AirPlay Wireless Video Streaming From All iPhone Apps Coming In 2011

If you had upgraded your iDevice to iOS 4.2 thinking that it would bring the highly anticipated AirPlay on your favorite iPhone app, you may have been disappointed to know that the wireless audio and video streaming feature is currently restricted to YouTube and the iPod apps alone.

We had recently written about an application called AirVideoEnabler that lets iPhones access AirPlay on all iOS applications including applications like Mobile Safari and VLC. However since this is a jailbreak app, it is not available on all iPhones – at least for users who do not want to risk a void on warranty.

Apparently, this feature may be coming soon to all applications. An email conversation between an Apple TV customer and Steve Jobs is doing the rounds that hints at the roll-out of the service by early 2011. Here is a transcript of the email conversation

Customer : Hi, I recently updated both my iPhone 4 and iPad to 4.2. I think my favourite feature is airplay. This is seriously amazing and makes sharing content seamless. I just purchased Apple TV and was wondering are you ever going to make airplay video work for videos in safari and 3rd party apps? I hope to get a response. ūüôā

Jobs : Yep, hope to add these features to Airplay in 2011.

Now the authenticity of the email is not known. Anyway, we do hope that Apple brings AirPlay to all iOS apps sooner rather than later.

Free & Easy Hack To Enable AirPrint On Shared Printers With Mac Computers

Apple quite under-delivered on their promise when they scrapped highly anticipated features like wireless printing from iOS 4.2 for shared printers on Mac and Windows computers. As it eventually turned out, the feature has now been limited to a select few models of HP printers.

Nevertheless, if you are a Mac user, you now have a free utility that can enable AirPrint for shared printers in your computer’s network. Called the AirPrint Hactivator for Mac OS X, the application basically modifies just one file that is then backed up before the updated files are installed. Upon completion of the installation process, users have to simply remove and add the shared printers back to the computer in order to begin using AirPrint with these printers.

Netputing, the developers of the application, have carried the software through a number of iterations and you can download the latest v. 1.7 from the developers’ website here. As always, don’t forget to tell us your views on the software in the comments below.

Poor Battery Life On iPod Touch After iOS 4 Upgrade – Issue Persists

Looks like it has been a long time since we talked about the battery issue with the recent iOS updates on iPod Touch. Back in September this year, we had written about an issue experienced by many iPod Touch users who had upgraded their device to the then latest iOS update.

The common complaint was that updating the iPod Touch to iOS 4.0 resulted in an overnight drop in the average battery life of the iPod. We had also suggested a temporary fix to the issue back then.

Now with Apple having released iOS 4.2.1, one may have assumed that such issues may have become a thing of the past. However, it looks like the battery drain issue continues to affect a significant number of iPod Touch users.

One common observation is that the Wi-Fi on the affected phones do not seem to be deactivated when the phone goes to sleep. Normally, the iPod Touch would only reconnect to Wi-Fi everytime it is “woken up“. But the Wi-Fi on the affected phones continue to stay active even when the device is in idle mode thereby draining battery life.¬†The root cause for this could be an application – native or third party. But that is yet to be ascertained.

Have you been able to decipher it on your end? Let us know in the comments or join other folks in the deliberation on the Apple support forum here.

iPad Not Connecting To Exchange Server Email – More iOS 4.2 Bugs

More bugs coming to light since the new iOS 4.2 was released. For a slideshow of all the bugs uncovered till now, click on this link.

Users who have updated their iPad to the latest iOS 4.2.1 update are reporting that there is a problem in establishing connection to the email exchange server. Those who attempt a connection are shown a message that reads something like this –

“Exchange Account
Unable to verify account information”

Here are some complaints reported by iPad users on the discussion boards across the Apple forum

“The iPad does not resolve the local DNS zones on the LAN. We discovered this after switching to another available off-LAN connection and were able to access exchange e-mail.¬†It has to acknowledge that the request is occurring because otherwise if it ignored it the request would go out to the internet and it would work fine.”

“Occasionally it will hit the server and download new mail, but 95% of the time I get a connection to server failed error. This is now happening with both my iPhone and iPad, running 4.2.1. Exchange account worked fine before the iOS upgrade, and my MobileMe account still works fine.”

So do we have a fix for this? Troubleshooting users have been able to dig a couple of fixes. But it does not seem to be resolving all user woes. Here’s one solution

Go to Settings ->¬†General Settings ->¬†Reset ->¬†“Reset all content and settings”
Confirm and Reboot
Connect to iTunes
Select “NEW IPAD” (NOT “Restore” — That’s right you have to reset it to factory specs and then start from scratch)
Re-enter your Exchange creds

An alternate fix was to delete the exchange account in settings and recreate it but put the domain and username together in the username field as follows: DOMAIN\username

Did one of these fixes work? What error are you seeing? Tell us in the comments.

Jailbreak iPhone 4 On iOS 4.2.1 Without Losing Unlock

A tethered jailbreak solution for iPhone 4 is already available. Just as you would know, this solution updates your baseband as well which means users who have unlocked their iPhones may get their phones locked to the original carrier once again. Of course, an UltraSn0w unlock is on its way and by most counts should get released by tomorrow. But if you are one of those restless souls who want to get it done now, then here is some quick solution.

Folks at FSM blog have been able to build a custom firmware that makes use of an unofficial PwnageTool bundle to enable a jailbreak/unlock solution that preserves the baseband of your iPhone 4. The complete instructions are here. But before you proceed, make note of their disclaimer that this is compeletely untested and is not for the newbies.

If you do not want to risk getting your phone bricked, wait for UltraSn0w to release. It is just a matter of one more day.

iOS 4.2.1 Bugs – iPad Not Connecting To 3G Network

Reports are coming in that iPad 3G users who have upgraded their tablets to the new iOS 4.2.1 platform have been noticing slow or broken 3G connection since the update. While some users seem to have problems with connecting to their 3G SIM card, others users complain about their tablet frequently switching to the slower Edge network. The issue appears to be coming from several countries and is not restricted to any particular geography.

(Also read : List of all iOS 4.2 bugs known – slideshow)

Here are some comments from affected users

“I am in the US and after update 4.2.1 my ipad cannot connect with valid 3g sim card that i have been using for 4 months on ipad. i took the sim card out of the ipad and tested it on my iphone 4 and it works fine. the ipad is telling me that my cellular data plan usage has expired. i am using my sim that is unlimited.”

“After upgrade to the new OS 4.2.1 last night, I lost the 3G connection with the iPad. only Edge Connection.”

“My iPad 3G signal at work has gone down the pan since the 4.2.1 update. Instead of 3-5 bars depending on where I am in the office it has dropped to 1 or 2 bars in the best locations and if I move around too much I lose the the signal completely.”

Are you seeing similar issues since the upgrade?

Internet Tethering On Unlocked iPhone 3G Disabled After iOS 4.2.1 Update?

Yet another bug with the new iOS, people. If you are an iPhone 3G user who has officially unlocked  your handset to migrate to another carrier that Apple has not partnered with, you may be better off holding back on your iOS 4.2.1 update. This is because a number of users, primarily from Europe, who have made the upgrade have noticed that the update has caused the Internet tethering options on their phone to disappear!

This could be annoying because many of these users pay for the tethering option. Apparently, the bug is because the new iOS does not carry forward the carrier settings when making the update. If you are on a carrier that is contracted with Apple, this should happen seamlessly and you may not be affected. However, iPhone users on other carriers lose the tethering options on their handset completely. The issue does not seem to have affected iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users.

Apple has not acknowledged the issue so far and the only fix right now appears to be downgrading your iPhone to the older iOS 4.1 firmware. In case that is not a process you are comfortable with, you do not have an option but to wait for an official fix to come your way.

Simple iOS 4.2 Hack Replaces iPad Mute Switch With Orientation Lock

Among the many changes that iOS 4.2 brought about, one very noticeable change was with the iPad Orientation lock. This physical switch on the side of the iPad enabled users to easily lock the orientation of the iPad – a useful tool while you are watching movies or reading ebooks. Apple however replaced this with an alternate virtual button for orientation lock and changed the functionality of the original button to instead serve as a mute switch.

If you do not like this and would like to revert the functionality back to the original state, there’s a hack for that – on the Cydia store. Users who have jailbroken their iPad can now grab the free to download NoMute for iPad tool that will let users keep their orientation lock intact. There is apparently a bug in the application that seems to trigger the mute action as well when the switch is invoked. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon through an update.

iOS 4.2 Bug Causing MobileMe “Password Wrong” Error

Over the past few days since iOS 4.2 got ready for its roll out, users seem to have been noticing a problem in signing into their MobileMe accounts. The complaint is that the system fails to let them into the account on the web as well as on the iDevice citing wrong password entry. This is despite the user entering the right password.

The problem is not exactly with iOS 4.2, but could instead be because of the new Apple ID integration that has been offered. So is there a fix as yet? From what we hear, users may be able to login the second time they enter the password over the web at On the iPhone or iPad, the account seems to sync as usual even though you have this password error.

Another way to resolve the bug appears to be by switching to the older [email protected] account for the time being. You may come back to the [email protected] account once this issue gets resolved by Apple.

Did any of these work? Write to us in the comments.

iPhone Not Connecting To Car Stereo After iOS 4.2 Upgrade

Every new iOS update seems to be causing some issue or the other with respect to establishing connection with car stereos. Several iPhone users had reported having problems with pairing up their device with a car stereo after upgrading to iOS 4.0 earlier this year. While this was apparently resolved with iOS 4.1, that update brought another issue with many users observing intermittent crackling noises.

With the release of iOS 4.2 (actually iOS 4.2.1 ), problems seem to have cropped up once again. Several users have been complaining that they are having trouble connecting their iPhone to a car stereo over USB. Connecting a device displays a¬†“Device not supported” or “Unreadable” message instead.

At the moment, Apple has not offered an official acknowledgement of the issue. However, there are some reactions from users who have been able to get some details about the issue.

“I have spoken to my local Volvo dealership and they are aware of the issue, and claim that Volvo have raised the issue with Apple and are awaiting a response. Not sure whether that will have much effect – but at least they are aware.¬†Volvo are expecting an Apple patch to solve the issue rather than a car based fix – so we may have to wait for the next iOS update.”

Now that’s sad news since the next iOS update is not expected until mid-December at the least.