Infosys iEngage To Tap On Enterprise SaaS Business

Infosys Technoloy, the Bangalore based IT Services giant has launched a new iEngage platform that will offer digital engagement services to its enterprise customers on a Software-as-a-Service model. The new iEngage platform is built on top of Jive and ATG platforms.

What this will basically introduce is a one-destination for all of the client’s business offerings – which includes their consulting, BPO, professional services, infrastructure development,etc. Enterprises will also be able to manage all of their pricing options based on parameters like number of orders, users, pageviews,etc. using iEngage.

Infosys claims that the web-based technology, coupled with the enterprise security standards incorporated in iEngage will help in delivering a robust and simple platform to the clients. Several Fortune 100 clients are already learned to have signed up for this service.

[via Infosys]