You Can See Who Checked Your Facebook Profile, Claims Rogue Application

Did you see either this or one of the variants of this message on your Facebook wall?

OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! on [LINK]

A number of users are reported to have fallen prey to a rogue application that claims to let you see who checked your Facebook profile. The claim however is not true and what the application basically does is to dig into your profile, steal your private data and post messages on your wall – a message very similar to the one you initially clicked upon – to create a viral scam.

Of course you can block such applications by checking out the privacy settings you have set for the particular app on your Account -> Privacy Settings -> Applications and Websites.But that is not before you have the application post messages on your wall thereby adding to the virality of the scam.

Farmville No Longer Facebook’s Most Popular Application

Farmville, the popular game from Zynga, has for long been synonymous with social gaming on Facebook. The application at one point clocked nearly 84 million users a month making it the most popular application on the social network – a position that the app has held for over fifteen months.

That has finally ended as we learn that Farmville has finally dropped to the number 2 place in the popularity rankings. Phrases, another Facebook app that lets users build DIY quizzes and trivia has now risen on to the top spot.

Interestingly, this rise to the top has been more so due to the decline in popularity of Farmville than anything else. The Zynga game currently has around 53.9 million monthly players that is merely two-thirds of what Farmville boasted during its days of peak popularity. Phrases is noted to now have 54.3 million users.

Zynga Poker Android App Releasing Soon

Zynga is making its foray into the Android platform. And it’s not Farmville that will be the first title to make it to this new space. Instead, Zynga Poker, the second most popular title from Zynga will launch as an Android app soon. The reason for the move is not known. Perhaps, Zynga sees Texas Hold’em based games as more profitable for the company. Also, while it is not known outside Zynga, it is likely that the Farmville charm is already on the decline. How long do you expect users to keep liking their virtual harvesting and egg farming businesses?

Either way, it is a great choice to offer to Poker fans. It is said that Zynga will make use of the new single sign-on feature from Facebook to make it possible for users to register and login instantly.

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Buy Facebook Credits From Wal-Mart & Best Buy Soon

Want to invest in your virtual farm but do not have sufficient Facebook credits? You can soon buy them during your weekly groceries shopping at Wal-Mart. The Facebook Credits card will soon be available in the impulse section of both Wal-Mart and Best Buy that will let consumers in the United States to buy credits to replenish their virtual cash on Facebook – something that can come of use in over 200 games and applications.

This is however not something new. Another popular American retailer, Target has been stocking such cards since September of this year and it has apparently been a successful experiment. Customers looking for such cards will be able to buy them at denominations of between $5 and $50. This is definitely an interesting move and something that could push more people to spend money on Facebook apps.

Create Photo Slideshows From Facebook Or iPhone With MediaStory App

Want to create slideshows of your Facebook photo albums? MediaStory is a nifty application that will help you with that. The app will allow users to upload pictures either from their Facebook album or upload them directly to the application while creating the slideshow.

MediaStory is available as both a web application on Facebook or as an iPhone app. Android users fret not. There is also an Android app to achieve the same. All you need to do is give the application the necessary permissions, upload the pics, style them and publish.

There is one step before you publish the pictures that is contentious. The app requires you to become a fan of the application. That’s understandable and if you are not the kind who is bothered by these, you can try out this application by visiting the app’s Facebook page or iPhone app ($1.99).

Facebook To Reduce Notification Clutter With User Affinity Score

In a bid to reduce the clutter of notifications that third party apps display to Facebook users and also to optimize the resource consumption, Facebook has developed a ‘user affinity score‘ that will tell the system how useful a particular notification from a third party app is.

In a patent application filed with the USPTO, the fifth ever filed by Facebook, the inventors describe a way to study the implicit and explicit feedback offered by users to app notifications. The patent application elaborates

“an application can provide a notification to the member on the member’s web page. If the member ignores the notification when viewing the web page, e.g., does not click on or otherwise interact with the application, this is an implicit feedback that can be interpreted to mean that the member is neutral towards the application. But, if the member clicks on a link in the notification that unsubscribes the member from further notifications from this application, the member has provided explicit negative feedback towards the application. On the other hand, if the member clicks on a link in the notification that provides the member with more information about the application, the member has provided an explicit positive feedback about the application.”

Based on these user interactions, Facebook assigns a user affinity score to each application which would tell the system whether or not to display a notification from a particular app to users. Users could thus expect a reduction in the overall number of notifications received.

Facebook user affinity score for applications

This is not all. The patent application further uses the affinity score to determine new user invitations. As most Facebook users might have experienced, there are quite a few apps that would not let you proceed unless you invite a particular number of friends to the app. With this affinity score in place, Facebook would internally determine whether to send the invitation to all selected members or only to a predetermined number.

Facebook app friend invitation

What do you think of this? Do you think this will help reduce clutter?