Wi-Fi Enabled Cisco Flip Camcorder To Launch By Christmas

You may no longer need to connect your Flip camcorder to the computer to transfer pictures. Cisco has revealed its plans to introduce a new Wi-Fi enabled version of the popular Flip camcorder that will allow users to wirelessly transfer pictures and videos.

While the exact launch date is not known as yet, we hear that the company is aiming at a holiday season launch. Ideally that should happen in the early part of the holiday season since that will give users a chance to buy the new camcorder before they set off on their vacations.

We are not sure about other features that the new Cisco Flip camcorder may come with. However, as Ubergizmo points out, a little bit of on-the-spot video editing features would be pretty handy.

Cisco Flip Camcorder To Launch Next Month

Business Insider has confirmed that a new model of flip camcorders from the stables of Cisco is on its way and it shall launch during the 2010 NAB show scheduled to be held between April 10th and 15th.

Details about the flip camcorder are pretty slim at the moment, but from what we are guessing, it might support 1080p. Dan Rayburn from StreamingMedia has promised to reveal more specs about the device when he is able to get hold of a device…which we assume is going to happen soon.

[via Business Insider]