Microsoft Kinect Pre-Orders Overwhelming – Will Blow Away iPad?!

The two may not be in the same segment of business, but this definitely makes for a good headline. According to Kudo Tsunoda, the manager of Microsoft Game Studios, the preorders for Microsoft’s upcoming camera-based motion controller have been pretty strong – strong enough to “blow away” the sale of iPads. Tsunoda says,

“As far as what we’re looking at for Holiday, this is going to be stuff that’ll blow away any of the sales you’ve seen with iPad… The Xbox 360 is already selling better than the Wii and Sony right now. Kinect’s really just going to boost that to a whole new level.”

For a perspective, Apple sold its 1 millionth iPad 28 days after launch. The 3 millionth purchase came within the first three months. Will Kinect connect with people the same way? That’s a bit of a lottery at the moment, but listening to Tsunoda, investors may demand that it better be the case.

Buy PlayStation Move Online Now At Amazon

Today is the official launch day for the new PlayStation Move from Sony. The accessory is already up on sale on the Amazon website at a price of $99.99. Not just that, if you are looking to buy the whole package, you can also check out the 320GB PlayStation 3 console with Move bundle at a price of $399.99. You can go ahead and make your purchase by clicking on the Amazon link here.

The official launch comes four days after PlayStation Move went on sale at the Best Buy stores ahead of the actual release date. As we had reported back then, customers in the Benton Harbor area of Michigan claimed to have made their purchase from their local BB store.

It will be interesting to see how the PlayStation Move is received by gamers. With Kinect launching in a couple of months from now, Sony will be keen to sell as many PS3 consoles bundled with Move as possible in order to counter Microsoft in the gesture-based gaming environment.

Nintendo 3DS Launch Date Set For November 20?

We have written about rumors surrounding the launch date of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS on more than one occasion. The 3DS was, and still is, largely speculated to arrive ahead of the Christmas shopping season in the US. The UK launch on the other hand is speculated to be in 2011. Now, if we are looking for more precise dates, we may have just got one. According to a tweet posted by a Japanese product designer, the launch could be set on November 20. This comes after the designer posted that 11 of the products that were designed by him for the 3DS would launch on that day. The tweet has since then been deleted and reposted with vague details, but that only reaffirms our suspicions even further.

Nintendo 3DS is a hotly anticipated portable gaming device that can produce 3D effects without the need for special glasses. Officially, the product is scheduled to be launched before the end of this fiscal year ending March 2011.

PlayStation Move Now Available On Best Buy Stores

It has been quite a while since I wrote about the new PlayStation Move. The launch date was supposed to be September 15 in Europe and September 19 in USA. However, it now appears that at least one retailer may have jumped the gun. There are reports that Best Buy may have already begun stocking and selling the latest PlayStation accessory in their retail stores in United States. The new motion controller from Sony is learned to be at least available from the store in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

PlayStation Move is highly anticipated among PS 3 gamers and the latest rumors about the early launch is without doubt likely to create a rush of new visitors to Best Buy. But it will be interesting to see if Best Buy continues to sell or shelf them for now until the official release date happens.

250GB XBox 360 With Kinect – Price And Launch Date Officially Revealed

After weeks of speculations, Microsoft has finally made its announcement regarding its launch plans for the upcoming XBox 360 hardware bundle that will include the much anticipated Kinect camera-based motion controller system. According to the announcement, the new Microsoft XBox 360 bundle will launch at a price of $399 in the USA starting November 4th of this year. No word on how the pre-orders and online ordering will happen.

Now, if you are in the UK, you will have to pay £300 for this new gaming console bundle. Also, the launch is going to be deferred by close to a week as Microsoft says that the UK launch will happen on the 10th of November. In Japan, the launch will happen on November 20 at a price of 14,800 yen ($177). People elsewhere, wait for an official release in your countries.

So what will you get for that price? As noted by Microsoft, customers will receive a 250GB XBox 360 S console, a Kinect motion-control camera and their copy of the Kinect Adventures. Apparently, the bundle will also include a copy of a new brain training game called “New Brain Training: Answer With Your Body“. You can check out a demo of these games in the videos below.

Nintendo DSi & DSI XL Prices To Be Slashed

At a time when Microsoft is learned to have raised the price of its XBox Live subscriptions, Nintendo has announced that the company is slashing down on the price of their consoles – DSi and DSI XL. Following this, the Nintendo DSi will now be available at $149.99 and the DSI XL at $169.99 in the US market. As you will notice, the new prices are $20 lower than the current selling price of $169.99 and $189.99 respectively.  The prices of these consoles in UK and Japan were already slashed in June. The new prices in USA will go into effect starting September 12.

Nintendo is expected to have an exciting few months ahead with the 3DS rumored to launch soon. However, those speculations received a jolt earlier this year when we heard that the Nintendo 3DS launch in UK has been deferred until early 2011.

Let’s hope the price drop on DSi and DSI XL is only preparation for the imminent arrival of the 3DS.

Lenovo eBox – Microsoft Kinect Clone Launching In November

The game console market has pretty much remained consolidated with just three major players. Now, there is a new entrant as we hear that Lenovo has formed a new company called Beijing Eedoo Technology that will build game consoles.

According to reports on the China Daily, Beijing Eedoo Technology president Jack Luo has indicated that his company is working on a new game console named eBox that will be based on a webcam technology that will enable users play games without the need for physical game controllers – Something like Microsoft Kinect?.

The Lenovo eBox is expected to launch first in China in November and possibly move global in the months ahead. Pricing of the device is not available as yet, though it is said that the unit could cost higher than Wii but will come with 30 free games to play.

Sounds great – just that the nomenclature and technology takes the sheen off the news and makes the new device sound like yet another Chinese KIRF

Buy 250GB Internal Hard Drive For XBox 360 Online For $130

Those of you who got the Microsoft XBox 360 4GB version may have soon come to realize that the storage space is nothing to write home about. Compare the storage with the new version of XBox 360 that offers a huge 250GB storage space.

If you are one having second thoughts about retaining the 4GB model, and have a hundred odd bucks to spare, head over to the GameStop website and buy a 250GB internal hard drive for your XBox rightaway. This is a genuine part from Microsoft which GameStop, a third party retailer, has procured from the manufacturers. .

The price of the hard drive unit is $129.99 and apparently ships within 24 hours. But a caveat here – the unit is compatible exclusively with XBox 360 S consoles and presently ships only to American addresses.

Microsoft XBox 360 4GB Expandable Up to 250GB?

As you know, the new Microsoft XBox 360 4GB version shall be available in stores in the US starting August 3 at a price of $199.99. A few of our readers had complained that this could be a bad decision considering that 4GB literally amounts to nothing. Reader, Steve Mashuki had speculated

“I think they changed this way because a lot people are not buying games.”

Well, that is apparently so. And now, if rumors are true, it could also be that Microsoft is looking at extracting more money from gamers through the sale of hardware. A photo of an upcoming 4GB Xbox 360 posted on a gaming website  points out the possibility for users to separately purchase a 250GB hard drive that can be connected to the 4GB console for additional space. I should point out that this is a rumor at this point and has to be taken with a grain of salt. But then, we all realize that 4GB for a graphics-rich gaming console is meaningless without the ability to store more games and so such an option had to eventually be brought in, right?

Microsoft XBox 360 4GB Price Officially Announced

There were rumors last week that had suggested that Microsoft could soon be launching a 4GB version of their popular gaming console. The company has now confirmed these rumors and has revealed that this shall be a replacement to the Microsoft XBox 360 Arcade.

As announced, the new XBox 360 4G version will launch on August 3 in the US market at a price of $199. The device is also expected to be offered as a bundle along with the Kinect sensor during the holiday season for a price of $299.99. The Kinect sensor will independently retail at $149.99 when it launches during the shopping season later this year.

The new XBox 360 4GB model has taken a drastic departure from the earlier model where users enjoyed a massive 250GB of storage space. This device will only include a 4GB flash storage and shall allow users to make use of the touchscreen controls and DVD drive to play games. The device also comes incorporated with a Wi-Fi b/g/n support.