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Full Desktop Version Of Google Docs For iPad Now Available

Google has announced that their cloud-based productivity suite, Google Docs now work in full desktop mode on the iPad. What this means is that iPad users may now use Google Docs for all sorts of document editing, including font and alignment changes on their iPad.

Of course, the earlier mobile version of Google Docs too is readily accessible as well and can be used if you want to do some basic editing work. However, if you are someone who does a lot of spreadsheet and document processing, the full desktop version is a better choice.

Is this the real deal, then? Google cautions you saying working over a desktop still brings out the best in the software. But this is still good for contingencies. You can check out the updated version of Google Docs for iPad by hitting on your iPad browser

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Edit Google Docs On iPhone, iPad & Android Soon

A few months ago, I had written about an iPhone application called iGoogDocs. The application enabled one simple task – the ability to edit your Google Docs on the move from your iPhone. This was still pretty nifty since the official Google Docs applications did not allow this functionality over mobile phones.

That could change soon though. The company has announced a new version of Google Docs for mobile shall be launching soon that will make it possible for users to edit their documents on the move. This shall be a web application which means users can access it over their mobile browser and shall be rolled out to English speaking users across the world on Android 2.2, iPhone and iPad. Support for other languages are coming soon though it is not clear when the feature will be enabled for other platforms.

You can check out a demo of the new Google Docs application in the video below.

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Google Chrome Extensions For YouTube, Docs & Calendar Released

Google has announced the release of three new extensions for their Chrome browser that will integrate its offerings with the browser in a much better way. The new extensions are for Google Docs, Calendar and YouTube. The extensions bring easy access to each of these products from the browser window. For instance, installing the Calendar extension will let the user be notified of appointments from the browser. Also, you can check out the directions to a location if the schedules contain references to location.

Similarly, the Google Docs extension helps the user to easily copy and paste images and text from the web clipboard to a Google Docs file. The YouTube extension gives the user direct access to videos from friends besides notifying the user about new updates to their YouTube feed.

You can click and download each of the extensions by using the links below

Google Calendar Extension
Google Docs Extension
YouTube Extension

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How To Edit Google Docs On iPhone

Google has a Docs viewer web app for iPhone that will let you view all your Google documents. However, this application does not actually let you create or edit documents on the go. iGoogDocs is an iPhone app that will make it possible. The application is not just built for Google Docs, but for accessing over 20 of Google’s products including Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, News, Reader, Earth,etc.

With respect to Google Docs, the application will let you to create a new document, edit existing documents, save documents as a local file, as an attachment on email, defer it for a later upload or upload the changes directly to your Google account. The application also lets you translate your document to over 13 different languages.

iGoogDocs is available on the App Store at a price of $1.99. If you are looking for a free non-editing version of Google Docs, you can check out Memeo Connect. Got to know that the Docs editing feature is coming soon there as well.

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Google Docs Update In The Works?

Is Google working on a new version of Google Docs; or one of the other applications in the Apps suite like Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.? Chances are that it is. Several users had recently noticed a new icon in one of the official Google Docs demo released recently. The observation soon spread like wildfire with users speculating the launch of a new Google Apps product – that has been tentatively termed Google Punch since then.

While the launch of a new product appears to less probable at this moment, it is being speculated that the icon could have as well been a placeholder for an upcoming new version of Google Docs. It is more likely that Google is working on an update to Google Docs especially at a time when the company is feeling the heat to revamp its offering due to increasing competition in the space.

There is one more possibility as well. The icon could imply Google’s work on integrating Google Docs with DocVerse – a service that was recently acquired which will let users collaborate on Microsoft Office files. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.