Install Non-Market Apps On HTC Aria Without Rooting

If you are an HTC Aria owner, here is some good news. You no longer have to root your Android device in order to get custom apps that are not available on the Android marketplace. Phandroid reports that the latest update to the HTC Sync application allows HTC Aria users to install .APK files from outside the Android marketplace.

However it is not clear if this is going to be available for long. After the release, HTC clarified that the announcement regarding the ability to install non-Market apps was made in error. However, Aria users have delightfully reported that the new Sync update indeed allows you to install .APK files from outside the market. Considering that AT&T has not been a fan of non-market apps, it is not clear if this is an update made available in error and hence could be pulled back soon, or if Ma Bell has indeed had a change of heart.

Who knows..Enjoy while it lasts.