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HTC Flyer Tablet Launch In March?

We earlier heard that HTC could be launching a new tablet computer named HTC Scribe soon. This speculation came by way of a trademark application for ‘Scribe’ filed by the company where the product was explicitly described as a “tablet computer“. Now, if the latest rumors are anything to go by, HTC could be launching another tablet before Scribe reaches the market.

According to sources, HTC Flyer – an Android 2.3-based tablet should be launching in March of this year. The sources describe this tablet as simply a larger version of HTC Desire. Also, this device is expected to upgrade to Android 3.0 by June of this year. What’s interesting is that HTC is also expected to launch two other tablets during the same period. These tablets – possibly one of them could be Scribe – will launch directly over Android 3.0.

This could mean HTC is prepping at least three tablet computers that can launch by the summer of 2011. This is definitely an interesting rumor and something we will keep a tab on.

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HTC Desire HD In UK – Price & Availability Announced

HTC Desire HD, one of the two recently launched Android devices from the Taiwanese manufacturer has finally hit the virtual shelves of the UK stores. The 4.3″ WVGA display device that comes with an 8-Megapixel camera, 1GHz processor, 1.5 GB internal storage, Android 2.2 OS and integration with will at present be available only on the web stores and have be ordered online.

There are three stores where you can head rightaway to buy – uSwitch, Expansys and At uSwitch and Expansys, customers can choose to pick the HTC Desire HD at anywhere between £0 and £499 depending on the corresponding carrier contract and monthly payment chosen. At the higher price, you can get it unlocked. But do note that in case you choose to buy a SIM-free version, go for uSwitch since the device is available at £465. The Android phone is available for pre-orders only at though the launch is expected to happen soon on October 25.

Are you buying one?

HTC Mobile For HTC Desire HD/Desire Z Launches

HTC launched two new Android handsets last month at their media event – HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. The launch was followed by an announcement about the new online portal that offer complete online access to the users’ messaging content besides offering a phone locator and remote data wiping service.

The company has now announced that the website is now open for signups. At the moment, only Desire HD and Desire Z users are eligible to sign up though we expect HTC to open up the website for other recently launched models as well. If you do not own either of these new handsets, you can still sign up if you are a HTC customer. Such users can activate their warranty, download free wallpapers and other media content using their HTCSense account.

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Port HTC Desire HD ROM To Droid Incredible & EVO – Instructions Available

Porting ROMs from one mobile phone to another is not exactly thrilling stuff. It requires you to root your mobile phone and go through a long list of thankless procedures. At the end, you may not even enjoy all the features that your smartphone was supposed to do. Nevertheless, running smartphones on ported ROMs have been a favorite pastime of the nerds and geeks.

If you are one, or are willing to be like one, here is the latest news of interest. The recently leaked HTC Desire HD ROM has now been ported to a few other Android handsets like HTC EVO 4G, HTC Desire and HTC Droid Incredible. Apparently, these ports are still in their beta stages and do not seem to support camera functions, Wi-Fi or for that matter, 4G on EVO. More sophisticated solutions are hopefully on the way. But if you can’t wait until then, hop over to one of these links to get started on the porting instructions.

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Remotely Manage Data On Your HTC Phone With HTCSense

The HTC media event is currently underway and the company has unveiled two impressive handsets – the HTC Desire HD (HTC EVO for Europe) and HTC Desire Z. But I am more excited about the launch of the new website. HTC calls this an interface for users to remotely manage data on their mobile phones. Using this website, you can access your text messages (even those from years ago), “call” your phone if you can’t find it, set up call redirect so that you can divert all calls to your HTC phone to your office line on a day you have forgotten the phone at home and finally wipe all data in case your phone is lost.

It is pretty nifty service and looks like a really cool service to have. What do you think?


HTC Desire In India – Price And Launch Plans Unveiled

Android lovers in India – stand up and jump in joy. HTC has announced the launch of its Desire Android 2.1 smartphone (future upgrade to FroYo) in India. The device will be available at a price of Rs.28,900 and is being launched in partnership with Tata DoCoMo here.

Not that you will need the features to be listed down, but here’s a quick recap – The phone sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7-inches AMOLED display (though it is unclear if this shall be replaced with SLCD), a 576MB RAM, HTC Sense UI and a 5-megapixel camera. Additionally, the Desire users in India will also get the FM radio feature that is kind of ubiquitous here.

If you are a post-paid subscriber of Tata DoCoMo, you can avail 500MB of free data consumption for the first six months. To get started, users will have to text ‘Android‘ to 54321 from their HTC Desire.

Are you getting one? What do you think about the price? Write down in the comments.

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HTC Desire Display To Change To SLCD From OLED

HTC has been selling a lot of handsets lately, but the company may apparently be feeling the heat from the supply constraints on the OLED display that it has been using on many of its flagship handsets, including HTC Desire.

The supply shortage has meant that HTC has taken an important decision to replace the OLED display on HTC Desire to Sony’s “Super LCD” screen – shortly named SLCD. So, how is this different? According to reports on the IntoMobile website, SLCD is very similar to the IPS display technology that is being used on the iPhone 4 and iPad, though there are a few minor differences.

Will this business decision create a huge impact the sale of its devices? Unlikely. But it will be interesting to see if this raises the sale volumes or pulls it down.

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Rumored HTC Desire HD/HTC Ace Technical Specifications & Launch Date

There is not too much credibility to this news. However, according to a roadmap leaked from an unspecified UK carrier, the next generation HTC Desire – tipped to named HTC Desire HD or HTC Ace, could launch in October this year. The leaked roadmap has also delved into the technical specifications of the new device. If true, this could be pointing towards an excellent device with a very likeable form factor.

So here is what we know about the new HTC Ace. Firstly, HTC Desire HD could launch with a 4.3-inches WVGA touch screen display. The phone is expected to run on a 1GHz Qualcomm processor with 4GB internal memory. Also, the device will sport an impressive 8-Megapixel camera that will support 720p HD video capture. Other notable features include SRS Surround sound, aluminium unibody design and support for Adobe Flash 10. The HTC Ace is expected to run on Android OS 2.2.

As noted earlier, take this speculation with a pinch of salt for the moment.

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Get FM Radio On Google Nexus One With Latest Kernel

You may probably know this already. Google Nexus One and HTC Desire sport the same processor chip from Broadcom. However, while the latter seamlessly lets users play FM radio on their smartphone, Nexus One users have hitherto remained unlucky.

According to reports, that could change soon. Google developer community member intersectRaven from the XDA Developers Forums has released a new version of kernel that will bring FM Radio to your Google Nexus One.

However, all’s not well as yet. It is up to the individual ROM developers to integrate their wares with this latest kernel in order to enable FM Radio on Nexus One. But if you are desperate to get it rightaway, just hold on. Paul O’ Brien from Modaco has revealed that he is already working on a new Sense UI port to Nexus One that will come integrated with FM Radio.


LCD Vs. AMOLED Vs. Super AMOLED Sunlight Test

Sometimes display technologies can be quite overwhelming for regular users who do not actually care about whether the display is LCD, AMOLED or Super AMOLED. However, each of these different technologies do perform differently and it makes sense to offer a look into their performance before deciding upon the phone of your choice.

Folks at TechBlog give us an excellent demo of how these three display technologies fare under bright sunlight. As you can watch from this long video below, there is little to choose from since none of the three screens are explicitly better. Nevertheless, the LCD on Nokia Xperia X10 appears to be marginally better than the Super AMOLED screen on Samsung Galaxy S which is in turn better than the AMOLED screen on HTC Desire.

What are your views? Watch the video and tell in the comments.

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