Access With Droid Incredible

HTC launched their new online portal last month to give their users an easy way to manage their mobile phone data and security. You may be already aware that users may register with the website to access all of their messaging data, track their phone location as well as remotely wipe off data.

However, at the moment only Desire HD and Desire Z smartphones are supported while other users may not do much apart from downloading wallpapers and other media content. But if you have a rooted Droid Incredible, you can access HTCSense from your handset as well. All that you need to do once you have rooted your Incredible is to install this Desire HD ROM that will give you access to all of these features.

Of course there are risks with rooting your phone. But if you are really interested, get started on rooting and install the ROM linked above.

[via Droid Life] For HTC Desire HD/Desire Z Launches

HTC launched two new Android handsets last month at their media event – HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. The launch was followed by an announcement about the new online portal that offer complete online access to the users’ messaging content besides offering a phone locator and remote data wiping service.

The company has now announced that the website is now open for signups. At the moment, only Desire HD and Desire Z users are eligible to sign up though we expect HTC to open up the website for other recently launched models as well. If you do not own either of these new handsets, you can still sign up if you are a HTC customer. Such users can activate their warranty, download free wallpapers and other media content using their HTCSense account.