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How To Fix iPad Slow Download Speed

A lot of users on the Apple Support forum have recently been complaining that their iPads (including the newer models like iPad 2 and the new iPad are showing incredibly slow download speeds. The problem that these users complain of is not with respect to the network itself – users speedtesting their networks say it is upwards of 10mbps. Rather, it appears specific to the device.

One fix that seems to be working for a few users has got to do with the Radio Mode settings on Airport Express. To explore this fix, follow these steps below. You can also check the original thread here.

1. Launch ‘Airport Utility’. You will see one or more Express units.

2. Tap the first Express unit

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will have an option that reads ‘Manual Setup’. Tap to open this.

4. In this window, find out the tab that reads ‘Wireless’.

5. Under ‘Radio Mode’, change the settings to 802.11g ONLY

6. You are done. Get back and repeat the process for all your stations.

You are done. It appears to fix the issue. Does this work? Tell us your experience as well as alternate fixes in the comments below.

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iPad 2 Production To Start In February

The second generation iPad model is expected to launch in April of this year. More specifically, the device is rumored to launch in the American market on either April 2 or April 9. Keeping in line with this launch date, we hear Apple partners would begin production of this next gen iPad variant next month. While this latest piece of information does support the April launch rumors, it still contradicts other rumors that hinted at a January production.

The Chinese Commercial Times – the newspaper that has published this latest report also notes that Foxconn will be Apple’s largest partner in this production with Pegatron serving as an able second partner. While the report does not specifically state this, there have been speculations earlier that Foxconn and Pegatron will be involved in the manufacture of iPads that will work on GSM and CDMA chips respectively. That’s completely a rumor though and needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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iPad 2 Rear Camera Resolution Only 1-Megapixel?

A number of next generation iPad cases were outed in the past few weeks that have indicated at the possibility of us seeing two cameras – one on the front and another on the rear side of iPad 2. Now, developers scouring through the snippets of code on the latest iOS SDK have confirmed these rumors. The code does contain references to the two cameras.

However, in what could come as a huge disappointment, Apple could be offering a minimal 1-Megapixel rear facing camera and a VGA resolution front facing camera on this upcoming device. This is unlike popular speculation that the iPad 2 could offer an iPhone 4-like 5-Megapixel camera. This is also lower than the camera specs on the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab that came with 3-Megapixel and 1.3-Megapixel cameras.

For what it’s worth, Notion Ink Adam, the highly anticipated Android-based tablet shipping this week will come with a 3.2-megapixel swivel camera that will outdo both the Galaxy Tab and the rumored iPad 2.


Proximity Sensor On iPad 2 – What Does This Mean?

A new nifty piece of code discovered in the iOS 4.3 beta firmware has revealed that the next generation of iPad could come with a proximity sensor. Traditionally, proximity sensors have been employed on touchscreen phones to disable multitouch functions while making a phone call. Not surprisingly, the availability of a proximity sensor on an iPad has caused a number of speculations about possible phone-capabilities.

Apparently, the proximity sensor is going to be provided in iPad 2 for an entirely different reason – case lock. The proximity sensor could possibly help the iPad automatically lock itself when an iPad casing is closed and then unlock when opened.

Some users also speculate that such a feature could be useful in future variants of the iPad that may come without the Home button and Sleep/Wake buttons. That however, is purely speculation at this point.

What do you think of this feature? Do you see other use-case scenarios for a proximity sensor on an iPad? Tell us in the comments.

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New iPad 2 Case Design Features SD Card Slot & DisplayPort Jack

Around the time the Consumer Electronics Show was underway, we got to hear a lot of details about the features on the upcoming second generation model of the iPad. This new launch from Apple is expected to come with wide-range speakers at the bottom of the device besides slightly modified edges and back.

Now there are more details about the features on the next gen iPad. A new set of cases that have been made public by a Chinese accessory manufacturer shows a couple of new features – an SD card slot and a mini DisplayPort jack. The iPad 2 case contains a slot on the rear upper left corner that is possibly to house the SD card. Also, another slot at the center of the top edge is shaped in such a way that it indicates the possible provision for a mini DisplayPort jack.

iPad caseiPad 2 case

No word on the authenticity of these pictures. So, we will have to wait for more official word.

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More Details About New iPhone & iPad Hardware

Apple could be bringing some sophisticated display technology to the next generation iPhone and iPad. We had recently pointed out that the price of iPad 2 display screens on third party vendor sites were significantly higher than older versions that hint at a possible enhancement of technology.

Now, artwork included with the new version 1.1 of Apple’s iBooks application gives us more evidence of this upcoming display enhancement. The list of artwork includes icons named iPadx2 and iPhonex2 that have icons sized double that of icons named ‘iPad‘ and ‘iPhone‘. While it may be a tad too premature to comment on this rightaway, indications are that these larger sized icons may be to accommodate the screen resolutions of the upcoming devices that, at 2048×1536 pixels may be double that of the current generation devices.

Not just this, we have also heard about the GPU specifications on iPhone 5 and iPad 2. According to some quarters, the new iPad and iPhone variants will be equipped with a dual core SGX543 GPU and a new A5 multi-core chip as CPU.

While all of this indicates a device much more powerful than the current variants, the only concern now is that of the battery performance. Will Apple be able to accommodate all of these performance enhancements without significantly affecting the battery life of the device? This will be worth the wait.

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New iPad Spare Parts Put Online For Sale

More details about the upcoming Apple iPad 2 keeps coming in. Last week, we had heard about a possible launch date of April 2 or 9 for the new iPad that might come without a home button. Now, according to a posting on a third party vendor site, the iPad could come equipped with a vibrating motor – something that the current version lacks.

It is not clear if GlobalDirectParts – the company that has published this part has inadvertently mislabeled an iPhone part as one for the iPad, but given earlier leaks from this vendor, we are tempted to believe that the vibrating motor is indeed one for the iPad.

Besides, the vibrating motor, the site also has an “iPad 2 LCD screen” for sale. Interestingly, this “out of stock” product is priced $218.19 that is significantly higher than the $144.99 that the company charged for the LCD screen on the original iPad early last year. Given these higher costs, there is a likelihood, that the new iPad could actually come with the much rumored retina display. What do you think?

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iPad 2 US Launch On April 2 Or 9?

There is still a lot of debate on whether Apple might advance the launch date of the next generation iPad to earlier than April. A few days back, Digg founder Kevin Rose had claimed from sources that the iPad 2 could possibly be announced on February 1 with a possible launch a week or so later.

However, according to a German website, the launch is not expected to happen before April. The site cites from sources that the launch date for iPad 2 is scheduled for either April 2 or April 9. Also, like with the earlier announcements, the iPad 2 is expected to launch first in the United States with an international launch rumored for July.

The site claims that the iPad 2 will feature dual cameras (for FaceTime and for taking pictures) and retina display. However considering that we have already heard a lot of things in this regard, we will just swallow the proverbial grain of salt and move on.

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No Home Button On Next Generation iPhone & iPad?

As you must have heard by now, Apple has seeded a beta version of iOS 4.3 with developers. Among the several enhancements this new iOS update offers, one interesting inclusion is that of several new multitouch gestures that let users to “pinch to home screen“, “swipe up to reveal multitasking tray“, “swipe left/right to switch apps“, etc.

Now according to a new rumor, Apple could be working on such gestures in order to eventually build an iPhone without any physical buttons. The new design in fact is expected to be made available on the iPad first and then make its way to the iPhone at a later stage.

In that case, we wonder if this would mean that the next generation iPad, that is speculated to launch in just a few weeks from now could be the first iDevice to launch without a home button. Do you think it’s a good idea?

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iPad 2 Launch On February 1?

Kevin Rose, the founder of, has been the source of a number of Apple related rumors in the past – most notably, during the iPod 2008 media event. Rose’s latest revelation could however be his biggest crack if it turns out to be true. In a recent post, Rose has noted that the next generation of iPad could launch as early as in the next 3-4 weeks. Citing sources “on good authority“, Rose says that an Apple announcement in this regard is most likely on Tuesday, February 1.

His revelation is also replete with a number of rumored features that the iPad 2 could come equipped with. These include a possible retina display and two cameras – one on the front and another on the rear side of the iPad. These revelations are quite interesting considering a retina display could spike the manufacturing cost by a huge margin. Rose has however clarified that the iPad display resolution may not be as high as that on the iPhone 4.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this latest rumor.