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HTC Vision Review Of Leaked Pictures & Tech Specs

Yet another Android handset has been caught in the wild. How come so many unreleased phones are out here anyway!

A Croatian tech site has presumably leaked pictures of the yet-to-be-released HTC Vision Android smartphone. We do not have too much of information about this handset. For now, we only know that the device will run Android OS 2.1 integrated with SenseUI, 1.2GB internal memory, a 3.7-inches display, a slider profile with physical QWERTY keyboard and a 1GHz SnapDragon processor.

Only that much is known. No word on pricing, launch date or other more interesting features. Nevertheless, this is how the purported HTC device will look like. I have no idea how that one landed up in Croatia or why the leakster didn’t get another picture without the glaring flash.
HTC Vision tech specs and picture

HTC Mobile

T-Mobile HTC Vision : HTC Desire With QWERTY Keyboard

There is a new HTC handset on the horizon and it is very much like the Desire smartphone that has been making waves of late – except that this one has a real workable QWERTY keyboard.

A User Agent Profile (UAP) has been spotted referring to a new HTC handset named Vision. The device shall apparently be launched by T-Mobile though there is absolutely no clue as to whether this is the American arm or the British counterpart.

HTC Vision UAP

Nevertheless, this phone looks interesting. If the lack of a physical keyboard is what kept you away from the Desire, this one is made just for you. Await more announcements.

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