Google Vs. Bing Could Be Interesting With New HTML5 Interface

Google launched its new Instant search interface this week that will see the company integrating its home page and search results page in such a way that typing keywords shall fetch results much quicker than ever before. Quite evidently, this has received a lot of rave reviews from a wide spectrum of users. However, it is not just Google that is looking at revamping the search engine interface that has been pretty much static over the past decade. Microsoft’s Bing too has been experimenting with newer interfaces – just that it has not received widespread publicity as it should have.

Earlier this year, during Apple’s WWDC conference, Microsoft demoed a new version of its Bing search engine where it has made a beautiful use of HTML5 to bring a very dynamic search engine experience. Unlike the existing interface, the new interface will make seamless transition between the various search engine sections like Web, Image, Weather, Maps, etc. The new Bing interface is expected to be launched by first quarter of next year. Check out the video below for a demo of the new Bing.

Google TV To Launch This Month?

After successfully showcasing their search engine prowess on stage to media outlets, Google may be gearing up for one more public announcement for Google TV. In an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Intel CEO, Paul Otellini has stated that the new Google TV system could begin shipping as early as this month.

Intel has previously been a supplier of chips to the Apple TV and according to Otellini, the new venture from Google is powerful and should mark a significant paradigm shift in the television segment. Comparing the latest venture with Apple TV, Otellini said,

“I also believe there are probably households that one will appeal to and the other won’t. My mom might use an Apple TV because it’s really simplistic. My son is probably going to go buy a Google TV, simply because it’s cool. He wants to be able to do his Facebook chat and talk to his friends saying, “Hey, are you watching the game?” in real time. You cannot do that on Apple TV.”

Google has partnered with Intel, Sony and Logitech in the launch of the new TV venture that Eric Schmidt noted would launch “in the fall“. Samsung too is learned to be working on a partnership with Google to bring Android OS to its television sets.

Google Instant Makes “I’m Feeling Lucky” More Prominent

Before Google made its new Instant interface public, there were rumors that were doing the rounds that noted that Google could be removing the “I’m feeling lucky” button off the interface considering that the button had no relevance in the instantly-generated results. Not that it had any relevance earlier, but it was assumed that a search interface that dynamically took the user to the search engine results pages without stopping over at the home page had no place for the button.

However, now that the new interface has been made publicly available, it appears that Google has made the “I’m feeling lucky” feature all the more prominent. The only way for a user to hit the button on the home page is when no query is typed as yet. And when you do that, Google redirects you to the Doodles archive page.

However, the feature holds more prominence now. Google now lets users click ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ against each of the keyword suggestions. What more, you can also use up and down arrows to navigate between the different keyword suggestions and can press the right arrow to be immediately taken to the first results of the search results – the I’m feeling lucky result.

Of course, how many users will be comfortable hopping over to the first result link is still debatable. But it’s heartening to see Google bring more value to a term that was otherwise becoming redundant.

Google Instant – How It Works

Google’s Marissa Mayer is currently on stage at the company’s media event launching the new streaming search engine. Revealing that the bouncing balls logo was in fact a teaser to today’s announcement, Mayer has said that the new launch – Google Instant – would make search fast, fun and interactive.

You may know what Google Instant is from the outset – It’s a dynamic generation of search results even as you type queries. According to Mayer, this is much beyond simple ‘search as you type’. Here are some new things Google has introduced in the new Google Instant that will make searching quicker

  • Search results even as you being typing on home page
  • User doesn’t have to press ‘Enter’ to complete a search. Hit ‘Tab’ to complete a word
  • Use UP and DOWN arrows to move between queries
  • The new format does not search after the user enters a word. Instead, the system searches before you type by auto-completing a query and generating the corresponding results. Of course, the results will change if you do not enter the keyword that Google intended

The new technology will be available on IE 8, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It will roll out to all users through the day. Google expects the new technology to save 2 to 5 seconds per query.

Google Streaming Search – Dynamically Generating Search Results

After Google ridiculously teasing its visitors with a bouncing balls logo and a gradually coloring grey doodle today, here is where we have finally come to – the new Google streaming search. Moving forward, the line of difference between Google home page and SERPS – the Search Engine Results Pages are blurred. As several users have already started noticing, typing a query on the Google homepage dynamically takes them to a results page where the results keep changing as you type or modify your query. According to Eric Schmidt, the company’s search engine is “already Fast..Fast Is About To Get Faster

So, the agenda of Google’s September 8 media event is already out. It will be interesting to see how the latest layout change will affect the traffic of the various websites. More importantly, it will be interesting to see how this will affect Google’s own infrastructure as searchers will seek a lot more query searches per entry compared to earlier times.

Check out the video below on how the new search engine function will work. Do you like it?

Update : The media event is scheduled to begin at 9.30 AM Pacific Time. You can catch the event live on Google’s YouTube channel here.

Samsung TV Sets To Come Integrated With Android OS

Samsung has indicated that it is contemplating on building new television sets that could come integrated with Google’s open source mobile OS – Android. The integration will give Samsung customers an ability to access a plethora of third party entertainment and media applications from the Android marketplace right from their televisions.

The idea itself is nothing new considering that Google is already known to be working with companies like Sony, Intel and Logitech in the development of an Android supported television set-top box system. The fact that Samsung is keen to join Google in its new venture could give the television manufacturer a head-start against competition in a new segment which could potentially generate millions of revenues in the future if it takes off.

Officially though, the South Korean company is being contemplative. Yoon Boo Keun, the head of Samsung’s television business has simply said that they are reviewing the Android platform, but has refused to confirm anything beyond this.

Google Bouncing Balls & Grey Logo – End Of ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’?

Yesterday, there were reports about visitors in the UK and the rest of Europe noticing a new mysterious Google doodle – bouncing balls that did not mean anything. No, it was not Google’s birthday and there was no on-hover message that Google normally uses to explain the significance of doodles. We assumed the logo to be linked to Google’s search engine announcements lined up for today.

As some commenters have pointed out, the logo seems to have now spread to users in USA as well. No mention about the doodle significance yet. But from what several sources tell, the new look logo is indeed a prelude to today’s announcements. But it is not about Google Goggles as earlier predicted.

According to Gawker, Google could be announcing a new search engine results format that could be displaying results dynamically even as you type in the query. If you have been following the space, you would be aware that this feature was being tested not so long ago. Gawker speculates that the appearance of dynamic results would mean the ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ could prove to be redundant and so it could be scrapped. The button, which took users to the first result for a search has anyway been considered a redundant feature though Google has retained it in all its earlier iterations.

This is however speculation for the moment. Besides, it is not clear if Google would actually offer dynamic results on its homepage – something that has never been done till now. Also, it is here that the the ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ button resides and so you may feel secure about this as of now!

Meanwhile, users have now been noticing that the bouncing balls have been replaced with a grey Google icon that changes its color as you type in the results. The hype is definitely in the air.

Google Doodle

[via Gawker]

How To View Gmail Priority Inbox From Mobile Phone

As you may be aware already, Google recently introduced a new feature called Priority Inbox on Gmail. The feature intelligently segregates unread email messages into those that are important and those that are not and lists all these important messages under the Priority section. The initial reviews of this feature have been pretty positive though if you are looking for a way to disable the feature, you can check them out here.

So, if you are looking to access your Priority inbox from your mobile browser on iPhone, Android or any other internet capable mobile phone, this is what you will need to do.

1. Launch your mobile browser and type This will launch the mobile version of Gmail on your phone
2. Tap or press the ‘Search‘ button on the windows. This may appear as a lens icon on your mobile phone.
3. Gmail will open a search field. On this field type label:priority in:inbox. In case you only want to check the unread messages, also add is:unread to the search field
4. Tap on Search. Gmail will now list all messages from your Priority inbox.
5. Most mobile browsers come with a bookmark option. Save this search results page on your mobile phone for quick access.

The process is complete. You simply have to launch this bookmark icon to check your priority inbox next time.

What Are Bouncy Circles On Google Logo?

If you are in the UK or at least are going to visit the Google UK website today, you will see a pretty bouncy animated Google logo. Google has been known to have come up with a few animated logos – a practice that they first started with PacMan – in recent times. However, this is the first time that they have given no background on the change. Usually a click on the logo takes the visitors to a search page announcing the significance of the event.

Google Bouncy Logo

This could then imply an upcoming announcement from Google. You will be aware that Google is organizing a press event tomorrow to make a few announcements with respect to their Search business. While most of us are expecting this to revolve around the Google Goggles, you never know.

Interestingly, the bouncing logo is only available on Google UK. So it has been very much intriguing at the moment. Do you have an idea?

Biggest Advertisers On Google

British Petroleum deals with products that really don’t need to be advertised on Google. At least that used to be the thinking of the marketing team at the company till the great oil leak happened. However that changed in June this year during the height of the oil crisis when the company went on a […]

British Petroleum deals with products that really don’t need to be advertised on Google. At least that used to be the thinking of the marketing team at the company till the great oil leak happened. However that changed in June this year during the height of the oil crisis when the company went on a rampage taking its message through the online medium to its customers. According to a report on the Adage, the amount spent on Google Adwords during the crisis equaled a staggering $3.6 million. That takes BP to the top ten list of brands advertising on Google Adwords in USA – a list that is topped by AT&T Mobility.

Here are the top ten advertisers on Google Adwords for the month of June 2010

1. AT&T Mobility : $8.08 million
2. Apollo Group : $6.67 million
3. Expedia : $5.95 million
4. Amazon : $5.85 million
5. eBay : $4.25 million
6. BP Corporation : $3.59 million
7. : $3.30 million
8. JC Penney : $2.46 million
9. Living Social : $2.29 million
10. ADT Security : $2.19 million