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How To Create New Google Docs Page From Gmail

If you are using Gmail or Google mail app for businesses as your primary work email, you may have at many times received official documents as text via email that you will require to copy-and-paste onto a new document to process the data further. Gmail has an easy solution for this.

A feature available on Gmail Labs allows you to directly create new files on Google Docs from your Gmail account. To get started, follow these steps

  • If you are on Gmail, click here to visit Gmail Labs. Alternately, click on the “green beaker” icon on the top of your Gmail page to launch Gmail Labs
  • See the ‘Create A Document‘ option? Click on ‘Enable‘ and scroll down to the bottom and save these changes.

Google Docs on Gmail

  • You will now see a new icon for ‘Create Document‘ on top of every email you have received. Clicking on this icon will automatically export the email you have received to a Google Document.

Google Docs on Gmail

Was that easy?


Gmail Video Chat Application For Linux Launched

It has taken a long time coming. Google has announced that voice and video chat functionalities of Gtalk that was hitherto unavailable on Gmail when you were running Linux will now become available. To get started, users simply have to go ahead and download the tiny installer file and reload Gmail to start using the feature.

The Gtalk plugin for Gmail has existed on other platforms like Mac and PC for quite sometime now and it is not clear why it took so long for Google to make the feature available for the penguin lovers.

But here’s some spoilers though. The video chat application for Linux currently supports only Ubuntu and Debian based distros. RPM support is expected to launch soon.

It’s not clear if Google shall be releasing the source code though.

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Make Voice Calls From Gmail Using Google Voice

This rumor does not have any sort of backing at the moment. But it does make for a logical extension of the current Google Voice service. According to reports on the GoogleSystem blog, the company is in the process of testing a new voice call feature on Gmail that is likely to make the current chat feature even more useful.

As you know, currently Google USA users have to either use a phone or the Google Voice website to make voice calls. The new Gmail voice call feature could just be too useful. Of course, it is not clear how Google would integrate the feature with a service that is being used the world over (since Voice is USA-only)

Nevertheless, this is how the feature supposedly look like. Take it with a pinch of salt.

Voice calls from Gmail

[via Google System]

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Gmail Conversations To Have Alternate Classic Listing Format

When Google introduced Gmail back in 2004, one of the most talked about features was the email service replacing the chronological listing of emails with a conversation format. That is a feature that is too much loved by too many people which saw the popularity of the Google email service rise.

However, like in any segment, there are a group of people who are too accustomed to the older format that saw them pleading for an alternate “normal email” format which would list emails according to the time of receipt (newest first).

Business Insider writes that Google will finally cave in to these demands and that an alternate chronological listing format will soon be made available. How useful will this be, I wonder. But there is sure to be a crowd who will love the new (or rather classic) format.

[via Business Insider]

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Google Sharing Ad Revenues With Android Handset Makers And Carriers?

Network carriers have for ever whined about their inability to cash in on the riches made by mobile phone hardware and software makers when in fact they are the ones spending billions in building the infrastructure.

It now appears that the carriers have been making some money after all. PaidContent is quoting several sources to have revealed that one of the primary reasons behind the success of the Android OS – which is now being sold to 60,000 new users everyday lies in the fact that Google is sharing its advertising revenues in part with the carriers and handset makers who support the Android OS on their handsets. Interestingly, the deal is supposed to be on the inclusion of Gmail, Search and maps which are not necessarily part of the Android package.

As you may have expected, all companies in question declined to comment.

[via PaidContent]

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Social Gmail Not Just About Sharing Status Messages

Google is likely to make an announcement regarding “social services” in a few hours. The blogosphere is already abuzz with rumors about Gmail, by letting people share links and messages can be a Twitter killer.

If the rumors doing the rounds are to be believed, it would simply mean assorting all the GTalk status messages from users and displaying it the way Twitter displays tweets. While this can be something powerful, it is definitely something that Google would buzz about before making a launch.

So, what could be expected in today’s launch? Our assumption is that it could be much more. The Gmail window serves an important function of delivering the latest emails; something that is too important to many users to be tinkered around with status messages. What we see is an aggregation of the users’ social network activities – including Facebook, Twitter, Orkut as well as messages from Gmail on to one platform. The simplest place to begin would be iGoogle which is already the users’ customized homepage which could now be the one-stop to aggregate all of the users activities.

As should be obvious, it is entirely speculation and our own take on what could be coming. What are your views on this?