Eurocom Panther 2.0 Review Of Features

Eurocom has launched its new laptop that it claims is a “mobile gaming station“. Well, to be frank, it’s not. At 5.3 kilograms and a form factor that includes a 17.3-inch display, the Eurocom Panther 2.0 simply cannot be a mobile device. But then, it’s a beautiful device if gaming is your forte. The device has a full-HD LED backlit display with a resolution of 1920×1080 and runs on Intel’s i7-980X Extreme processor. A Xeon 5500/5600 processor is an alternative if you want. Other features on this device include an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M GPU, over 3TB hard drive storage, high definition sound system with Dolby Home Theater and 5 speakers, ports for USB, HDMI, eSATA and DVI and finally an optical drive that supports DVD and Blu-Ray burner.

Besides the features mentioned, users can also choose for alternate options where possible. For instance, in case of GPU, you can pick a Quadro FX 2800M/FX 3800M/FX 5000M or ATi Radeon Mobility HD5870 instead of NVIDIA.

While no pricing details are still available, expect it to be very much on the higher side. Well, for these specs, the high purchase price is worth it.

Eurocom B7110/B5100M FOX Laptop Price & Specs Review

British gaming peripherals developer Eurocom has announced the launch of two new gaming laptops – the B5100M FOX and B7110 FOX laptops that are, not surprisingly, targeted at gamers. The two laptops come with some powerful hardware specs that gamers are likely to demand. The B5100M FOX laptop sports a 15.6-inches display while the B7110 FOX laptop features a 17.3-inches display with a minimum pixel resolution of 1600×900.

Both the laptops come with the Optimus graphics switching technology from NVIDIA that is enhanced by the GeForce GT330M GPU from the same company. The choice of processors too exist and you may pick one of Intel’s Core i3, i5 or i7 range of processors. Other specifications include a 16GB DDR3 RAM, hard drive storage of up to 1.6TB and support for Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, HDMI out, USB 3.0 and 1.3/2 megapixel camera. The base model will come with a 6-cell battery.

The prices of these laptops are of course dependent on the configuration though the base model of Eurocom B5100M FOX and B7110 FOX can be purchased at $999 and $1,199 respectively.