Gingerbread Android 2.3 For Samsung Galaxy S Ported From Nexus S

Google Nexus S, the latest Android smartphone from Google is the only one in the market to be running the latest Gingerbread OS. While other Android users continue to wait for Android 2.3 to be made available to them officially from their carriers, at least Galaxy S users have something to cheer about. Folks at XDA have managed to port the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform from Nexus S to Galaxy S.

From what we hear, this is a near-perfect porting with few performance related issues. However do note that some features on the Galaxy S could be disabled after the update. Users have reported issues with accessing Wi-Fi, GPS and Google Voice after porting to the new Gingerbread OS.

That could be a huge deal breaker for many. But if you are one who would rather update to the latest OS than access these features from a FroYo handset, be sure to dive into this thread for instructions on the upgrade. Also, check the videos embedded below for an idea on how this works.

Google Nexus S Rooting Instructions Out

It has hardly been a day since the Google Nexus S arrived in the American stores and the device has already been rooted. XDA hacker Koush has announced that the Gingerbread running Google Android phone can now be rooted and put in recovery.

The instructions for this hack are pretty straightforward – that is if you are already well versed in the rooting procedure. Otherwise, there is no reason why you should risk bricking your day old phone that could also void its warranty.

To get started, you will need to download a few files and then run a few commands on the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) command shell. That should complete the process. Get the complete how-to guide here. As always do let us know how it works in the comments below.

Easy PS 3 Downgrade With HTC HD2 Android App

If you own an Sony PlayStation 3 that you are looking to jailbreak or downgrade, here is a newly launched app that could make the process quite simple. Only one problem here – you will need a HTC HD2 to go ahead with the jailbreak process.

The application to make this happen is PS3DJB. The app will first jailbreak and then take the user through the process of downgrading the PS3 firmware. To get started, you will need to download and install the PS3DJB and DowngradeUpdater applications on your SD card. Once this is done, you can choose to create backup files, jailbreak and also downgrade the firmware. You can find the complete downgrading instructions here.

In the words of the developer,

“This app just make things easier/noobier for people who want to jailbreak or downgrade there ps3. i personally got annoyed always having to open file explorer and hit both options to launch. i have a lot of crap on my sd card so this makes it easier for me and i hope others. it will also give you a dedicated folder for the downgrade.”

Do check the application out and let us know how the hack goes in the comments below.

How To Stream Videos From iPhone To Mac Using AirPlay

If you are an Apple TV owner, you may have already checked out the AirPlay feature that lets users to stream videos and other media content from an iOS-based device to your television over Apple TV. Now, Erica Sadun – a hacker and a writer for TUAW has come up with a custom version of AirPlay that brings the nifty wireless streaming service to Macs.

Called AirPlayer, this software basically lets a Mac to camouflage itself as an Apple TV thereby letting you stream videos to your computer. AirPlayer does not require you to jailbreak your device and is currently available only for Macs. Erica says that a variant of AirPlayer can be easily created for Windows and Linux platforms as well though she is unlikely to release one soon.

So, if you are a Mac user, then head over to Erica’s website here to download an alpha-stage ad-supported version of AirPlayer.

Android Hack To Prevent Data Throttling By Carriers

Most people signing up for unlimited data plans often miss out on the fine-print that legitimizes carriers to throttle your data speed when you breach a data cap. Such policies are quite evidently an annoyance given that most of us pay a premium for unlimited data plans just because we need to satisfy our mobile web requirements.

So if you are one of those Android users frustrated with such data throttling from carriers, you can now make use of a hack to ensure you do not have to suffer these slow internet speeds any longer. Folks at XDA Developers have this tutorial to take you through the process. As with any of the tutorials from this site, you must realize that the procedures can be risky and you may end up bricking your phone. Also, the carriers have other ways to ensure you don’t continue your voracious data consumption – they can suspend your contract, for instance.

In any case, should you try the method, don’t forget to tell us how it works in the comments below.

Enable Android Market On NOOKcolor With New Hack

You will remember that the new Barnes & Noble eReader, NOOKcolor was rooted successfully earlier this month. The rooting method is not for the uninitiated and will require you to know a fair bit of command-line hacking. As we had noted, the rooted NOOKcolor was recently hacked to run Android 2.2.

Now, the developers working on this hack have gone one more step ahead and have ensured complete access to the Android marketplace over NOOKcolor. The steps required to enable this are quite complicated and you can read the instructions here. Nevertheless, do remember that this process is quite risky and unless you are absolutely sure, do not go ahead on this one.

That does not mean those who have tried should stop from letting us know on how the process works. As always, write to us in the comments below.

Restore iPhone Without iTunes With Upcoming TinyUmbrella Software

If you have been following the jailbreaking space, you will be aware of the software called TinyUmbrella that helps users to take backups of their iDevice’s SHSH blobs thereby preserving the baseband of their iPhone during iOS firmware updates.

Now Semaphore, the developer of TinyUmbrella has revealed that a new version of the popular software is in progress. Among the several things that this new software will achieve, one of the most significant updates shall be the ability to restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without having to connect to iTunes. On his blog, Semaphore writes,

“I’ve been working on a new and improved version of TinyUmbrella that will, among other things, allow you to restore your iDevice without iTunes.”

There is no ETA announced as yet. But let’s hope the new version is out at least by January.

Hack To Install Android 2.3 Keyboard On Android 2.2

As you should know by know, Google has unveiled the next generation Android platform along with the Nexus S. One of the most conspicuous features about the upcoming Android version is its new-look keyboard. If you are one of those dying to check out this new Android keyboard on your older machines, then follow the instructions below.

First and foremost, remember that you will need a rooted Android device to carry out these instructions. You may know this, but it is our duty to warn you that this is a pretty risky process where you could end up bricking your device. Also, some functionalities like autocorrect may not function properly. Thirdly, this process needs you to have Android 2.2 installed. If it is an older version of OS, sorry this feature may not work on your phone.

If you are already rooted and have taken care of the warnings, then follow these steps below.

Step 1 : Create a backup of your phone

Step 2 : Click here and download the ZIP file

Step 3 : Plug your phone to the computer

Step 4 : Copy the downloaded file on to the root of your SD card and install it in the same way you would install themes

Step 5 : If you are a user of Droid X or Droid 2, then navigate to Clockwork -> Mounts and Storage -> Mount System and then back to install the ZIP file from your SD card

Step 6 : Reboot your Android phone. Under the Input method, select Android Keyboard.

You are done. You can use this new look keyboard on your FroYo device. Check out the video below for a Android 2.3 keyboard demo.

[via Droid Life]

New RedSn0w Jailbreak Tool Hactivates iPhone Without Stock SIM

iPhone users looking to unlock their iDevice for use over alternate carriers normally perform a procedure called hactivation. This procedure lets you sign up to iTunes with a SIM from an alternate carrier thereby letting you use your unlocked iPhone. However because of the patches required, such a process often leads to battery drainage as well as iPhones getting hot pretty soon.

Now Sam Binger, the developer of TetherMe has released a new software that provides an amazing alternative. Called Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM), this alternate method tricks iTunes and iPhone into generating official activation tickets even though the unlocked device carries an unofficial SIM.

To make the process much more simpler, the iPhone Dev Team has now incorporated this technique into their latest RedSn0w jailbreak tool. With this new update, users jailbreaking their device may directly hactivate using SAM instead of the conventional method making the whole process seamless. However, for optimal usage, users will have to first deactivate the existing patches before signing in using SAM. The new RedSn0w update contains a “deactivate” button to easily perform this function.

You can check out the update from iPhone Dev Team here.

Apple TV Browser & USB Hard Drive Support Software – aTV Flash (Black) Launches In Beta

FireCore have announced that their new beta release of aTV Flash (black) for the new Apple TV is now available for purchase. The application is presently in public beta and a final version of the software will be made available pretty soon. So what do you get with this package? Well, according to a recently updated blog post, aTV Flash (Black) will come with an internet browser that will support HTML5 video streaming (though not from all the websites), access to Last.Fm radio, a Plex content to stream media from Plex server with playback support for additional media formats coming soon.

We had written about this release sometime last month and interestingly, FireCore have reduced the price of the software since then. aTV Flash (black) will now be available at a price of $19.95 during the beta phase post which it will retail at $29.95. The company is also reducing the price of the original aTV Flash from $49.95 to $39.95.

But before you proceed, do note that the current version is only compatible with iOS 4.0 and Mac computers. If you have already upgraded to a more recent firmware or on Windows, you may have to wait for some more time.