New Kindle Reader To Look Like A Real Book

There have been several rumors swirling around over the new Kindle eReader that is expected to launch in August of this year. Following Amazon’s acquisition of touchscreen technology company, TouchCo earlier this year, it was being speculated that the next generation Kindle will come with a touch screen. Also, with competition from the likes of iPad heating up, a color-eReader was also very much expected.

However, according to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, the new Kindle eReader will neither have a touch screen nor will come with a color screen. The absence of a color screen is not surprising. Jeff Bezos had told his investors at the company’s annual shareholders meeting,

“I’ve seen some stuff in the laboratory, but it’s not quite ready for prime-time production,”

However, the sources have indicated that the new Kindle will now come with a thinner hardware and a much sharper and responsive screen. The focus of the new launch seems to be on making the book reading experience as much as a pleasure for the traditional book readers.

[via Bloomberg]

Sony eReader-And-Touch-Screen Keyboard Laptop

Sony has filed a patent application for a new ebook reader device that seeks to double up as a laptop as well. The device is expected to come with a two screen display which can held like a regular book to read content.

Sony ebook reader cum touchscreen laptop

The application further notes that the eReader shall be fitted with an accelerometer so that users may change the device orientation so that the device may now resemble a laptop. The user can now choose to continue using the device as an eReader or use the necessary toggling controls to turn the lower screen into a touchscreen based QWERTY keyboard laptop.

Sony ebook reader cum touch screen laptop

Besides this, there are several enhancements described in the application like keyboard language customizations, use of GPS to access location-specific content,etc. It is an interesting technology which you may read more about here.

Play Games On Amazon Kindle Soon

You may soon be able to play games on your Amazon Kindle eReader. According to reports on the New York Times, Amazon is on a hiring binge for its Kindle division that points out to a possible launch of a new Kindle model in the making. Also, the company is said to be in talks with publishers to put new games on the Kindle device.

While it is not clear whether these rumors may actually materialize and if yes, when, there is no doubt that Amazon has been taking up competition from the likes of Apple iPad seriously. The tablet PC from Apple is noted to have sold over 1 million units within the first one month of launch and when we do not have the corresponding statistics for Kindle, we are pretty sure that the eReader manufacturer is feeling the heat and is looking at possible avenues to spruce up its sale numbers.

[via NYTimes]

Samsung SNE-60 eReader Tech Specs And UK Launch

The SNE-60 ebook reader was unveiled by Samsung back during the CES of this year. The company has now announced that the device will launch in the UK within the next couple of months.

Here is what you can expect with the Samsung SNE-60

Dimension : 6 inches screen, 171 x 120 x 16mm
Resolution : 600 x 800 greyscale e-ink screen
Weight : 315 grams
Onboard memory : Up to 1200 ebooks
Formats : ePUB, PDF and TXT format support
Connectivity : built-in Wi-Fi support, but no 3G

Other features
Additional memory via SD card
in-built dictionary software
MP3 player for audiobooks and music
Text-to-speech functionality to read out books
Handwriting recognition

The eReader is expected to go on sale in the UK at £187.

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Spring Design Alex Technical Specifications

The Spring Design Alex is going to be available for $399. Is it worth the deal? Well coming with two screens, an Android OS and a partnership with Borders, it could probably live up to its name. Here are the tech specs of Alex eReader

  • Dimensions : 8.9 x 4.7 x 0.4 inches
  • Display : 6 inch 600 x 800 e-ink display
  • Second screen : 3.5 inch 320 x 480 capacitive touchscreen with color LCD panel
  • OS : Android 1.5
  • Processor : 624 MHz
  • Memory : 256 MB
  • Storage : 2GB microSD card
  • Battery : 1,530mAh that can live up to 7500 e-ink page turns or 6 hours
  • Connectivity : miniUSB, Wi-Fi b/g, microSD slot
  • 2.5 mm headphone socket
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Samsung E65 eReader Tech Specs

The latest ebook reader from the stables of Samsung, the Samung E65 eReader has just been approved by the Wi-Fi alliance. This is the second Samsung eReader after the E60 and comes with the following notable technical specifications

  • 6 inch e-ink display
  • Complete QWERTY keyboard
  • Support for Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) stylus pen
  • Text to Speech
  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • MP3 playback
[via Samsung Hub]

Google Editions : A Browser Based eReader

Google has officially announced its plans to launch a web browser based eReader that will take on the present crop of ebook reading devices like Kindle, Nook and iPad without an actual physical device. Unlike these devices, Google’s virtual bookstore is based completely on the web browser which means users may be able to access the store from any device that can connect to the internet – Laptop, cellphone or anything else.

The launch is expected to happen in late June or early July and Google Editions is expected to give its Google Books product a fresh lease of life. An open access to your bookshelf from anywhere and anytime – that’s the way companies need to solve problems. Not by locking devices.

[via PC World]

Sony Tablet To Take On Apple iPad?

Realizing that the iPhone and iPad have been implicitly chomping away at Sony’s market share in the portable game console market, the Japanese manufacturer is believed to be working on a smartphone and tablet device that will take on competition from Apple head on.

A recently published article on the Wall Street Journal claims that these new devices expected to launch later this year will be based on Sony’s new online media platform.  Incidentally, this new media platform, tentatively named Sony Online Service will be taking on Apple’s iTunes platform to distribute music, movies, TV shows and other forms of digital content.

The specifications and price of the smartphone and tablet devices are not known as yet, though it is believed to be taking off from where the Sony eReader left; selling close to one million units since launch.

[via WSJ]