is not only going to make this a lot more expensive but could also bring more troubles to Apple as far as its hardware bugs go. There has been no paucity of the same in recent times and Cupertino wouldn’t want more.