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GM OnStar eNav Integrated With Google Maps

Early this month,we had written about a partnership signed between General Motors and Google that will bring the Android Operating System to the GM’s in-car cabin tech suite. We had said that the new technology could potentially replace GM’s OnStar turn-by-turn navigation system by 2011.

Now, it appears that General Motors may want to bring more features to OnStar while the work on the Android-based cabin tech suite takes its time. The company has now announced that GM cars equipped with the OnStar turn-by-turn navigation system will now be additionally powered by Google Maps. This will enable these drivers to search for locations using Google Maps and send these directions to their turn-by-turn navigation system on their vehicle.

Nick Pudar, OnStar VP of New Business Development says,

“eNav is a perfect solution for subscribers who like the flexibility of being able to use Google Maps to plan their trips in advance, but without the hassle of bringing printed maps into the vehicle. The eNav feature of our Turn-by-Turn service allows drivers to keep their eyes, hands and minds where they need to be – on the road. And if they ever need help on the road, they can always just push the Blue OnStar Button to speak to a live advisor.”

The feature is expected to be available on all models released after 2006. You can check this video out for a preview of the latest feature

Auto Google

General Motors In-Car Cabin Tech Suite Powered By Android

General Motors is learned to be negotiating a deal with Google to power their next generation in-car cabin tech suite with Android Operating System; much on the same lines as Microsoft Sync and MyFord systems.

This new system will allow GM car owners to pair up their automobile to their smartphone that will allow them to open, start or adjust their cars remotely. Also, the Android OS enabled system is likely to replace GM-owned OnStar turn by turn navigation system since Android is likely to bring its own free turn by turn navigation to the drivers.

An announcement of any sort in this regard is expected only around 2011.

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