Huawei T62W eReader Features Touchscreen Display, SIM Card Slot

So as you know, every manufacturer wants to jump in on the tablet and eReader craze that has seemed to have popped in all of a sudden. Huawei has just sent in its new T62W eReader for a checkup at FCC and you should see them become available on the American stores shortly.

So what’s in on the new eReader? Well, to begin with, this is a 6-inches e-ink display device that is touch-based. Of course, there are all the eReader features including Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, a microSDHC card slot and yes, a SIM card slot. The final part is obvious considering you also have 3G connectivity, but it is not clear if it is going to be an iPad-like micro SIM card or just the regular sized mini SIMs.

Other details, including the price, are notably missing at present. But just hang on as we get more information.


Huawei S7 Shipping Date Announced

Late last month, GoRumors had written about Huawei’s new tablet computer – the Huawei S7. The device compared pretty well with Dell’s Streak smartphone and as we had noted, though Dell Streak was going to be a popular choice based on its dimensions, processor speed and camera resolution, the Huawei S7 too scored well on factors like support to 802.11n Wi-Fi and the availability of USB host ports.

Now news is in that the shipping date for the new Huawei S7 has finally been announced. The launch date has now been set for September 6; that is nearly a month later than the originally expected shipping date of August 5. Interestingly, there is one version shipping this Friday – the S7 that is enhanced with a SDHC memory card slot for extra memory. However, this version shall be available at $460. Wait until September and you can get hold of the non-SDHC version at a price of $360.


Dell Streak Vs. Huawei S7 – Android Tablet PC Compared

Chinese manufacturer, Huawei technology unveiled their Huawei S7 Android tablet during Computex earlier this year. The company has now announced that the 7″ tablet shall launch in the Western markets as well. Accordingly, UK retailer Expansys will now begin selling Huawei S7 to the British audience.

However, Huawei is likely to face some stiff competition from Dell. The American company had announced the 5″ smartphone-plus-tablet gadget, the Dell Streak last month and is now available in the UK market. So how do the two devices compare?

Dimensions wise, the choice is entirely yours. Dell Streak comes with a 5 inches screen while Huawei S7 comes with a 7″ display. So if you are the kind for whom portability is a factor, do go for Streak since it is only marginally bigger than a smartphone. However, Huawei S7 runs on Androd 2.1 compared to Android 1.6 on Dell Streak. We are not sure if an update to the Android OS on Dell Streak is likely at the moment. But if you do not want to compromise on the latest Android features, Huawei S7 is the gizmo to go for.

Huawei S7 has a few other advantages – while both these gadgets have a WVGA resolution screen, Wi-Fi and bluetooth, Huawei S7 also includes ¬†support to 802.11n that is not available on Dell Streak. Also, it contains a USB Host port that is more useful than Dell’s proprietary ports.

But wait, Dell Streak is great on features too. The Streak runs on a 1GHz processor – compared to 768MHz on S7. The Streak has a better 5 megapixel camera compared to Huawei S7’s 2 megapixel. And there are missing details on the 3G modem bands and battery life.

So, it is now up to you. What do you think is more useful to your lifestyle? Put in your thoughts in the comments.


Huawei SmaKit Tablet To Be Unveiled On June 24

Chinese hardware manufacturer, Huawei Technologies has revealed plans to launch an Android based tablet device this year. The company is expected to announce more details about the new tablet PC at a press conference in Australia on the 24th of this month.

According to sources, the Huawei Smakit tablet will have a 7″ display running on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and will run the latest version of Android OS – Froyo or at least Android 2.1. Here are other specs that we know about the device

Display : 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with 800×480 or 1024×600 resolution
Speaker with volume rocker
microSD card
3.5mm headphone jack
Wi-Fi b/g
720p HD video playback on HDMI port

There is no word on the price. Check out a demo of the tablet until more announcements pour in

[via Android Guys]