Easy PS 3 Downgrade With HTC HD2 Android App

If you own an Sony PlayStation 3 that you are looking to jailbreak or downgrade, here is a newly launched app that could make the process quite simple. Only one problem here – you will need a HTC HD2 to go ahead with the jailbreak process.

The application to make this happen is PS3DJB. The app will first jailbreak and then take the user through the process of downgrading the PS3 firmware. To get started, you will need to download and install the PS3DJB and DowngradeUpdater applications on your SD card. Once this is done, you can choose to create backup files, jailbreak and also downgrade the firmware. You can find the complete downgrading instructions here.

In the words of the developer,

“This app just make things easier/noobier for people who want to jailbreak or downgrade there ps3. i personally got annoyed always having to open file explorer and hit both options to launch. i have a lot of crap on my sd card so this makes it easier for me and i hope others. it will also give you a dedicated folder for the downgrade.”

Do check the application out and let us know how the hack goes in the comments below.

How To Port Android & Ubuntu To HTC HD2

HTC HD2 is a wonderful piece of hardware. But if you thought Windows Mobile 6.5 made the software feel a bit old, here is some good news. Folks at the XDA Developers have succeeded in porting Android, Ubuntu and other Linux platforms to the HTC HD2.

Of course, I am nowhere near technical as these people are and will not attempt to give you a step-by-step instruction. But here are some caveats before you hit over to the XDA forum. The procedure is risky and can void your warranty. Besides you run the risk of permanently bricking your phone and so please do proceed with caution.

Still feeling the urge? Click to read the instructions you may need.

MyTouch Slide Launch Date Deferred To June

HTC MyTouch 3G Slide was supposed to launch on May 17th. However, there are now indications that this launch date may be deferred till the 2nd of June. According to reports on TMoNews, the rationale behind the delay is not known and the website speculates if this has got anything to do with inventory shortfall issues similar to those faced by HTC HD2.

However I would tend to believe that it is more so as a way to offer a buffer time to avoid a similar situation that HD2 suffered. Also, could the recent Volcanic Ash from Iceland likely to have caused logistical delays? Just saying..

[via TmoNews]

HTC HD2 Users Get Credit For iPhone Trade-In

T-Mobile is learnt to be running a new promotion that will encourage iPhone users to trade-in their working mobile phone while purchasing a new HTC HD2 to enjoy up to $350 in credit.

Folks at T-Mobile have posted a new memo to T-Mobile dealers has announced this new offer that is scheduled to run from April 1 to May 19 whereby T-Mobile dealers who wish to opt-in to the program can offer $100 to $350 worth credit to users who wish to purchase a HTC HD2 if they trade-in their fully functional iPhone instead.

No idea how many users would be willing to take up this offer though it appears to be an aggressive marketing ploy for T-Mobile to get hold of iPhone users for their new launch.

[via TmoNews]