Next Android Version To Be Called Ice Cream Sandwich

So it was only yesterday that we had written about the possibility for the next generation Android OS version to be named ‘Ice Cream. It turns out that Google may actually have a longer name for Android 2.4. According to a new report, the next version of the Android operating system shall be called ‘Ice Cream Sandwich‘. The complete name was seemingly mentioned by Google VP Andy Rubin in a recent conversation with TechCrunch.

So why ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ and why not simply ‘Ice Cream’? Apparently, it is to make it easy for people to differentiate the ‘Ice cream sandwich’ sculpture from the Frozen Yoghurt sculpture that is placed in front of the Android headquarters. This could be a pretty pointless issue, but is something Google might not want to spend more time on. So there you have it – Ice Cream Sandwich.

Next Version Of Android OS To Be Called ‘Ice Cream’

Google could be unveiling its next generation of the Android operating system for smartphones during the Google I/O that is traditionally held in Spring. According to reports, this new version of Android – version 2.4 – could be named Ice Cream. This is keeping in line with Google’s tradition to name each of their upcoming Android handsets with the name of a dessert in alphabetical order.

This time however, there are some interesting version inconsistencies. You would know that the recently unveiled Android platform for tablets shall be called HoneyComb and will be version 3.0 of Android. Now with the roll out of Android 2.4 – which is expected to bring a number of HoneyComb features to smartphones – the company could be stepping onto some confusing nomenclature.

Do you think carrying on with a v2.4 name even though v3.0 is already on its way is a good idea? Tell us in the comments.