Android 2.2 Update For Samsung Captivate Available Unofficially

Samsung Captivate users who have been waiting for an Android 2.2 update have something to cheer about. Folks at the XDA developers forum have now been able to build a complete Android 2.2 build for Samsung Captivate that will let users get all the major Froyo features on their Captivate including the ability to use their mobile phone as a hotspot, view Adobe Flash 10.1 files and support for Media Hub, JIT compiler and the new UI tweaks.

Of course, this unofficial update is fraught with risks. Firstly, you will need to root your Samsung Captivate which in itself is not totally advisable. Secondly, you run the risk of bricking your phone during the process which will not get you anywhere with AT&T customer support. In case you have already backed up all information and are ready to take it on, go ahead and check out the instructions to upgrade here.

Also, check out this small video demo of a Samsung Captivate running this leaked Android 2.2 build.

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Users Report Nexus One 3G Connection Disabled After FroYo Update

If you are a Nexus One user who has upgraded your phone to Android 2.2 in the past few weeks, you may have seen your 3G connection getting disabled while you launch your browser. A thread on the Google support forums whose first post dates back to June of this year has several users noticing a similar issue. If you are facing this issue, some users have suggested a few fixes. Do let us know if one of these issues solve the problem

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Pick ‘Phone Info’
  • Scroll down to ‘Preferred Network Type’
  • Is it set to GSM only? If so, there’s your problem. Change it to GSM Auto (PRL) or WCDMA Preferred. Both will Give 3G, but for some GSM Auto (PRL) will improve battery life.

Another fix

Settings->Wireless&Networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names–>(touch on your provider)–>touch Proxy and erase so that it is blank, and touch Port and make sure it is blank. I then turned off the phone, removed the battery for 10 secs and then rebooted. Done.

Did this fix the problem? Tell us in the comments.

HTC Sense UI Upgrade For Android 2.2 Handsets Coming Soon?

A new version of the HTC Sense UI was announced by the company last week and HTC handset owners have already started to wonder if their phones too will receive an upgrade to the new UI version. If you have rooted your Desire HD phone, you can head over to the XDA forums to get yourself a nice custom ROM that features the new Sense UI. However, if you are an Android 2.2 phone user and are waiting for a legitimate update from HTC, chances are that it is on the way. A tweet from the company on its Spanish Twitter account reads,

“@FrantiC Los Desire y resto de terminales con la versión 2.2(Froyo) podrán disfrutar del #Htcsense un saludo”

that roughly translates to

“@FrantiC The Desire and other terminals with version 2.2 (Froy) # Htcsense can enjoy the compliments”

The tweet appears to have been deleted right now and so it is difficult to authenticate the claims doing the rounds in the blogosphere. Nevertheless, let’s hope the update arrives sooner or later.

Android 2.2 Update For Motorola Droid X Releases

Froyo is finally hitting the Motorola Droid X phones. If you are one of those who own a beautiful Droid X, you can head over to the ‘Settings‘ on your phone and tap on ‘Check for Updates‘ to get started on the upgrade process. As you know, the latest Android 2.2 update will finally bring Adobe Flash 10.1 Player compatibility to the phone besides letting you use your Droid X as a mobile hotspot.

Android 2.2 on Motorola Droid X

The latest update was very much anticipated especially over the past week when several users started to receive messages from Verizon pointing them to a page on the official DroidDoes website that read,

“Great news! Verizon Wireless has released the new Android™ 2.2 software update for DROID X by Motorola. The new Android 2.2 software update – also known as “Froyo” – includes many new features for your phone and tons of shortcuts.”

Verizon is likely to have jumped the gun on that count but it does not matter now. Go ahead and download FroYo for your Droid X rightaway.

Droid Incredible On Best Buy Comes With SLCD & FroYo

We did know that the Droid Incredible was getting its beautiful AMOLED displays replaced with SLCD by the end of this month. But now it looks like the replacement has come faster than thought. Several Best Buy customers have now reported that the Droid Incredible is now available with a new SKU number – ADR6300VW3 – that basically comes with the SLCD displays. Also, these new models appear to come pre-loaded with the new Android 2.2 aka FroYo platform. The Android version that is noted on the new model is which is the same version that was sent over-the-air to existing Droid Incredible not so long ago.

So this is officially the end of the short-lived AMOLED version of the Droid Incredible handset. If you are looking to purchase the new SLCD based handset, hit one of the Best Buy stores to get started.

Is Android 2.2 For Motorola Droid X Finally Releasing?

It has taken a long time coming. But Android 2.2 aka FroYo for Motorola Droid X may finally be coming soon. Several Droid X users appear to have received a text message pointing them to a page on the official website that reads,

“Great news! Verizon Wireless has released the new Android™ 2.2 software update for DROID X by Motorola. The new Android 2.2 software update – also known as “Froyo” – includes many new features for your phone and tons of shortcuts.”

Funnily, this is despite Android 2.2 not being released to any Droid X owner as of now. Considering that Verizon has not pulled this page back so far and that this page was actually created four days back is an indication that the Android 2.2 update for Droid X is not too far away.

Huawei SmaKit Tablet To Be Unveiled On June 24

Chinese hardware manufacturer, Huawei Technologies has revealed plans to launch an Android based tablet device this year. The company is expected to announce more details about the new tablet PC at a press conference in Australia on the 24th of this month.

According to sources, the Huawei Smakit tablet will have a 7″ display running on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and will run the latest version of Android OS – Froyo or at least Android 2.1. Here are other specs that we know about the device

Display : 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with 800×480 or 1024×600 resolution
Speaker with volume rocker
microSD card
3.5mm headphone jack
Wi-Fi b/g
720p HD video playback on HDMI port

There is no word on the price. Check out a demo of the tablet until more announcements pour in

[via Android Guys]

Android OS Get Norton Anti-Virus Protection

Symantec has released an anti-virus application that will offer Android users protection against virus, malware and even unwanted callers. The application is expected to be incorporated natively in Froyo though users may download it earlier that that.

The app shall be free to download and the users are offered 30 days of free service with respect to automatic updates. The service will need subscribers to upgrade to a paid plan after that. The subscription cost is unknown at the moment, though.

Here are some things we’ve learned the new Anti-Virus for Android OS can do

  • Scan malware/virus
  • Call screener to block unwanted callers
  • Remotely lock/wipe in case of theft

That goes much beyond conventional anti-virus softwares, doesn’t it?

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Android 2.2 vs. Android 2.1 – What’s New?

As you know, the Android OS 2.2 aka Froyo was officially unveiled yesterday at the Google I/O. So what’s new, and is it better than the perennial smartphone benchmark – the iPhone? Here are things to help you decide

What’s New

  • Modified navigation bar with shortcuts to mobile and web
  • Customized Google search to query inside contacts, apps and wbe
  • USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality now available
  • Youtube videos in HQ resolution
  • Revamped car dock with shortcuts to music and lighting adjustments

There are several more. But here is a video that compares the speed of an app on Android 2.2 (far left in the video), Android 2.1 and the iPad (far right). You decide the performance speed on these devices. Do note that all the three devices run on a 1GHz processor

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Adobe Flash Support For Android OS 2.2

Full support to Adobe Flash could be coming with the next version of Android Operating System, codenamed Froyo. An indication towards this has been offered by Andy Rubin, Vice President for Engineering at Google.

In a recent interview to The New York Times, Rubin said that the move was necessary to keep the platform as open as possible. Taking a jab at Apple’s closed garden policies, Rubin said that being Open “means not being militant about the things consumer are actually enjoying”.

Unfortunately for us, there is no word on when Froyo shall be made available. If rumors doing the rounds are to be believed Google has been contemplating a delay in launch of future Android OS versions owing to the slowdown in sales effected due to the rate at which new platforms are being released.

[NY Times via BGR]