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Convert Flash To HTML5 With New Conversion Tool

At the developer conference organized by Adobe this week, the company has demoed one very interesting new tool – a Flash-To-HTML5 converter tool that will let developers easily port their Adobe Flash applications to HTML5 for incorporation on platforms like iOS that do not support Flash. This may look like a move that might haunt the company in the long run since it basically gives a reprieve for companies like Apple that have been otherwise facing flak for not allowing an ubiquitous multimedia platform like Adobe.

But as Adobe writer John Nack points out, his company is in the business of building tools that will make the life of developers easier. Consequently, building such tools are much needed today when there is much fragmentation.

Here is a video demo of the upcoming tool. The tool is surely going to get a lot of developers excited.


Adobe Flash Vs. HTML 5 For Mobile Devices Performance Test

Pardon me for not noticing this earlier. Chris Black from has performed a very interesting analysis of content rendering as well as battery performance of Adobe Flash and HTML 5 multimedia that shows that the former is actually pretty good when compared to HTML5. According to him, Adobe Flash on a Nexus One renders at 57 frames-per-second that is significantly higher than the 40FPS that HTML 5 was rendered in on the same device. He also points out that the battery consumption while accessing HTML5 was double the battery consumed while rendering Flash.

Check out these video and images from the study that make up for a pretty interesting analysis.

Adobe Flash FPS

Battery consumption after 10 mins (in % of battery life)
Flash vs. HTML5 battery

You can test the frames-per-second of both these formats on your own Android phone (or only HTML5 in case of the iPhone) by checking these following links from your mobile phone

HTML 5 | Flash

Apple Mobile

Flash Ads On iPhone Coming Soon

Steve Jobs may hate it, but Adobe may soon be able to bring Flash based advertisements to the iPhone. According to reports on IntoMobile, Adobe has partnered with rich media mobile ad network, Greystripe to allow developers to bring advertisements authored in Flash to the iPhone.

How will this work? The report notes that Greystripe’s technology will help in translating Flash content into HTML5 which is supported on the Apple devices. With several major advertising companies making use of Flash in their campaigns, it is definitely a shot in the arm for both the advertisers as well as Adobe.

Apple is closing in on the sale of the 100 millionth iOS device and these are some of the most sought after audiences among advertisers. Adobe’s parternship will thus greatly enhance advertisers’ ability to engage their audiences with their advertisements.

[via IntoMobile]

Microsoft Web

Internet Explorer 9 To Support HTML5

The upcoming MIX 2010 conference could see Microsoft demoing its new version of Internet Explorer. Rumors are doing the rounds that the new Internet Explorer 9.0 may offer extended support to open web standards including support to HTML 5 and SVG Vector Graphics standard.

As PCWorld notes, Microsoft has often been ridiculed in the past for the non-adherence to open web standards and this has also been a primary argument against the company in its attempt to monopolize the browser market. The shift to more open web standards could mark a new beginning for the company as it tries to ward off growing competition from the likes of Mozilla and Google in what has been a lucrative market for advertising revenues.

[via PCWorld]