Nexus One To Sell At Verizon Retail Stores

The launch of Nexus One not only brought the world’s most popular Internet company to the mobile space, but also heralded a new age business model where the sale of the handset was moved completely online. However, has this model failed? Or is Verizon not convinced about the viability of the same?

Just a couple of weeks after we reported speculations that the Google Nexus One could move out of an exclusive carrier to also be offered on Verizon (as was promised during launch), we are hearing that the handset could actually put up on sale on the Verizon retail stores; contrary to the famed online marketplace.

For now, this is just a rumor and take it with skepticism. But we wonder if Google is trying to make a side-by-side comparison of the two models to see which one fares better. Though, it is unlikely that T-Mobile would be game for such an experimentation.

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Real-Time Phone Conversation Translation Technology To Launch In Few Years

Imagine calling a Japanese business partner and discussing plans without either of you understanding the other person’s language! Such a real time phone conversation translation technology might in the works. Both Microsoft and Google are said to be working on such a technology for their mobile phone platforms.

This technology was recently demoed by Microsoft at the annual TechFest event though as the developers themselves claim, a perfectly usable model of this is not expected to arrive at least for a few more years. Here is a video of the technology in action

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Google Chrome OS Could Come With Touch

There have been rumors in the past about HTC working on a Google Chrome OS touch screen tablet. However the strongest indications of this came today when Google Senior Product Manger, Anders Sandholm fumbled for words as a question was directly put to him – ‘Does Chrome OS come with Touch screen support?’.

According to the folks at TechRadar, Sandholm couldn’t manage to answer it in a Yes or No. Instead he said

“I can’t… I mean… right now we are targeting netbooks, that’s what we’re focused on, but I expect it to work well… we expect it to target everything up to desktop computers.Chrome OS will be built for a specific hardware setup.”

While this is still not an explicit confirmation, it probably has given away Google’s plans for the Chrome OS. What would you say?

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Feedburner Acknowledges FriendFeed Problem

A lot many bloggers might have noticed that their RSS feed count as displayed on their feedburner chicklets have been reporting a drop in the past few days. So far, it was being dismissed as yet another instance when the unreliability of Feedburner was under question.

However, it now seems to have become clear that the reason for the drop in number of subscribers is because of an issue with the Feedburner software recognizing feeds subscribed via Friendfeed. In a tweet posted a few hours back, the Feedburner team writes

“As many have noticed there appears to be a reporting issue with FriendFeed subscribers. The cause is currently under investigation.”

It is not clear what the exact issue is, or by when it shall be resolved. We will keep you posted when that happens.

Google Finalizes Deal With Danish Royal Library For Books Digitization Project

Google has recently entered into a partnership with Denmark’s Royal library to digitize nearly 1.6 million copies of books for scanning. The move comes after the decision by Royal Library to preserve their literary history through digitization could not be wholly sponsored by the Danish Government.

According to the Library Curator, Erland Kolding Nielsen, the Danish government could only offer 7 million Kroners for the project when the estimated cost of digitization was over 500 million.

Google which has already been in the process of digitization has been chosen as a viable partner who will fit the library’s needs. According to Nielsen, the move was inevitable considering the recent dominance of English in the internet age and such digitization would help preserve their culture. Nielsen says

“I believe Danish culture and Danish material on the web would disappear in the Anglo-Saxon deluge. Our language would shrink even more from sight”

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Google Voice Mobile 2.0 To Come With Multiple Account Support

Google Voice is officially still banned for iPhone users. However, it has been available for free for jailbroken iPhone users. Now rumor is in that a new updated version of GV Mobile is in the works and is to be released soon. It is apparently such a joy to use coming as it is with a lot of enhanced features. Here is what you can expect from GV Mobile 2.0 for jailbroken iPhones

  • Instant dialled call connectivity
  • Access to iPhone contacts from inside the app
  • Voicemail transcription viewer
  • Multiple Google voice account support

This apart, more features like call forwarding, do not disturb settings, automatic syncing could also be released soon. Sad that non-jailbroken iPhone users still cannot use this pretty tool.

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Google Wants To Integrate Maps With Real Estate Search?

Signs that recession are behind us can already been gauged by the fact that G has started eyeing companies to acquire once again. But here are sure shot signs about recession getting over – Google is apparently looking to buy the real estate search engine Trulia.

Google is said to be in talks with the Bay area based startup for a possible price of around $150 million to $200. Trulia is a VC funded startup and is currently funded for close to $33 million from Accel partners and Sequoia capital.

But the more interesting part of the news is what Google has in mind for the real estate search engine. Apparently, Google sees a good fit for a real estate search engine to be integrated with Google Maps. So, you may not only search for real estates around a particular area, but can also have a virtual look at it. Call it the next gen househunting!

We are still not sure about how close we are to a deal sealing. We will let you know as and when that happens.

For Google, It is Now Location Location Location

The past few months has shown an apparently changed stance from Google. We have seen the Big G focus rather explicitly on two things – Mobile and Location based applications.

For starters, here are a few things
Google has been working on building the next big mobile platform – Android 2.1
Google is very soon bringing its own mobile handset – the Nexus One
Google was rumored to buy Yelp, the regional hotspots review website
Google distributed close to 190,000 stickers to small businesses for users to easily get info about these businesses

These are just a few of them. But it is not too difficult to fathom why. As a matter of fact, most of Google’s biggest competitors are taking the same strategy considering that location and mobile internet are going to be really big in just a few years now.

That makes us wonder, if FourSquare is a nice fish for G to catch!

Google Nexus One Coming on January 5

You don’t need to teach the art of marketing to the biggest advertising company in the world. Google Nexus One, the much awaited smartphone from Google is rumored to be making its commercial launch in less than ten days – On January 5th.

Apparently, it will not be available to everyone then and shall be on an invitation-only basis. It is still unclear who is going to receive the first batch of phones – Google Employees? Android developers? or is through lottery? Nobody knows and that is exactly fuelling this buzz.

The phone looks a much better device from the iPhone – It has got an amazing 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED screen display, a 5 megapixel camera that comes with autoflash and 2X digital zoom. Overall, Nexus One is marginally bigger than the iPhone but performs much better. What’s more, it is on Android which being an open platform is always better than the closed platform from Apple.

So, who is getting the device? We will keep you posted on that.