Best Selling Android Handsets Q2 2010 – HTC Rules Heavily

Four out of the five best selling Android handsets in the market today are from HTC – the Droid Incredible, EVO 4G, Droid Eris and Sprint Hero. Unfortunately though for HTC, the company only holds positions 2,3,4,5 in the top 5 chart with Motorola Droid clinging on to the top of the charts.

The results don’t come as a surprise though. HTC has been one manufacturer who has been steadily churning out newer and better Android handsets in recent times. While Motorola may not compare in terms of the number of handsets launched, the company has surely sold its devices in volumes thanks to the heavy marketing campaigns.

Best selling Android phones from HTC

HTC may however face much stiffer competition moving forward. The company has been facing a line of manufacturing delays that could potentially lower sale volumes. Additionally, Motorola has been seeing success with its new launches like Droid-X. Besides, with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones, expect Samsung to snatch a place or two in the top 5 when we revisit the numbers at the end of Q3.

Which of the top 5 Android handsets is your favorite? I’m going with the EVO.