Price Of T-Mobile Garminfone Dropped

When Garmin-Asus Garminfone was announced for T-Mobile in May this year, there were doubts whether the phone will be a success. This is because, the device was not really value for money since it offered pretty standard smartphone features along with Garmin’s GPS navigation functionalities on a handset that was already equipped with Android’s turn-by-turn GPS navigation system.

It now appears that the phone has not done well indeed. T-Mobile has now announced that the price of the Garminfone has now been slashed. The carrier now offers a subsidy of $270 besides another $50 for web-only discount which means you may now purchase the T-Mobile Garminfone at $129.99.

This GPS enabled Android smartphone will provide you with

  • Voice-guided and on-screen directions
  • Real-time traffic, weather and gas prices
  • Thousands of Android apps
  • Personal and work e-mail, IM, and text messaging

At $130, the device is quite a bargain and it will be interesting to see if the sales pick up from here. What do you think?

T-Mobile Garminfone Price And Launch Date Announced

T-Mobile has opened up its page for the new Android powered Garmin GPSmartphone. The device is expected to go on sale from June of this year in the American market and will be the first handset that will integrate an Android powered smartphone and Garmin GPS device.

The device will come with 3G, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3 megapixel camera that is equipped with autofocus and digital zooming. It will also have a Garmin specific interface. The Garminfone will run on Android OS 1.6.

Price is just $199, but wonder if one needs a Garmin powered smartphone when Android includes a free turn-by-turn navigation system in its own kit. You may probably want to cross-check your coordinates once in a while, no?

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